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    Russian Cruise Missiles Thread

    Eugenio Argentina
    Eugenio Argentina

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    Russian Cruise Missiles Thread - Page 8 Empty Re: Russian Cruise Missiles Thread

    Post  Eugenio Argentina Tue Sep 07, 2021 11:56 pm

    Regarding the issue of long-range cruise missiles.
    The USSR had capabilities similar to the USA. For example in satellites.
    So if the United States had powerful missiles, I don't see what would prevent the Soviet Union from having.
    About the Iraq war, I read a document on the Internet, where it was commented that the Iraqis had armed a device with lookouts, Sa-7 and AAA missiles, to shoot down the incoming cruise missiles. And they had managed to shoot down several.
    I believe that if the war of 1990 showed anything, it was that the United States did not have as much capacity as they were led to believe.

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    Russian Cruise Missiles Thread - Page 8 Empty Re: Russian Cruise Missiles Thread

    Post  GarryB Wed Sep 08, 2021 9:44 am

    With clever use of critical bits of technology like AWACS platforms and satellite networks and of course other behind the scenes stuff that lets them listen to enemy communications means when the US plans attacks and wars against third world countries they normally know where everything is and always make sure they have good local superiority before trying anything, which makes them look rather more powerful and invincible than they actually are...

    Abrams tanks look amazing when you stay out of cities and close combat and use their long range fire power and day night optics so you see the enemy and they can't see you.

    When you are kicking Iraq out of Kuwaite you fight in open desert and mostly at night when you have the best advantage... even a Bradley with its excellent optics is a dangerous opponent for a T-55 series tank at night, so you kill lots of enemy vehicles without exposing your own vehicles to very much enemy fire at all.

    In Afghanistan they used the Afghans to move into areas the Taliban held... the Taliban could either hide... in which case the Afghans would hunt them down and kill them in small pockets... or they could form up into larger formations to face the Afghan troops... in which case the US simply called in air power to smash them all formed up... didn't always work perfectly.... is a big group of Afghans the Taliban forming up for a fight.... or a wedding... made that mistake a couple of times.

    Their last option would be to disappear into the mountains or leave the region... you might get some kills with air power but you captured the area...

    And how to screw up a withdrawal... openly state and actually withdraw that air power three months before you withdraw the troops who manage and organise the war... with the air power gone and no special forces guidance or assistance or leadership for the Afghan government forces of course they are going to collapse... the Taliban are forming up and kicking their asses and no air power to call.

    The invasion of Iraq was another case where they avoided operating in the cities for as long as they could... sitting out in the desert protecting the oil fields, and then they had to start fighting in cities and they started losing armour.... it wasn't magic.

    The Soviets did have long range missiles but in terms of cruise missiles they just had nuke armed missiles with no terminal guidance for precision hits/kills.

    They didn't really need it or want it... till Desert Storm and then they wanted it... and got it eventually.

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    Russian Cruise Missiles Thread - Page 8 Empty Re: Russian Cruise Missiles Thread

    Post  George1 Fri Sep 10, 2021 3:25 pm

    The newest modification of the Kh-59MKM aircraft concrete-piercing missile will be exported, and by the end of the year Russia will deliver the first batch of missiles to a foreign customer.,elem,se

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    Russian Cruise Missiles Thread - Page 8 Empty Re: Russian Cruise Missiles Thread

    Post  Isos Thu Nov 11, 2021 12:34 pm

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    Russian Cruise Missiles Thread - Page 8 Empty Re: Russian Cruise Missiles Thread

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