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    Post  flamming_python Mon Jan 04, 2021 1:05 am

    Godric wrote:
    Tsavo Lion wrote:

    pipe dream because by the end of 2021 the UK will be no more ... Holyrood elections in may SNP expected to win by a landslide with 57% in the polls and support for Scottish Independence is at 58% and growing 17 straight polls in a row with support of Scottish Independence the majority choice

    The Scottish borgouise and intelligencia who are selling this whole idea to their people are just more globalist sellouts

    They parade this romanticism of an independent Scotland, FREEDOOOM!!, etc...
    But in actual fact all this amounts them is them wanting Scotland to answer not to Westminster but Brussels, and for Scots to get rid of their British identity only to adopt a less coherent and more muddly 'European' one instead.

    Essentially what awaits Scotland is to become another province of an increasingly federalized EU with about the same amount of voice there as Croatia or Cyprus.

    Call me skeptical

    At least with Northern Ireland, who'll also probably split off and join Ireland - I can understand them, because it makes sense to reunite with the rest of your nation before thinking about anything else, and unlike Scotland they've always been an economic basket-case. It's been calculated that without funds from the UK they'd have the GDP per capita of Moldova or such. So they might as well try for something else, can't get any worse.
    par far

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    New Multipolar World - Page 6 Empty The Great Reset:

    Post  par far Tue Jan 12, 2021 6:22 am


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    Post  Kiko Mon Jan 25, 2021 9:45 pm

    The end of the Anglo-American domination of the world
    20 January

    Everything in the world, of course, so we have witnessed the beginning of the end of the era of Anglo-American domination over the world - the United States and Britain can no longer withstand the onslaught of: China, Russia, India, Brazil, etc.

    According to the purchasing power parity of 10 countries today it looks like this (data from the IMF and the World Bank):

    1. PRC - share in the world 17.39%, data for 2019 (1. PRC - 27.804.953 million dollars, in brackets data for 2020)
    2. USA - 15.93% (2. USA - $ 20,289.987 million)
    3. India - 7.09% (3. India - 11,321,280)
    4. Japan - 4.05% (4. Japan - 5,451,452)
    5. Germany - 3.47% (5.Russia - 4,176,350)
    6. Russia - 3.07% (6. Germany - 4,160,925)
    7. Indonesia - 2.48% (7. Indonesia - 3,778,134)
    8. Great Britain - 2.42% (8. Brazil - 3,316,920)
    9. France 2.40% (9 UK 2,975,557)
    10. Brazil - 2.40% (10.France - 2,860,018)

    It should be understood that Russia has long been ahead of Great Britain and France, and in 2020 overtook Germany and entered the TOP-5 countries of the world by PPP GDP, but it was a “covid” year, but not the fact that Germany in 2021 will take back 5th place.

    Russia is quite capable of catching up with Japan and fighting with India for 3rd place. There is a crisis in the US today, it is not clear what will happen there. While the PRC looks like the undisputed leader, the RF cannot catch up with the current growth rates.

    It is clear that the power of the United States and the makeweight in the form of Britain (the language does not dare to call the country Great Britain) rests only on the military power of the United States and the world monetary and financial system based on the dollar and other reserve currencies (euro, British pound, yen, yuan, Swiss frank). As soon as the dollar collapses, the US will drop in the rankings, and Britain will drop out of the Top 10 altogether.

    Germany and France should be considered together because it is the basis of the EU and the Euro, but in this case they have to fight with India and Russia.

    After the collapse of the dollar currency system, the yen is likely to collapse as well.

    In the new world, the most developed countries can be:
    1. PRC
    2. India
    3. The EU
    4. USA
    5. Russia
    6. Brazil
    7. Japan
    8. Indonesia
    9. Mexico
    10. South Korea
    11. Turkey
    12. Iran
    13. South Africa
    14. Saudi Arabia

    The Russian Federation is at least capable of staying in the Top 5, and with a smart approach, it can fight for the TOP 3, and in the long term - for the 2nd place. 1st place looks fantastic so far.

    The “North Atlantic Alliance” was formed long before the formation of the NATO military bloc, today the alliance of pirates, looters and liars is in crisis, as soon as the cunning system of unequal exchange collapses, these countries begin to degrade.

    The ancient civilizations of the East had more advanced science and culture, art, and economics. Until the mid-19th century, Europe's trade balance with Asia was not in favor of the Europeans.

    It was not for nothing that European sailors were looking for a way to India in order to bring goods from there and sell them profitably. This is how the East India Companies appeared, created to trade with India.

    China was also cultural and civilized, in comparison with the Europeans, but the barbarians from the West had a vast experience of wars among themselves and weapons, superior in strength to the east.

    Britain had nothing to offer China for its goods, hence the opium and the infamous "Opium Wars". The maritime powers of Western Europe had a superiority in weapons, complemented by unprincipled political foundations, cynical methods of warfare and trade.

    India, China, Indonesia and others fell under the blows of barbarians from the west, just as the Roman Empire once fell under the blows of "barbarians" from the north and east.

    In essence, the Atlantic civilization is a predatory world of pirates and marauders, which became rich by plundering other countries in Asia, Africa and America.

    I hope Russia will learn its lessons and will not, like the Western Roman Empire (Constantinople, Byzantium), fight on two fronts at the same time.

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    New Multipolar World - Page 6 Empty Re: New Multipolar World

    Post  kvs Mon Jan 25, 2021 10:53 pm

    I think such rankings are tad misleading. A big part of the GDP size in China and India are simple population size bulk.
    That is quantity over quality in a sense. In this case per capita GDP actually is a much better ranking. So the
    USA is actually more developed than both China and India.

    As for Russia, I think its GDP numbers are lowball rubbish. The PPP index used to convert the Russian nominal GDP is around 2.5.
    This is a consumer goods centric value which fails to properly scale the military and industrial part of Russia's economy.
    A lower bound for Russia's PPP GDP is $6 trillion. Russia also lacks the extra-territorial footprint of the USA and the EU.
    That inflates their GDP values but does not directly translate into high domestic standards of living.

    China and India still have some way to go to fully develop.

    Tsavo Lion
    Tsavo Lion

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    New Multipolar World - Page 6 Empty Re: New Multipolar World

    Post  Tsavo Lion Fri Jan 29, 2021 12:27 am

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    New Multipolar World - Page 6 Empty Re: New Multipolar World

    Post  GarryB Fri Jan 29, 2021 6:36 am

    Blah blah blah... what nothing videos.

    Honestly if Russia wants to cock block China then why is it wasting time with its north sea route connecting europe with Asia?

    Isn't that helping Chinese goods to get to the EU?

    Russia shouldn't be opening a shipping route from Asia to the EU... they should be demanding all shipped goods get put on trains and go through Russia so they make more money and have more control.

    Most of those EU countries have sanctions on Russia... Russia should be trying to block shipping to Europe, not making it faster and cheaper and easier.

    China doesn't need to get oil from the Middle East... but if they want to how is India supposed to actually stop them.

    The first video outlines the choke point for all shipping between China and the Middle East but that is not just oil going to China that is all shipping from Asia to Africa and the Middle East and Europe and all the shipping going the other way.

    India could block that strait like they could stop the Nile with their left hand... Chinas navy is rapidly growing and even now massively exceeds anything Indian could have in the next ten years and Chinas navy continues to grow while India tries to decide what new carrier based fighters it wants.

    I wont even bother watching the second video if it is as sad as the first.

    The person who made the first video doesn't understand that in a multipolar world there will be no one country dictating to everyone else... China wont be able to tell Russia or India what to do but Russia or India wont be able to tell China what to do either... countries can either cooperate or not, but get in another countries way and there will be problems.

    The US and the west don't understand it yet either.

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    New Multipolar World - Page 6 Empty Re: New Multipolar World

    Post  kvs Fri Jan 29, 2021 6:45 am

    It shows you the mentality of yanquis. They have no concept of compromise. It is their way or the highway.
    America is a xenophobic country at its core. Everyone who does not bend the knee and submit is an enemy.
    That is exactly the sort of mentality xenophobes have. They do not treat others with respect and leave them
    alone, their paranoia forces them to treat them as enemies.

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    Post  LMFS Fri Jan 29, 2021 7:48 pm

    Munich-esque Davos

    Vladimir Putin’s speech, delivered in the format of remote participation in the annual Davos forum, is already being actively compared with his Munich speech of 2007.

    Well, there is something in common. It is about the same general as between Stalin’s “Brothers and Sisters!” in 1941 and the toast “To the great Russian people!” in 1945.

    The Munich Speech of 2007 stated Russia’s acceptance of the challenge posed by the west. We didn’t attack, we were attacked. We offered peace, but the enemy chose war. We are not going to capitulate, we will win the war. We suggest, before it’s too late, to come to your senses and stop the aggression. The Emperor Aleksandr the Blessed conveyed similar words to Napoleon through the Adjutant-General Balashov in June 1812, adding that if necessary, he would retreat to Kamchatka, but would not lay down his weapons as long as at least one enemy was on Russian soil.

    So Putin’s Munich speech is evidence of Russia’s entry into a new (hybrid, informational) Patriotic War. And here is his Davos speech – summing up the results of this war. A kind of new Yalta (the Yalta Conference also took place before Germany finally capitulated).

    The people who came up with this move and worked on organising the speech of the President of Russia at the Davos Forum in 2021 should be given the hero of Russia title in full force. It’s also possible to erect a monument. Thanks to their efforts, unlike Yalta in 1945, today Russia has found itself at the origins of a new post-war world in the singular, without any allies/competitors. At the same time, the same China can not be offended — no one has removed it. Somehow it just happened. And its interests are not being violated.

    Let’s look at the Davos speech from the point of view of diplomatic art.

    Everyone knows that the Davos Forum is a gathering of the global financial and industrial elite, people who have a significant, and sometimes decisive, influence on the policies of their (and sometimes neighboring) states. Politicians, even the most prominent ones, serve only as a condiment there. Their presence is evidence of the importance of the non-political part of the guests. Those who speak from the stage mean much less there than those who are silent and listen on the sidelines. In addition, in terms of information, any speech will be blocked by a dozen others, blocked in a panel discussion. The journalists present at the forum are more interested in showing their own importance by interviewing at least a minor oligarch (Ukrainian, for example, from year to year discuss the colour of dumplings and the size of portions at Pinchuk‘s “Ukrainian Breakfast”, without being distracted by anything else). In general, it is almost impossible to give a speech on this platform an appropriate political and informational sound.

    That is why Putin did not go to Davos for 12 years — there was no need.

    It was then that the coronavirus pandemic came, which forced the forum to be held remotely. As a result, a huge number of narcissistic peacocks, who previously proudly wore their shiny tails on the sidelines of the forum, remained at home. On Skype, you can’t take a picture against the background of someone from the powerful of this world and you can’t exchange a few words with anyone during a coffee break. The forum was almost forgotten.

    But it didn’t die. Its organisers did not want to chop up the chicken that lays the golden eggs, because of some pandemic. If the motley retinue that gave the picture is cut off, and there are only a few dozen people who really make serious decisions, then the problem lies only behind the topic that would captivate everyone so much that it would put the forum held on Skype at the centre of the world information agenda.

    Nothing could be better than Putin’s speech to solve this problem.

    Firstly, as a result of the crisis in the US, it became obvious even to the deepest skeptics that Washington had lost its leadership in the modern world. Moreover, the Biden coup made the US a pillar of the liberal left and a threat to right-wing conservative forces around the world. The right-wing conservative traditionalist Trump, considered by western conservatives as a potential leader, has been knocked out of politics for a long time, if not forever. At best, he will be able to return to American politics after some time, but he is still far from returning to global politics.

    Secondly, there is also no leader among European politicians capable of leading the right-conservative resistance to the left-liberal globalists. Merkel herself is a liberal (though pragmatic), and is also retiring. Macron is ambitious, but he works in the style of “both yours and ours”, he can not be trusted — at any time he can go to the other side. The rest neither came out in caliber, nor the countries they represent can claim to be a leader.

    Thirdly, Xi Jinping in China is certainly a conservative leader in Asia, but due to the huge cultural and historical differences, he cannot claim leadership in Europe.

    Putin in Davos came to a popular position in the conditions of a complete absence of competitors. It is designed for the world’s financial and industrial elite, was the only offer of a “bright future”, which should come after the final demolition of the American-centric system (and for this reason it turned out to be the number one information topic of the week that no one can ignore).

    Putin elegantly demonstrated the inevitability of its final disintegration with a few figures, which showed that while over the past 15-20 years the number of poor people (living on less than $5 a day) in the US has increased by 1.5-fold, in China the number of such people has decreased by 4-fold, and in Russia – 12-fold. At the same time, in Russia today the number of people living on less than $5 a day is already less than in the US.

    For people who are used to buying and selling, who know well what the purchasing power of the population is, who are able to calculate processes in dynamics, these figures are a verdict for the US. Moreover, they already know that in military terms, Russia has also overtaken the west forever. The US and Europe do not have the technology to catch up with Moscow in the field of weapons, and there are no resources to develop such technologies in the next decade.

    I.e., on the computer screens of about 100 of the most influential people on the planet, the president of Russia appears and offers a model of a new post-American world without an alternative (in the absence of at least some competitor). Putin points out that the loose liberal leftists pose a threat to any statehood, and gently unobtrusively hints that Russia will not just fight this, but is also ready to lead an alliance of healthy conservative forces around the world, ensuring the protection of national statehood from the encroachments of TNCs.

    To the natural question in return, without waiting for it to be asked, Putin explains that no one is going to demolish the system to the ground, just in the conditions of a severe systemic crisis, the role of the state in economic life should be strengthened. The state is not going to replace a private initiative. It only plans to smooth out the rough edges and make sure that the private pursuit of profit maximisation does not conflict with public interests and conservative values. What remains behind the scenes is that it is the Russian state that should become the guarantor and leader of this process.

    Another unasked question, “How to defeat the left-liberal destroyers of the state in the interests of the transnational financial oligarchy?” was answered on January 23rd and in the following days on the streets of Russian cities. Without excessive violence, without totalitarian prohibitions, but also without liberalism with outright hooliganism. Those who can be negotiated with — an agreement will be made. And those leopards who will change their spots will be jailed (but alive). In general, against the background of what is happening in the world (from Belarus to the US), Russian protective measures are indeed the softest, but at the same time the most effective.

    In general, for the global money that really wants to work within the framework of a classical market economy, which doesn’t want to wait for the “golden billion” to turn into a “golden million”, then into a “golden thousand”, and then into a gang of crazy bankers fighting on the ruins of the planet, Putin proposed a way out of the crisis, drew the outline of the “post-Yalta world” (guaranteed by Russian power) and suggested that we begin discussing its final format.

    And look, 80 people from among the most influential people on the planet did not laugh in Putin’s face, as it was in 2007 in Munich, and without noise and dust immediately after his open speech signed up for a closed conference with him.

    Honest liberals and ordinary urban lunatics can laugh quite sincerely and free of charge at the claims (and evidence) of Russian power and global authority. This queue of those who run the global economy for a private meeting with Putin is the best evidence that what seemed incredible yesterday has become obvious today. Russia has put the terms of a new world on the table. And the world reached out to discuss these conditions.

    Finally, once again, I want to draw your attention to the inconspicuous feat of the people who prepared this speech of Putin. In terms of scale and impact on historical processes, this is steeper than the Battles of Stalingrad and Kursk combined. In addition, the victory was achieved with little blood and on foreign territory. The effect of the bomb explosion is achieved by surprise. This is already the corporate identity of Russia. Putin’s speech in Munich was sudden, and the crushing defeat of the presumptuous Saakashvili regime in August 2008 was sudden. The return of Crimea was sudden. And now the same sudden Davos.

    The late Viktor Stepanovich Chernomyrdin would have remarked with satisfaction: “This has never happened before, and here it is again!”

    Rostislav Ishchenko

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    Post  kvs Fri Jan 29, 2021 8:19 pm

    The prepper lemmings at ZeroHedge are spazzing that Putin is talking as a globalist. Apparently anyone trying to promote sanity
    is part of the conspiracy to take away their freedumbs. Putin is demonized precisely because he is not a globalist and has
    dared to lead Russia off the plantation it was put on by comprador Yeltsin and his handlers during the 1990s.

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