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    Mi-8/17, Μi-38, Mi-26: News


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    Mi-8/17, Μi-38, Mi-26: News - Page 14 Empty Re: Mi-8/17, Μi-38, Mi-26: News

    Post  AMCXXL on Thu Sep 10, 2020 12:58 pm

    George1 wrote:

    can you put numbers also fro Mi-26s and Mi-24s in different posts? thank you

    Yes , of course

    The Mi-26 is here:

    About the Mi-24, remain in operation:

    - 1 squadron (20 Mi-24P) 112º OVP , Chita airport Cheremuski
    - 1 squadron (20 Mi-24P) 17º BrAA , Kamensk-Uralsk
    - 1 squadron (20 Mi-24P) 337º OVP , Novosiborsk airport Tolmachevo
    - 1 Squadron (20 Mi-24P) 440º OVP (378º AvB) , Vyazma airfield Dvoyevka
    - 1 Squadron (20 Mi-24P) 696º UVP /SVAI  Syzran (Helicopter training center)
    - 10 Mi-24P 344º TsBPiPLS Torzhok + Klin
    - 8 Mi-24V, 125º OVE , Donskoye , Kaliningrad Oblast, as part of Baltic Fleet Naval Aviation
    - 6 Mi-24P, 549º OVP , airfield Prybilovo as part of Russian UN contingent (they wear the white livery)
    - 4 Mi-24P, 18º BrAA Zernograd
    - 4 Mi-24P, 426º AvGr. (999 AvB) Yerevan (Armenia)
    - 4 Mi-24P 303º OVE (201º RVB) Gissar airfield Ayni (Tayikistan)
    - 2 Mi-24R (NBQ), 395º OIAE RCBZ , Bagay Baranovka airfield Sennoy
    - 2 Mi-24P 929º GLITs Akhtubinsk

    Total: 140

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    Mi-8/17, Μi-38, Mi-26: News - Page 14 Empty Re: Mi-8/17, Μi-38, Mi-26: News

    Post  magnumcromagnon on Fri Oct 02, 2020 1:32 pm

    A helicopter with a hybrid power plant is being developed in Russia
    Mi-8/17, Μi-38, Mi-26: News - Page 14 Vertolety5_ZVO_d_850

    A helicopter with a hybrid power plant is being developed in Russia. His preliminary project is already ready. The technical appearance of the new aircraft will correspond to the promising scientific and technical level of development of helicopter technology for the next two decades.

    This was reported to TASS by the press service of the Advanced Research Fund. Its specialists are engaged in the development together with the Russian Helicopters holding.

    It is assumed that the new helicopter will be competitive, including in relation to foreign counterparts - in terms of speed, range, flight duration, increased reliability and versatility of use. The developers plan to achieve these technical characteristics precisely through a hybrid installation, an electromechanical transmission, electric power actuators and a combined control system with artificial intelligence technology.

    The new helicopter can be used in search and rescue and medical operations. He will be able to fly 50 kilometers for seven minutes with two casualties and two medics on board and stay in the air for up to seven hours.

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