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    Russian VSHORADS Thread


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    Post  medo on Mon Oct 19, 2020 5:06 pm

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    Modernization package for Osa from Almaz-Antey. It got new electrooptical complex with thermal imaging camera and additional communication antenna in front of the vehicle for data link to exchange picture with others in IADS. This modernization enable Osa to work fully in pasive mode, receiving target information from outside source and engage it in optical mode day and night. Before Osa have to see the target with its own search radar.

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    Russian VSHORADS Thread - Page 13 Empty Re: Russian VSHORADS Thread

    Post  GarryB on Tue Oct 20, 2020 3:47 am

    I always thought it was a neat vehicle but I have been told it is not that great in terms of mobility... not like a BTR-60 or something...

    Still it is a rather large vehicle and it is fully amphibious too...

    With an all optical operational capability, It would be better if you could stack double the number of ready to fire missiles on there... 12 instead of 6 perhaps, though the original models only had four missiles with no box launchers.

    I remember a South African upgrade of the SA-13 that added the capacity to fire SA-9 missiles so it could carry a mix of missiles and choose which missiles to use depending on the target at the time. The SA-9 missiles being simpler and cheaper but not as effective, so a slow cruise missile type target could be engaged with a slower lower performing missile while an enemy fighter could be engaged with the more capable SA-13.

    With opticronic targeting day and night system for this vehicle then IR and laser beam riding missiles could also be carried for use against different targets...

    Keep the 6 big missiles and add a row of 3 x SA-9s on one side and 3 x SA-13s on the other, so depending on the target you can select a suitable missile for the engagement...

    Of course there is always the problem of taking something that works and try to do too much that ends up making it silly fan boy frankenstein crap...

    I would think a decent upgrade could massively reduce the size and cost of the electronics needed for this system, and the extra space saved could be used to make more room inside or even reduce the crew size or perhaps add a station for controlling your own drone that could use the sensors of the vehicle and its own sensors to hunt drones using cover to sneak up on the system... perhaps orbiting the vehicle from a range of 4km or so at 2km altitude looking down at things trying to approach the position for instance...

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