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    Upgraded Kirov class: Project 11442 [Admiral Nakhimov]


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    Upgraded Kirov class: Project 11442 [Admiral Nakhimov] - Page 33 Empty Re: Upgraded Kirov class: Project 11442 [Admiral Nakhimov]

    Post  GarryB Sun Jan 31, 2021 5:13 am

    Sea-based SAM 9K96 "Redoubt" in the amount of 30 blocks of 8 launchers and SAM 42S6 "Morpheus" short-range.

    Well 30 times 8 tubes is 240, but we know that those tubes will likely have a mix of 9M96 missiles (better known as S-350), but also short range 9M100 missiles... but the 9M100 missiles are smaller than the 9M96 and you can fit 4 9M100 missiles in the tube one 9M96 goes, so with 240 launch tubes that means between 240 S-350s of up to 150km range, or 960 short range 9M100 missiles.... but obviously they would likely used a mixed load of both types.

    Among other things, the Admiral Nakhimov tark will receive unified UKSK 3s14 (30x8) launchers capable of launching various types of missiles, such as Kalibr, Onyx and Zircon.

    The original plan was for 10 UKSK 8 tube launchers... they would have to remove the Rif-M and the SS-N-14 launchers in the front of the ship to fit 30 UKSK launchers...

    They would carry anti sub ballistic rockets in those UKSK tubes.

    Will be interesting to see the complete details of the upgrade... because the Redut probably replaces the S-300F Rif system, but it should also have up to 8 Pantsir systems which is 16 30mm gatling guns and another 256 anti aircraft missiles, plus I would suspect a few Duet turrets around the place too.

    It is a very big ship that had a old of old generation electronics that were bulky and huge... we are talking about room and building sized computers that could be replaced with a modern cell phone or tablet computer, so there should be a lot of space that could be made available for a range of different weapon types.

    Also important to remember there are other systems and weapons that can go in these multipurpose launch tubes... for the UKSK-M that included jammer rockets and all sorts of other potential things like PAKET anti torpedo weapons etc etc.

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    Upgraded Kirov class: Project 11442 [Admiral Nakhimov] - Page 33 Empty adm nakhimov

    Post  hoom Thu Feb 11, 2021 11:53 am

    can anyone confirm the claimed missiles numbers capabilities
    I think their source is this which seems to have been in a magazine before/about the time Nakhimov went into the dock
    Upgraded Kirov class: Project 11442 [Admiral Nakhimov] - Page 33 YSCTywr
    But its pretty clearly not right.

    80* UKSK cells has been consistent in official numbers & fits with 1* 8-cell per 2* Granit cells, visual evidence from Google Earth (10* things that look a lot like 8-cell UKSK cells were on the ground next to the Granit section).
    There is no sign of any late sprint to put in twice as many.

    The numbers given imply the replacement of the existing S-300F cells but there's no indication of any major structural work in that area on Google Earth -> every indication there will still be same 12* 8-cell rotary S-300 launchers (maybe a hatch over each cell & remove the rotary bit?) assumed modernised to take newer missiles.

    The assumption has been that they'll fit in a smaller number of Redut cells instead of the Kinzhal/naval Tor further forward (maybe 3 or 4* 8-cell) & either side of the helicopter lift aft (2*8 each side) = 56/64.

    Then there is the 6* Pantsir-M with 32 missiles each = 192.

    Total 80+96+64+192 would be 432 missiles.

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