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    Education in Russia: News


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    Post  sepheronx Wed Sep 21, 2022 12:27 am

    caveat emptor wrote:
    sepheronx wrote:Well, there has to be job prospects if you want people to kill those positions.  That won't happen until at least a few years till more money has gone through for industries in these fields.

    That said, the jobs of R&D within universities are probably been filled long ago, many older people.  Same issue here where the universities R&D faculties are held all by rather older people with some students.
    Military industries did a good job with employment of young cadres. 

    Industrial base was seriously undermined in the last 30 years. Article mentions Moscow, as example where there are no prospects for employment. Aside from some designer bureaus, I'm afraid that it will stay like that. Moscow turned itself into a capital of service industries. Starting any production in the city doesn't make sense, as cost are too high when compared to other places. 
    In any case, government shouldn't even think of subsidizing manufacturing in Moscow (not Moscow oblast), as every ruble will go much further in other parts of Russia.

    That's every major city at this point in the world.

    Smaller cities like Krasnoyarsk will end up booming eventually, Novosibirsk as well. Vladivostok, etc. And rightly so, capital needs to flow that way away from Moscow. Moscow will always now be administrative, service and banking for Russia. St.Pete will stay as remote jobs, art, and major industrial.

    Small and medium companies will move to smaller. It's only natural. Universities will have to adjust to this.

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    Education in Russia: News - Page 7 Empty Re: Education in Russia: News

    Post  andalusia Thu Oct 06, 2022 9:17 am

    Are boys falling behind girls in education in Russia? That is what is happening in the US. I think a big reason is feminists are in charge of academia in the US.

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    Education in Russia: News - Page 7 Empty Re: Education in Russia: News

    Post  andalusia Tue Nov 01, 2022 7:53 am

    Just want to know is vocational technical education valued in Russia and other countries outside of the US? I think the death of the shop class as well as the overemphasis on everybody going to college played a role.

    From A Critical Review of Matthew Crawford's Shop Class as Soulcraft

    ...the skilled trades are undervalued in America. They are undervalued in the American educational system that has systematically eliminated shop class. They are undervalued in the collective consciousness that views them as lowly, “blue collar”, dirty, unprofessional. But, the funny thing is that there is one place where they are actually not undervalued at all, and that is in the marketplace, which has seen a greater and greater demand for the skilled craftsman, be he a carpenter, electrician, machinist, mechanic, and so on. On account of his being in demand, the skilled tradesman has his choice of jobs, needs answer to no one, and earns a living wage, perks that are not to be scoffed at in this economic environment.

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    Education in Russia: News - Page 7 Empty Re: Education in Russia: News

    Post  franco Tue Nov 01, 2022 10:57 am

    Ministry of Education returns basic military training lessons to schools

    Primary military training will be taught in Russian schools again, a corresponding proposal was received from the Ministry of Education as part of the main program of secondary general education. The document has already been published on the portal of draft regulatory legal acts.

    According to the new program, it is proposed to introduce NVP for students in grades 10-11. True, military training will not be taught as a separate subject, as it was in the USSR, NVP will be introduced into the Fundamentals of Life Safety (OBZH). It is planned to launch two courses, one of which will be devoted to medicine, the second - to military training.

    As part of the first, called "Fundamentals of Medical Knowledge and First Aid", high school students will learn first aid for various injuries or ailments, wounds, etc. The program is quite broad and will cover not only the application of bandages and splints and the like, but also help with various poisonings, burns, drowning, etc. In addition, students will be taught how to deal with various epidemics.

    The second course, entitled "Elements of Basic Military Training", will include the rules for handling weapons , high school students will study the main machine gun of the Russian army AK-74, offensive and defensive hand grenades RGD-5 and F-1, and study the tactics of military personnel as part of a motorized rifle departments on the BMP. Also, this course will include the study of personal protective equipment, first aid on the battlefield, the creation of individual shelters from enemy fire, as well as camouflage of equipment.

    The topics given are not a complete list of what high school students will learn in the lessons of initial military training, a complete list is given in the corresponding document. Most likely, the CWP lessons will be introduced from the new academic year, although it is possible that earlier.

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    Education in Russia: News - Page 7 Empty Re: Education in Russia: News

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