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    AI must be destroyed


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    Post  GarryB Tue Mar 19, 2024 12:26 am

    AI would be amazing for certain things but totally useless for other things.

    Computers are good at storage and retrieval, calculations, but they are not good at creative problem solving.

    You could set up a random shape generator with specific parameters and use that to create 1 billion aircraft wing shapes and test them all in a couple of weeks with a super computer. The flight model... lift and drag etc is pretty sound these days and should allow the programme to build and test those prototypes on its own with the results stored and collated and listed in order of performance... when it is finished you might look at the top 1000 to see if there is anything radical or unusual or even amazing, but you would probably only actually make and test the top 3 or 4 different types. If the top 10,000 are all essentially the same shape then you might search for something quite radical lower down the list to test as an experiment to see if the numbers match reality

    The point is that there is no creativity at all, it is all trial and error.

    Genuine AI would to what people do and look at all the different flying animals around the place and look at how they fly... flapping wings etc, or lighter than air options...

    There are computer programmes you can buy for designing and building houses. It includes every detail including information about building materials... the size of the bits of wood and its structural strength and how many nails it would need in that position to hold it securely.

    What you do is you design you house and put in the materials each area and structure is made from and it calculates how much of each material you need and using a connection to the local hardware store it calculates the price of all your materials to make the house in real time and if there might be structural changes that need to be made or design issues with things that wont fit or wont work properly.

    Thinking you can destroy AI is like thinking you can ban all guns or all nuclear weapons or weaponised chem and bio weapons, or chocolate.

    AI is a programming method that enables the software to adapt and learn from the way it is used or the data it receives so it gets better over time.

    It is a bit like the Cyrius Cybernetics Lifts that could see into the future so it would arrive at your floor before you realised you wanted to use the lift. Of course after a while they got bored with going up and down and experimented with sideways and diagonally, and then took to sulking in basements.

    (from the Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy... the radio series).


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    AI must be destroyed  - Page 2 Empty Re: AI must be destroyed

    Post  lyle6 Tue Mar 19, 2024 1:46 am

    They're even calling the new AI chip Blackwell which sounds a lot like Blackwall. If you know your cyberpunk Blackwall is digital hell where AI 'daemons' reside. Subtle - Not.

    Training a digital twin is just the gay version of soul killer. Garbage timeline.

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