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    Embedding videos in this forum


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    Embedding videos in this forum Empty Embedding videos in this forum

    Post  GarryB Sun Nov 21, 2021 3:53 am

    I have had multiple requests for the option to embed video streams for posts and replies for services other than Youtube and was trying to create the code for myself but after such a long time I have now admitted defeat.

    I have found a forum for this forum software where I can posts requests for modifications and upgrades so I plan to post a request on that forum for buttons to upload videos from various streaming services that are not Youtube.

    Unfortunately I was asked to do this so long ago the requests dropped off and have been deleted from my messaging list so even if you have requested this before please take the time to post video hosting services you want to be able to post for in reply to this request.

    Please reply to this post with any video hosting sites/sources you want to be able to embed video from even if you have asked before please post again and we can see how many can be actioned.

    So to be clear what I want is for members to list sources of streamed video they want to be able to directly link video from other than Youtube which already has its own button.

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