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    Poland-Belarus Migrant Crisis

    Odin of Ossetia
    Odin of Ossetia

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    Poland-Belarus Migrant Crisis - Page 3 Empty Re: Poland-Belarus Migrant Crisis

    Post  Odin of Ossetia Sun Jan 16, 2022 5:20 am

    Odin of Ossetia wrote:
    GarryB wrote:RT had a documentary on the EU food embargo and they talked to Polish farmers... many of whom had just spent big money to expand production capacity for things like apples that were in demand in Russia... or should I say had just got into enormous levels of debt to expand production to meet demand and then Putin put sanctions on EU food. All of a sudden they had more apples than they knew what to do with and no one to sell them to.

    It mentioned that for storage they have large rooms where the oxygen levels are kept very low to slow down the process of ripening so they can delay some fruit from being ready so it is no all ready at once.

    There were lots of stories of Orchardists who couldn't pay their loans who went into such rooms and lay down and went to sleep and never woke up again.

    Actually rather sad, these are ordinary people just trying to earn a living.

    These are people who petitioned local government officials to get them to roll back EU sanctions on Russia so that Russia would roll back its sanctions in return and everything could go back to normal, but I suspect there is no going back to the old normal.

    Other sources will have been found to supply the demand for most foods and if it is local then it is probably cheaper because there would be no conversions to Euros, and Russian wages are lower than European wages, so even if they get their way they might find themselves competing against Russian apples that are cheaper than they could make them.... wouldn't that be a kick in the guts.

    They got screwed by their own government and then to lobby to undo the damage they get screwed again.

    BTW Brussels must be the worlds largest source of fertiliser... but it is in human form.... just get some decent sized liquidisers and start producing your Soylent Green... even if no one buys it you will still be doing yourself a favour getting rid of that human manure.

    There are around 6 000 suicides per year in Poland. Some of them are murders formally listed as "suicides" probably a few hundred, or perhaps around 1 000?

    Even if these murders are excluded that still leaves around 5 000 genuine suicides per year in Poland. That is a whole town disappearing each year in Poland only due to suicides.

    By comparison in the Communist Poland until 1989 there were only on average a few hundred suicides per year, majority had romantic backgrounds, and during the 1980's Poland's population size was almost the same to what it is today.

    That translates into a huge increase in the suicide rate during the post-1989 "free" and "democratic" Poland.

    So there has been roughly ten times increase in suicides on a per capita basis in Poland in comparison to Communist period.

    And this big increase in suicides started back in 1990's.


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    Poland-Belarus Migrant Crisis - Page 3 Empty Re: Poland-Belarus Migrant Crisis

    Post  George1 Sat Jan 29, 2022 5:44 pm

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