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    Politics and Government of Russia


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    Politics and Government of Russia - Page 32 Empty Re: Politics and Government of Russia

    Post  higurashihougi Fri Jun 16, 2023 7:59 pm

    Putin orders study of gays

    The Russian President has ordered the creation of a special institute focused on examining homosexuality and gender identity

    Russia is set to create a new psychiatric institute dedicated to studying, among other things, the behavior of LGBTQ people as well as issues dealing with gender roles and identity, Health Minister Mikhail Murashko revealed during a discussion in the State Duma on Thursday.

    Amid a lower parliament discussion of a bill that would ban sex change operations in Russia, Murashko was asked by Deputy Anatoly Wasserman to what extent the Health Ministry was paying attention to studies on psychological and, if need be, psychiatric methods of bringing misconceptions about gender back in line with reality.

    The minister responded by pointing out that there are several medical research centers in Russia that are already studying this issue. He added that President Vladimir Putin has also ordered the creation of “an additional institute on the basis of our federal center of psychiatry to study not only these, but also a number of behavioral areas, including social behavior.”

    According to the Health Ministry, this new institute will be formed on the basis of the Serbsky Center for Psychiatry and Narcology. Murashko noted that LGBTQ research will further be expanded upon and included in the obligatory scientific studies in addition to what is already being done today.

    LGBTQ groups in Russia have decried Murashko’s statement, suggesting that such research is akin to so-called “conversion therapy,” which is a set of physical and psychological methods aimed at treating non-heterosexual orientations and gender identity. Such methods have been condemned by the World Health Organization and the United Nations, which have called them pseudoscientific and likened them to torture.

    However, neither Murashko nor any other representatives of the Health Ministry have explicitly mentioned conversion therapy in their statements and it is unclear if lawmakers have any intent to introduce such methods or legislation.

    On Wednesday, lawmakers adopted a bill in the first reading that would outlaw almost all sex reassignment surgeries as well as gender changes on official documents in Russia. The legislation, if passed, would only allow limited surgical procedures aimed at remedying “congenital anomalies” in children.

    Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin pointed out that the primary goal of the new bill is to protect children and pointed to statistics in the US, where he stated the proportion of transgender people among teenagers is already three times higher than among adults thanks to LGBTQ propaganda.

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    Politics and Government of Russia - Page 32 Empty Re: Politics and Government of Russia

    Post  Werewolf Fri Jun 16, 2023 8:36 pm

    Basically a study to look into US's propaganda and brainwash machinery of how they indoctrinate people into the alphabet soup ideology and how to fight this form of divide and conquer technology.

    Nobody with more than a brain cell can deny the fact that it's indeed possible to indoctrinate people into non traditional sexual preferences. The old mantra was you are born with it and nobody can change it. The totalitarian approach of liberalism in favor of trans-everything and ultimately transhumanism and other dystopian perverted ideas and boot camps for such ideas like college campuses in all of westernized countries are overcrowded with perverted, degenerate people. This people who are everything but straight are programmed to be everything but a part of society and drag everyone down with them if possible. A manifold of mental illness that is a product of an experiment of letting them grow up in a  petri dish of highly manipulative and mentally unhealthy soil to hate everything normal.

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    Politics and Government of Russia - Page 32 Empty Re: Politics and Government of Russia

    Post  flamming_python Sat Jul 15, 2023 9:51 am

    The non-traditional stuff basically comes about as a result of not being able to get sexually aroused like a normal person would be.

    And that's frequently linked to traumatic sexual experiences or child sexual abuse. I've had a few bisexual and former lesbian GFs, they've all had something like that.

    So it's not exactly that people are born with it, although maybe that's sometimes the case. But either way it's not necessarily something that can be helped. Even if in theory some sort of psychotherapy can reverse a person's abnormal sexual impulses, that would also require a willingness on their part to delve deeply into their own memories and psyche and many people won't be ready to do that.
    It's better to simply respect these people and leave them to their lives although that's predicated on the assumption that they'll be willing to leave the rest of society to its majority preferences as well. In my estimation most such people are perfectly happy to live their own lives and not try and engage in social engineering of everyone else - these pride parades and pride months and whatever we see in the West are mostly the result of narrow agendas and various extremists and the purchase they've been afforded by Western elites in service of their own agenda.

    I also tend to think that even if transgenderism as a fashion is absolutely wrong, and too is linked to various psychological disorders, in fact in many cases those which can be helped/cured even with current means - it's also a fact that for some people to lead fulfilling lives, sexual reassignment surgery would indeed be the only option. It's a drastic one though so all other options should be considered first.
    It's a shame that people who genuinely can't be helped by any other procedure, won't have this option available to them anymore, but I can understand Moscow's decision as as I mentioned, transgender surgery seems to be becoming some sort of subculture or trend and that sort of body mutilation is simply abhorrent.

    I think Putin's move here is more of a political decision to internationalize if you will America's culture wars (although they've been doing that themselves as well) and get more countries stepping out openly against the globalist-woke agenda. Dr. Steve Turley posits this view in one of his latest videos and I believe it's on point.

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    Politics and Government of Russia - Page 32 Empty Re: Politics and Government of Russia

    Post  Firebird Sat Jul 15, 2023 12:03 pm

    I think the evidence is queer... I mean clear. 🤣

    Homosexualism is caused by brainwashing, trauma and the desire to shock and "rebel".
    Its even creepier relative, tranney-ism is simply an extension of this. When its perpetrators decide that homosexualism doesn't shock enough. There is also the aspect of toxins in our environment - endocrine disruptor disorders by Big Food, Big Pharma, Big Corruption etc. These toxins cause infertility, cancers, low IQ, other birth defects, "gender" blurring, homo-ism etc. Yet perversely, the effects of these toxins are now "celebrated" in Globo-Homo culture.

    However, homosexualism IS entirely curable.

    I think Freud reckoned schizophrenia was caused by "latent suppressed" homo-ism.
    My view is that homosexualism is analogous to something LIKE schizophrenia.
    Notice how homosexuals are sometimes "aggressively camp". Acting like a toddler in a soft voice and then boiling with poison and psychopathy in the next words of one sentence.

    Additionally, civilised cultures also protect the majority over the minority in considering what is right in public and in the media etc. A pervert could jerk off infront of my house and kids and say "ohhhh Im not physically harming anyone". Just as the homosexual might try the same defence when he's wearing a dress and sticking his tongue down his boyfriend's throat in public. However, the vast majority of us (when free to admit it) are unsettled by unnatural acts which make us feel ill and angered. It doesnt matter that our physical safety is at risk.

    There is also the fact that male homosexuals are far more likely (acc to British govt stats) to commit sex crimes and abuse children. Certain types of lesbians also have far higher instances of psychopathy and violent criminality

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    Politics and Government of Russia - Page 32 Empty Re: Politics and Government of Russia

    Post  JohninMK Tue Aug 22, 2023 11:37 am

    A super interesting, but almost unnoticed event is the lawsuit of the Prosecutor General's Office to seize the assets of Russia's richest man (well, according to Forbes - $25 billion) Andrey Melnichenko in favor of the state.

    He hasn't lived in Russia for a long time, and Wikipedia traditionally lies, he didn't support the SMO. Although in the spring of 2022 and got under sanctions - the "scale of personality" worked. On the contrary, Melnichenko, like Tinkov and many "captains of business" challenged the sanctions. Then he became a citizen of the UAE, while retaining his Russian citizenship. Typical sitting on two chairs. It turns out that the lawsuit is against a man who demonstratively distances himself from both the country and the authorities.

    Melnichenko himself, "Khakasskaya Service and Repair Company" and "Kuzbass Joint Stock Company of Energy and Electrification" became defendants in the suit of the prosecutor's office.

    The plaintiff - the state represented by the General Prosecutor's Office, she demanded to recover in favor of the state company OA "Siberian Energy Company" ("SIBECO") - the largest supplier of electricity in Western Siberia. "SIBECO, by the way, is a splinter of RAO UES, which was privatized in several stages.
    The electric power industry, like the oil industry, is actually concentrated in the hands of the state again. Well, that's the way life works - even before Chubais dismantled RAO, it was clear to many people that it would not be able to operate in such territories for a long time.

    The form or mechanism of transition of assets from one state (private) to another state (state) is what we are witnessing now, apparently, in this example


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    caveat emptor
    caveat emptor

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    Politics and Government of Russia - Page 32 Empty Re: Politics and Government of Russia

    Post  caveat emptor Thu Sep 28, 2023 4:24 am

    Shameful article by Vladislav Surkov, which shows levels of delusion of once main adviser to Putin on question of Ukraine and before that one of the main ideologists in Russian government establishment. To think that this person was once called "gray cardinal" and was main architect of "Ukrainian question" is outright scary.

    Birth of the North

    When Vasco da Gama went to look for a waterway to India in 1497, King Manuel ordered him to get an audience with the powerful overseas rulers of — Presbyter John and Raji Kalikut.

    The order was only half executed. They made contact with Raja, but it didn’t work out with the presbyter. And it was especially annoying, because John was the king of a powerful Christian power that flourished « somewhere beyond the Nile », and Portugal expected, that he, as a co-religionist, will support her in the fight against intrances for control over the routes of spices and gold.

    The alliance with the kingdom of presbyter was an essential element of the Portuguese expansion plan.

    In the end, I had to adjust the plan. The Portuguese, to their credit, more or less managed alone. But their « dashed » empire in the Indian Ocean, for all its success, was still not as strong, vast and durable as it could, with the amount they attracted the resources of a major ally.

    To blame Vasco Da Gamu for this half-failure would be, however, reckless. He did not make an alliance with the kingdom of John, not because he was negligent or insane, you can’t say such a thing about him. But because the kingdom never existed anywhere. Unfortunately.

    King Manuel let down his studies — he relied on strictly scientific data and the most reliable sources in his plans. That time, of course.

    Confidence that either in Africa or in Asia there is a fraternal superpower of the priest king, gave vigor to the crusaders of the twelfth century. They « knew » that he could speak to Palestine on their side. Then the Pope sent an embassy to John. Which, however, did not return. Later, Marco Polo reported on the « four » presbyter. Was his country « known to » Arabs, Byzantines, Persians, Mongols... « Familiar » and ancient Russian tradition called the Kingdom of Ivan.

    The fact that this bright geopolitical hallucination for four hundred years to one degree or another influenced the behavior of serious states is not unusual. And if geopolitics is indeed « granular chessboard », then, in addition to completely wooden kings and pawns, there is always « present » ghostly, nonexistent, but naively intended for « strong moves » the figure of Ivan.

    Each strategist has his own « pop Ivan », his favorite illusion, his own intoxicating error, freely located among sober calculations. Ivan's factor is the driving force of any big game. Without this false figure, no player would start the game. Just because I would not believe that you could win.

    And the point here is not the desire to deceive or deceive. This is not cheating, but rather, simplicity.

    Human thinking as such does not perceive reality in its pure form, but always as a reality supplemented. Complemented by what is unrealistic. Fiction works as a catalyst for action. And as a manifestation of truth. There is no movement without fiction. And the subsequent meeting with reality. Sometimes not joyful: « it was smooth on paper ... »

    Reason generates errors as generously as true judgments. Unmistakable is unreasonable. ( artificial intelligence only then will be equal to human and surpass it when it learns to make mistakes )

    In each ambitious plan of two or three fulcrum, through which it is supposed to turn the Earth, at least one is by definition fictitious.

    In the current redistribution of the world, geopolitical hallucinations play no less role than in the Vasco da Gama era. And it’s not so important whether Washington strategists saw a embroidered print with « we will win ». Or the strategists of Berlin imagined that they « as always » with the supposedly characteristic « German pedantry » decisively understood everything and provided for everything. Or all of them together took Ukraine for the kingdom of Ivan, for the wonderful and ready-made abroad, which will help them.

    It is important that in their bloody game goals will be achieved that no one is striving for today. And everyone will not get exactly what or not at all what he seeks. And momentary delusions will show a distant truth.

    What can be distinguished in front if you try to look over the mirages? What happens if you remove false figures from the chessboard?

    There will be the Great North — Russia, the USA and Europe, forming a common sociocultural space. Triune northern geopolitical cluster.

    The foreboding of the North has already been identified in the increased use of the term « global South ». But there is no south without the north.

    Once the concept of « the global North » was virtually synonymous with « West » and due to obvious duplication did not take root. Now the contours of the Great North, although barely visible, are passing and have a completely different meaning.

    Now it’s hard to believe that conflicting systems will eventually reach a high level of convergence. But it was also difficult to believe in a single Russia when Mikhail Tverskaya fought with the Moscow principality. It was also difficult to believe in a united Europe during the time of Wallenstein. Or in the union of the states of America — at the beginning of the Yankee war with confederates.

    We are facing a turbulent reaction of the synthesis of civilizations. Its result will be when all false things precipitate, dissolution of both the West and the East in the Great North.
    All participants in this process are experiencing and will experience tragic transformations more than once, until they begin to approach each other for a joint historical project. It has already taken centuries and will take many decades.

    Yes, soon. Yes — « not in our shift ». The chance of creating a large northern union was lost at the beginning of the zero, when our President invited the Americans to think about Russia's accession to NATO. The offer was rejected. Most likely, due to fear that inside the new security circuit, Moscow will be able to challenge Washington's hegemony and intercept leverage over « Jr. » alliance members.

    Twice such offers are not made. The United States continues to live with its chronic phobias and mania. The EU is not yet independent, remaining an expanded version of Bizonia.

    The path of Americans and Europeans from paranoia to methane dolog and gyrus, soon they will reach the right world. But never means soon.

    The Great North is not utopia or dystopia, it will be neither idyll nor a gloomy place. — will be full of contradictions, and at the same time obsessed with the unifying idea of collective leadership.

    The common future is predetermined by common roots.

    The three largest northern civilizations, Russian, European and American, draw inspiration from the image of Pax Romana in their political development. The word of the elder Philotheus still implicitly directs Russia. The European Union proclaimed Karl the Great as its forefather, « Emperor of the Romans ». Washington's most famous hill is named after the legendary Capitol.

    The source code for these three metacultures is laid in Iliad and the Gospel. Their relationship is obvious.

    Our victory will change both us and the so-called West. It will be a new step towards the integration of the Great North, where our country will act as a solid for the global triumvirate.

    The anger of this day will be replaced by creation. And this will merit not so many politicians of the future as Homer and St. Brand.

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    Politics and Government of Russia - Page 32 Empty Re: Politics and Government of Russia

    Post  flamming_python Thu Sep 28, 2023 8:53 am

    Not satisfied about delusions in regards to the Ukraine, he is now talking about a triumvirate of the US, EU and Russia clown

    Sorry bud that ship sailed. And FFS, have some dignity. They don't see you as an equal. They did not, do not, and will not - regardless of whether Russia wins the war tomorrow and plunges the entire West and NATO into disarray. That will only cause them to hate you, not respect you as a peer.

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    caveat emptor
    caveat emptor

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    Politics and Government of Russia - Page 32 Empty Re: Politics and Government of Russia

    Post  caveat emptor Thu Sep 28, 2023 4:03 pm

    Level of delusion and hubris is off the charts with this one. Just amazing. Sometimes is, indeed, better to just shut the **** up.

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    Politics and Government of Russia - Page 32 Empty Re: Politics and Government of Russia

    Post  The-thing-next-door Thu Sep 28, 2023 4:40 pm

    Quite delusional, the pindos are a lost cause.

    Thier society is inherently at odds with Russia and Christianity, hence Russia will look towards the creation of a world without them.

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    Politics and Government of Russia - Page 32 Empty Re: Politics and Government of Russia

    Post  Broski Sat Sep 30, 2023 11:51 am

    There will be the Great North — Russia, the USA and Europe, forming a common sociocultural space. Triune northern geopolitical cluster.

    Another 5th/6th column traitorous rat who doesn't understand that there will be no unification of the US/Europe and Russia geopolitically unless NATO conquers Russia (which is probably what he's hoping for).
    The collective west represents Satanism culturally, socially, politically, economically and religiously and it has nothing to offer Russia except a multicultural(anti-white), pro-LGBTQP, materialistic, indebted, spiritually dead hell that not even Lucifer himself would want to live under.

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    Politics and Government of Russia - Page 32 Empty Re: Politics and Government of Russia

    Post  kvs Sat Sep 30, 2023 2:45 pm

    What we see here is the natural ass-sniffing mindset of oligarchs in "developing" countries. They always align with the big dog, in this
    case the US (and its minions). All developing world and former communist world oligarchs, outside of China and to some extent India (*),
    act with subservience to the big money. They do not act automatically to displace the existing global power and wealth, but to integrate
    into it. I suppose this is because it brings them more money in the short term and going against the big dog costs them money.

    It is a characteristic of 3rd world elites to sell the people of their countries down the river. The Russian oligarchs, especially in the 1990s,
    were acting in this way. Putin beat them down during his first term. But clearly all of them did not abandon the reflex to shove their noses
    in US buttcrack.

    (*) China has a pro-western elite faction as well. So this tendency is not absent in any transition economy.

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    Politics and Government of Russia - Page 32 Empty Re: Politics and Government of Russia

    Post  GarryB Sun Oct 01, 2023 2:39 am

    You are either with us or you are against us.... this sort of divisive mentality means you have to decide... for the Ukraine their leader actually chose Russia and China because it was simply the better deal for his country and he was removed from power by the west because they don't like democracy.... violence and force to get their way is what they are all about... which is why they regime changed Ukraine in the first place (and he was not pro Russia by any measure, he just saw a bad deal the west was offering and used his brain), but also Saddam and Gaddaffi and Assad and dozens of others that the west were not happy with so they used violence and war to try to get rid of them... they are the least democratic regime on the planet, but the mere hint of foreign interference in their own elections and they go apeshit crazy.

    As more and more countries join BRICS the options for the west are going to reduce and as more alternative currencies pop up for international trade the weaker the US dollar is going to become which will also destroy it as a useful currency too...

    Once the world stops trading in US dollars the US economy is going to change.

    I saw an interesting lecture the other day talking about the problems of the west and he said it wouldn't happen in communism in a communal group.

    The workers in a factory will never vote to pay the CEO of the company a 25 million dollar bonus. The workers in a factory would never vote for their jobs to be moved to another country with cheaper labour and more lax safety to further reduce costs. No worker is going to vote to lose their own job and give it to someone in another country.

    It is the investors that do such things for their own personal gain, and the workers and the region that factory is can get stuffed as far as they are concerned... it is all about the money.

    Now that BRICS exists and will expand the rest of the world will be able to shift away from the west and look to a trading group that is not out to screw them over.

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    Politics and Government of Russia - Page 32 Empty Re: Politics and Government of Russia

    Post  higurashihougi Thu Oct 19, 2023 12:32 pm

    US state-run media editor detained in Russia

    RFE’s Alsu Kurmasheva is reportedly suspected of gathering sensitive military data

    According to both RFE/RL and the local news agency Tatar Inform, Kurmasheva was apprehended in the city of Kazan, central Russia.

    Tatar Info claimed in its report, citing a source familiar with the matter, that investigators believe that in September 2022, Kurmasheva, who holds Russian and US citizenships, was “deliberately gathering military data on Russia’s activities to further transfer it to foreign sources,” which could potentially undermine national security.

    According to the source, the editor is believed to have obtained data about several local university professors who had been allegedly mobilized amid the Ukraine conflict. She then proceeded to use this information to compile “alternative analytical materials” for foreign institutions to discredit Russia, the news agency reports.

    The authorities also reportedly believe that Kurmasheva violated Russian law, as she failed to provide the necessary documents to be listed as a foreign agent. The charge can carry a prison sentence of up to five years or a fine of up to 300,000 rubles ($3,000).

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    Politics and Government of Russia - Page 32 Empty Re: Politics and Government of Russia

    Post  GarryB Fri Oct 20, 2023 4:43 am

    Hahahaha... so they are going to charge her essentially with the same charges that kept Maria Butina in solitary confinement for well over a year for her pro gun activities that had nothing to do with the US. She was interested in Russia adopting more American like laws regarding firearms and they used her as a political scapegoat.

    This person was actively working against the Russian state at a time of war aiding and abedding the enemy... it will be funny to hear the western media who were silent or pro putting Maria in jail come up with claims this is all made up political and Putin is at fault.

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    Politics and Government of Russia - Page 32 Empty Re: Politics and Government of Russia

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