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    Knights in the Russian Empire

    Odin of Ossetia
    Odin of Ossetia

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    Knights in the Russian Empire - Page 2 Empty Re: Knights in the Russian Empire

    Post  Odin of Ossetia Wed Jul 15, 2020 10:15 pm

    kvs wrote:"Knyaz" means lord.   "Vityaz" means knight.  The Germanic-derived word for knight, "ritzar", has taken root also.

    In the Polish language kniaz means something like a "[Ruthenian] prince." Kniaz cannot mean "lord" as the local lords were known as the boyars.

    The word for "lord" in the Polish language is entirely different.

    Regarding the new forum section, the history of the knights is military history.

    I have no idea why did you placed this thread in this new section. It simply does not belong here and this does not make any sense.

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