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    2S42 “Lotos” 120mm Self-Propelled Gun


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    2S42 “Lotos” 120mm Self-Propelled Gun - Page 2 Empty Re: 2S42 “Lotos” 120mm Self-Propelled Gun

    Post  GarryB Sun Aug 20, 2023 3:14 am

    Unguided so highly unlikely they will hit their target with precision.

    The fuses they use have GLONASS guidance and flight control fins to steer the round so all standard shells will be guided.

    Self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon like the Bhiho will intercept them so will APS. If guided, EW will intercept them.

    If you think HATO will have more SAMs and APS munitions than Russia will have standard artillery shells then you go right ahead and keep dreaming.

    HATO doesn't even have standard dumb artillery shells let alone enough guided ones or artillery pieces that survive firing more than 100 shells a day before needing to go back to the rear for maintenance and overhaul and how many SAMs will they have?

    They would have to win by the end of day two because day three they run out of ammo.

    BTW I remember the British crowing about how amazing the Seawolf was and about how they can hit individual 114mm naval artillery shells in mid air.

    The Sheffield had to turn its air defence system off so it could use satellite comms with London I believe was the excuse used at the time about why it was sunk by an Exocet.

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