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    Post  lancelot Thu Jul 01, 2021 12:51 am

    I agree with merging Myasishchev with Ilyushin.
    But there needs to be competition between bureaus in the large aircraft sector, Ilyushin vs Tupolev, similar to historical rival Sukhoi and MiG bureaus.

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    Post  GarryB Fri Jul 02, 2021 10:13 am

    If they are all part of one organisation UAC (OAK) then it makes no sense to merge departments further... it would make more sense to create a unified management that manages all departments and have each department retained for each of the design bureaus so you keep the designers and engineers but eliminate duplication in management.

    Management will need to be bigger than for any individual bureau, but will be much less than having complete management teams for each design bureau.

    It means you have more complete design and development bureaus that compete for contracts, but once contracts are decided then management can share technologies and expertise across the UAC to get cooperation making better products.

    For instance Il is working hard with all the transport aircraft it is working on, so any Tupolev designers that are not focussed on the PAK DA or Tu-160 or Tu-22 or Tu95 upgrades could be shared to help Il get their work done more efficiently.

    In some instances you could add other designs, for instance the Tu-330 programme seems to be a promising aircraft, and in a 30 ton payload range it has potential to be a useful aircraft for a lot of countries. For others the 20 ton capacity of the Il-272 makes sense if they also want the 60 ton capacity of the Il-476 because using both together would make sense in terms of commonality... but a country wanting a 25 ton payload capacity might just opt for a Tu-330 if you see what I mean.

    The Tu-330 is different enough to be useful in its own right and the number of An-12s that need to be replaced means they are going to need a lot of aircraft anyway.

    UAC management need to be bipartisan and not just favour certain design bureau departments and allocate resources and jobs to suit their workloads... sometimes changing their workloads by introducing another solution can be the best choice... the pressure is reduced for the Il-272 and it is not so rushed... its commonality with the Il-476 means it will be a useful aircraft anyway... I mean who in the west would not want a scaled down cheaper C-17 with a payload of 30 tons?

    I suspect most would settle for a cheaper C-17.... Twisted Evil

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    Post  LMFS Fri Jul 16, 2021 12:41 am

    The General Director of the UAC told the President of Russia about the implementation of aircraft construction programs

    Yuri Slyusar, General Director of the United Aircraft Corporation (PJSC "UAC" as part of the Rostec State Corporation), told Russian President Vladimir Putin during a working meeting about the preparations for the MAKS-2021 air show and the status of a number of aircraft construction programs of the corporation.

    "Preparations for the MAX are in full swing: despite the restrictions associated with the pandemic, we expect that the participation of both business and visitors will be at the level of 2019," Yuri Slyusar said. "The invitation was accepted by all our traditional partner countries and partner companies," he said, adding that this year Kazakhstan is the main partner country of the air show.

    "Of course, we are preparing several surprises, several novelties," said the general director of the UAC, adding that this is why we would like to see the head of state at the event. "Traditionally, I visit there, of course, I will come," Vladimir Putin replied.

    Yuri Slyusar told the President about the progress made on civil aviation programs since their previous meeting. Thus, the short-haul Superjet aircraft, despite the general drop in air traffic caused by the pandemic, is being intensively operated. "We currently have 155 aircraft operating on the wing, we will deliver 30 more aircraft during this year, in total, by the end of the year, more than 180 aircraft will fly," the head of the UAC said.

    He added that over the past year, thanks to the investments made, it was possible to increase the serviceability of the aircraft by ten percent, and the average flight time on the car increased, amounting to about seven to eight hours. "This is, in principle, a level comparable to competitors - classmates, with whom we are always compared," Yuri Slyusar explained, adding that " airlines are happy, because where 200-seat cars used to fly, 100-seat cars are now in demand."

    According to Yuri Slyusar, the "Superjet" is gradually becoming the basis of the Russian fleet of regional aircraft and it is on this car that passengers will travel within the country, including on routes going past Moscow.

    Speaking about the development of the Superjet program, the head of the UAC noted the ongoing work on the creation of domestic aircraft systems, primarily the PD-8 engine as an alternative to the current Russian-French power plant. "Our fellow engine engineers are demonstrating significant success, and we hope that within two years we will receive our new domestic engine, which will be offered to customers along with the French one," the CEO said.

    Yuri Slyusar highlighted the progress in improving the quality of after-sales service of aircraft, stressing that the investments and efforts that were directed to solving this problem have yielded results.

    The head of the UAC thanked for the decision to provide state guarantees for the supply of 59 Superjet aircraft, which allowed, with the participation of Promsvyazbank, to conclude contracts for the supply of aircraft to the airline.

    Speaking about the status of the program for the creation of a new medium-haul passenger aircraft MS-21, Yuri Slyusar said that more than 500 flights have already been made, and tests are continuing intensively.

    The head of the UAC separately spoke about the advantages of the wing developed for this aircraft and produced from domestic composite materials. "This is a unique infusion technology that allows you to make a wing of great elongation, which gives better aerodynamics, better economy," he said, explaining that a factory in Ulyanovsk was specially built for the production of such a wing. "There, in fact, we literally" bake" these wings and deliver them to Irkutsk, where they are docked with the aircraft and then delivered to customers, " Yuri Slyusar said.

    As one of the main tasks, the head of the UAC outlined bringing the production level of the MS-21 to 36 aircraft per year by 2025, and in the future to the level of 72 aircraft per year.

    "The car is in demand: only in the domestic market about 600 cars of this class will be purchased in the next ten years – this is according to the most conservative estimates. And, of course, we expect that a significant part of our domestic market will be occupied by MS-21 aircraft, including thanks to state support measures," the head of the UAC said.

    He added that along with the finalist enterprises that are part of the UAC, the cooperative enterprises can also use the MS-21 program to create new complexes and systems. "This is not just import substitution, it is also the creation of a new generation of systems that will not only replace foreign systems with domestic ones, but also offer new functionality at a more attractive price. - the head of the UAC is sure. "Therefore, the main task now is to deploy a strong production of the MS-21."

    Yuri Slyusar also spoke about the ongoing tests of the new Il-114–300 regional turboprop aircraft, which made its first flight in December 2020. Now the aircraft is being tested, the second flight model is being built in Lukhovitsy near Moscow. UAC plans to produce twelve such machines per year, " but we hope that the market, including measures to support aviation mobility in hard - to-reach regions, will increase the demand for this machine," the CEO said.

    Speaking about the production situation in the strategic aviation segment, Yuri Slyusar described the situation as balanced, noting that contracts have been signed with the Ministry of Defense both for the production of new Tu-160s and for the modernization of the existing fleet of strategists, which will ensure a stable load of the Kazan Aviation Plant for at least seven years.

    The head of the UAC called the delivery of the first serial Su-57 the main event in the segment of operational and tactical aviation. In 2021, the UAC expects to deliver four cars, and then the task is to reach the level of twelve cars per year. "In total, we have signed a contract with the Ministry of Defense for 76 such vehicles," Yuri Slyusar recalled. "We hope that since this machine is chosen by the platform, the main machine for solving a wide range of tasks, the order for these machines will be measured in hundreds," he said, noting that the task of the UAC is to be technologically ready for this. Summing up, Yuri Slyusar said that there is work to be done on the development of several versions of this machine.

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