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    Iran Air Defense Systems


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    Iran Air Defense Systems - Page 14 Empty Re: Iran Air Defense Systems

    Post  Isos Sat Dec 25, 2021 3:09 pm

    Mig-31BM2 Super Irbis-E wrote:
    Isos wrote:Who knows what sails between the two countries through Caspian sea. No one can spy on them there.
    and what?

    They could be supplying iranians with weapons, no one will know it. This Tor could be even russian produced on iranian truck.

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    Iran Air Defense Systems - Page 14 Empty Re: Iran Air Defense Systems

    Post  GarryB Sun Dec 26, 2021 6:15 am

    Iranian engineers have proven themselves to be very capable and it just makes sense if you want TOR but don't want to use it to protect armoured forces based on tanks and BMPs and BTRs cross country, then making a wheeled version makes it cheaper and faster moving and easier to operate and capable of getting to positions faster and moving away faster too.

    What I would really love to see is an articulated truck with another trailer on the back that is all missile tubes... fixed. The size of a trailer you could get enormous numbers of missiles on the vehicle... at the moment they can fit 16 ready to fire missiles inside the turret ring, so the number they could fit in a full length trailer would be enormous... with them all ready to fire and using the turret located search and tracking radar, four of these vehicles could hold off an entire air force...
    Mig-31BM2 Super Irbis-E

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    Iran Air Defense Systems - Page 14 Empty Re: Iran Air Defense Systems

    Post  Mig-31BM2 Super Irbis-E Sun Dec 26, 2021 2:22 pm

    How high should the production rate be?
    How expensive such a vehicle?
    Will Iran be able to produce all components including rockets?

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    Iran Air Defense Systems - Page 14 Empty Re: Iran Air Defense Systems

    Post  GarryB Mon Dec 27, 2021 6:33 am

    If they are making them for themselves a truck is easier and cheaper to produce that what is essentially a light tank vehicle, and cheaper and easier to operate... for instance a tank after 10,000km road travel would probably need about two services and an overhaul, but a truck could probably do four or five times that distance before needing work at the very least.

    The radar and electronics are very modern and very capable and not cheap or simple... but make it a very effective and capable system... that will be the production problem, but licence production should solve those problems and keep the quality high.

    The missiles are relatively cheap and simple with command guidance and no expensive radar or IR seeker in each missile so you can make the missiles in enormous numbers.

    It is expensive and complex where it needs to be to make it very effective... this system can shoot down Hellfire missiles and HARM missiles and Iron bombs and guided bombs and drones and artillery shells and artillery rockets.

    In this case the chassis is cheap and mobile, but the original was intended to operate with armour so tracks were needed and useful and worth the extra cost.

    It was expensive where it needed to be and cheap everywhere else so it could be used.

    This is not a system like Javelin where the missiles are more expensive than a house so it might appear on paper as being effective, but you wont have too many missiles so you better make them count.

    This system is not cheap but very effective and it is cheap to actually use... so there is no fear in using it on cheap drones... though an even smaller and lighter missile is being developed for use against very light targets that don't need heavy HE warheads to destroy.

    India has all sorts of joint ventures, but in my opinion making your own tanks and fighter aircraft is inefficient.... when you only make 3-400 planes or 1,000 odd tanks it is hardly worth setting up production... and what else can you make there?

    Making your own low level SAMs makes sense because you want them to be made in enormous volumes... both the systems and the missiles themselves because anti aircraft missiles are like anti tank missiles... even very ordinary models become effective when used in enormous numbers and India is currently producing Igla-S, which I seem to remember Iran is making as well. If they both added TOR on trucks... local made trucks... then that would be of enormous benefit because such missiles are excellent for defending all sorts of targets.

    Having only big heavy long range missiles makes you vulnerable because they are expensive because of their size so there is a limit to how many you can buy, but smaller missiles distributed all over the battlefield can be even more devastating because the service ceiling is about 15km and they can operate in optical mode when being sneaky and can receive target information from other vehicles so the vehicle that launches a missile at you might be 2km behind you as you line up a TOR vehicle with its radar going 20km in front of you so you think you are safe and you get a surprise delivery...

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    Iran Air Defense Systems - Page 14 Empty Re: Iran Air Defense Systems

    Post  JohninMK Mon Jan 17, 2022 1:57 pm

    So, the order came in 'Build us a simple mobile radar system' so they did. Couldn't get much more mobile than this solution. Brilliant.

    Iran Air Defense Systems - Page 14 FJS3XLBXIAEBXpi?format=png&name=small

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    Iran Air Defense Systems - Page 14 Empty Re: Iran Air Defense Systems

    Post  yavar Sun Nov 06, 2022 4:59 pm

    Iran Bavar-373 Air Defense System with Sayyad-4B missile range 300+KM, Radar detection of 450 KM, ABM (Short Range Ballistic Missile Capability interception ) the TEST Video

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    Iran Air Defense Systems - Page 14 Empty Re: Iran Air Defense Systems

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