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    Venezuela crisis


    Will usa be successful in installing it's puppet

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    Venezuela crisis - Page 40 Empty Re: Venezuela crisis

    Post  LMFS on Wed Nov 04, 2020 10:33 am

    miketheterrible wrote:Lots of opportunities.  Issue is, there are a lot of people within Venezuela trying to prevent this

    Very true, and only countries that are brave today will be the ones that have sovereignty, inner resources and can become regional powers tomorrow.

    People need to realize that even industrial powerhouses like Germany or Japan could be crashed overnight if they were left outside of world financial and industrial circuits and have their assets abroad stolen like Venezuela. Just a concerted shorting of Deutsche Bank could make Germany collapse in no time, then imagine any developing country. It is very unfair to blame Venezuela of our abuses.

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    Venezuela crisis - Page 40 Empty Re: Venezuela crisis

    Post  miketheterrible on Wed Nov 04, 2020 10:47 am

    The only thing that should be a lesson for all nations including Russia and Iran is: take control of your bank's, your resources and key industries. Outside interference won't be a problem then

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    Venezuela crisis - Page 40 Empty Re: Venezuela crisis

    Post  kvs on Wed Nov 04, 2020 12:47 pm

    In case it is not clear, Citgo was not "profitable" in the normal sense before Chavez.   It was pumping its profits to the USA.   That
    is not a company but a colonial foothold.   Labour strife showed up at Citgo right on queue when the Chavez cut off the criminal
    transfer pricing racket.   So this strife is manipulation BS and not some genuine discontent.   In fact, just like in the USA any
    labour union in Venezuela would have been totally corrupt and beholden to the company owners.   In the case of Citgo the real
    owners were Americans even if it was supposed to be a Venezuelan company.

    We also see that Goebbels's style lie repetition works.   I recall a whole stream of NATzO fake stream media drivel pieces over
    how Citgo was "run into the ground" by Chavez.   That is cheesy lying at max.   These "journalists" couldn't be bothered with
    Citgo before Chavez and never gave any context.   Just like all propaganda.    If Citgo was "run into the ground" where
    was all the money for Chavez's social programs coming from?   I know, you will say inflation and money printing, BS.   Inflation
    was another NATzO propaganda talking point with routine claims that under Chavez it hit the stratosphere.   More BS.   It
    was higher during the 1990s before Chavez.    And inflation does not automatically imply money printing.   Greed inflation is
    real and more government spending can drive it up since the merchant parasites never miss an opportunity.    Also, inflation
    is always a problem in weak economies.   This is true in Latin America, Russia and around the world.   The problem cannot
    be explained with sound bites and rinky dink fake stream media pieces.

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    Venezuela crisis - Page 40 Empty Re: Venezuela crisis

    Post  franco on Mon Nov 09, 2020 7:18 pm

    La Paz: Foreign Minister of Venezuela @jaarreaza
    takes down the portrait of ventriloquist dummy Juan Guaido, replacing it with Simón Bolívar. A victory for our continent. @madeleintlSUR

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    Venezuela crisis - Page 40 Empty Re: Venezuela crisis

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