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    Venezuela crisis


    Will usa be successful in installing it's puppet

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    Venezuela crisis - Page 39 Empty Re: Venezuela crisis

    Post  Kiko Wed Jul 21, 2021 5:57 am

    Plane Used by Guaido’s Negotiating Team for Barbados Talks Also Carried Moïse’s Assassins - Report, by Morgan Artyukhina for Sputniknews. 21.07.2021.

    When news broke that Haitian President Jovenel Moïse had been killed by a hit squad, analysts quickly drew parallels to the 2020 “Bay of Piglets” attempt to kidnap Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro by hired mercenaries, and revelations by Haitian police that many of the accused men hailed from Colombia only hardened those suspicions.

    According to a report by Venezuelan television network La Iguana, the same private jet used to transport some of the hit squad that killed Haitian President Jovenel Moïse earlier this month was also used to transport Venezuelan self-declared interim president Juan Guaido to negotiations.

    The aircraft in question is a Cessna Citation Mustang four-seater small business jet with the tail number HI949. Back on May 15, 2020, when the aircraft took off from Maquietta, Venezuela, the aircraft tracking service AeroNoticiasVE noted on Twitter that the same aircraft had transported Guado’s team to Barbados in September 2019 for peace talks with representatives from the government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, who Guaido has attempted to overthrow.

    ​This aircraft, it was reported, also transported three alleged members of the commando unit that shot to death Moïse and injured his wife, Martine, early on the morning of July 7 in their home on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince. One of them was allegedly Christian Emmanuel Sanon, who Haitian National Police (PNH) have said was the mastermind behind the assassination plot.

    The aircraft is owned by Helidosa, an airline in the Dominican Republic. CEO Alex Castillo said in a statement obtained by Haiti Libre that the three passengers “passed all the immigration controls in the airports by which they left and entered and that his company had no means of establishing that those who used his services had criminal ends,” according to the outlet.

    "We are not a security agency, or an investigative agency to be able to know it," Castillo said. He revealed that his airline was also responsible for transporting Martine Moïse to Florida for treatment after the attack, as well as for transporting former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide to Cuba last month for emergency COVID-19 treatment. He noted the company has 15 planes and 24 helicopters.

    However, this isn’t the first connection between the assassination plot and the Venezuelan opposition: Venezuelan National Assembly Speaker Jorge Rodriguez said last week that CTU Security, the mercenary group allegedly contracted for the hit job, was also behind the 2018 attempt to assassinate Maduro with exploding drones during a speech. He added that it was also connected to the 2020 attempt by Silvercorp mercenaries from the US to kidnap Maduro, which was paid for by Guaido’s US-backed ersatz government.

    The PNH says they have arrested 20 men connected to the assassination plot, 18 of whom are Colombian and two of whom are Americans. Many of the Colombians have been confirmed to be former military personnel, some of whom received training from the US military as part of their service, while one of the Americans was a former informant for the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), a federal police agency that also works extensively in Colombia.

    On Monday, Claude Joseph, the former acting prime minister who was nonetheless recognized as the de facto leader of Haiti by the United Nations and the US after Moïse’s killing, announced he would step aside in favor of Ariel Henry, who Moïse appointed to replace Joseph just a day before the assassination. Thus, the new government will have a prime minister, but no president until the elections scheduled for later this year.

    While in power, Joseph appealed to the US and UN for troops to defend the country’s vital infrastructure, but so far those requests have been denied, in part because of their lack of specificity. However, the US has sent some federal police officials to evaluate how the US can help the investigation.

    For months before Moïse’s death, millions of Haitians had been protesting in the streets in spite of deadly police and gang violence, demanding that Moïse step aside in line with a Superior Court ruling that his presidential term had expired. Moïse had ruled by decree since early 2020 after allowing most of parliament’s terms to expire without calling new elections and had planned a new constitutional referendum that critics said aimed to cement his hold on power. Despite this, the US and Organization of American States Core Group continued in their support for Moïse.

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    Venezuela crisis - Page 39 Empty Re: Venezuela crisis

    Post  ALAMO Wed Jul 21, 2021 6:16 am

    JohninMK wrote:
    andalusia wrote:
    GarryB wrote:Perhaps countries should reconsider investing their national wealth in London as it has clearly proven itself to be unreliable and rather risky, and that the resulting theft has caused further suffering and hardship and deaths on top of the effects of sanctions and covid does not seem to bother them in the slightest suggests they would have no qualms in doing it to anyone.

    Why would a country like Venezuela invest their gold in Britain? They should know that Britain is an ally of the US and supports the exploitative IMF and World Bank. Why would they invest their national wealth in London where they could keep the gold in Venezuela?

    Its probably been there for many, many years, when all was sweetness and light.

    There are several obvious locations to store the reserves, one of them being the Bank Of England.
    Most of the countries have their assets spread among the different locations for security reasons.
    The funny part is, that England has a really doubtful reputation as an entruster. They used to steal assets several times in history, mostly from countries that run in some troubles, revolts, etc. For example, they have stolen a really decent amount of tsarist Russian gold.
    Japan itself, today represented by Mitsubishi Bank, stole at least 210 tons of gold, delivered to them by gen. Kolchak in exchange for weapon delivery that never arrived.
    This is a fascinating history, and the biggest thug in this business, being - suprice suprice - the US Laughing
    They have stolen functionally all the gold spotted around, in each and every beaten country. The last trophy was a gold reserve of Ukraine back in 2015. Ukrainians used to have 43 tons of physical gold reserves before the maidan shit. Americans took 30 tons out of it in 2015, "for storage" Laughing
    That gold never reached Fort Knox. The plane landed in Frankfurt, and gold was unloaded there.
    You ask why? Laughing
    Well, that is an even funnier story Laughing
    Back in 2012, a German court obliged the Bundesbank to provide a wide gold reserves audit, covering the gold stored abroad in New York and Paris. This audit faced several serious obstacles from the US side, including "jokes" from a former secretary of treasury Mnuchin that he "expects the gold to be there".
    As a result, Berlin took a decision to bring back the gold to Germany, leaving only some 10% of the stock in London.
    Paris returned it without any further issues, but the joyride with US only begun there Laughing
    Being unable to retake its gold from US, in 2013 Bundesbank announced, that they change its mind, and will keep 37% of the gold there.

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    Venezuela crisis - Page 39 Empty Re: Venezuela crisis

    Post  JohninMK Sun Aug 01, 2021 4:28 pm

    Strangely back in April this report doesn't seem to have attracted much publicity

    On April 16, USAID released the report "Enhanced Processes and Implementer Requirements Are Needed To Address Challenges and Fraud Risks in USAID's Venezuela Response" revealing that Guaidó received more than $500 million and only delivered 2% for "humanitarian" aid.

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    Venezuela crisis - Page 39 Empty Re: Venezuela crisis

    Post  higurashihougi Mon Aug 02, 2021 12:49 am

    Venezuela to Receive Sinovac and Sinopharm Vaccines Through COVAX as Delta Variant Confirmed

    Venezuela will receive the Sinovac and Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccines through the United Nations’ COVAX program, with a first batch expected “in the coming weeks.”

    "Official communications between the Covax mechanism and Venezuela have confirmed that the vaccines would be arriving between July and September, both Sinovac and Sinopharm,” confirmed Ciro Ugarte, Health Emergencies Director at the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), during a virtual press conference on Wednesday.

    Ugarte explained that a series of necessary steps “are being completed rapidly so Venezuela receives a significant amount of vaccines in the coming weeks.”

    On July 4, Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro sent an ultimatum to the COVAX program after the country fulfilled its US $120 million financial commitments in April and two months went by without receiving the 11 million agreed upon shots.

    The COVAX vaccines were delayed after the final four payments from Venezuela were blocked by Swiss bank UBS. The institution unofficially admitted over-compliance with US-led financial sanctions against the South American nation. Washington's coercive measures, imposed since 2017, have cut the country off from the international financial system, blocking payments, freezing or seizing state funds and accounts abroad. As a result, many banks are wary of processing Venezuela-related transactions.

    On July 11, the blocked payments finally reached the COVAX accounts, and spokespersons from the program promised to allocate doses to Venezuela as soon as stocks were available.

    Unilateral US measures, alongside secondary sanctions and threats against third parties, have seen Venezuela struggle to secure Covid-19 doses. The country lags behind its regional neighbors in the vaccination rollout and has turned to Russia, Cuba and China to acquire doses and begin its inoculation campaign.

    Caracas has received a reported 3.5 million doses, between purchases and donations, which have been distributed in special centers nationwide. According to Reuters, 4 million doses have been administered, but a majority of Venezuelans have only gotten the first shot. Online publication "Our World in Data" estimates 3.9 percent (roughly 1.2 million people) are fully immunized so far.

    Venezuela aims to immunize 70 percent of the population (some 22 million people) by the end of 2021.

    The immunization plan is expected to speed up with the arrival of the COVAX vaccines, with the 11 million doses covering 5.7 million Venezuelans, around 20 percent of the population. Sinovac and Sinopharm, developed in China, were approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) for emergency use. The two-dose shots have an efficacy rate of 51 percent and 79 percent, respectively.

    Likewise, Venezuela has lined up a number of considerable Covid-19 vaccine purchases for the upcoming months. On June 24, the country received its first shipment of Cuba’s Abdala, a 30,000 batch under a 12-million dose contract, becoming the first foreign country to acquire the vaccine. The three-dose shot has a reported 92.2 percent effectiveness.

    The Venezuelan government had previously signed an agreement to acquire 10 million doses of Russia’s EpiVacCorona doses and an equal number of Sputnik V, after hosting clinical trials. On May 15, Caracas also approved the single-dose Russian shot Sputnik Light, but no details on potential shipments and expected dates were disclosed.

    Venezuelan health authorities likewise aim to locally manufacture Abdala, EpiVacCorona and Sputnik V jabs, with a 2 million monthly dose production goal of the Cuban vaccine set for August and September.

    While the government waits for its immunization efforts to advance, the country continues to register a significantly lower Covid-19 spread than its neighbors. As of July 28, Venezuela reported 12,651 active cases and 18 new deaths, elevating the total figures to 302,988 and 3,542, respectively, since the pandemic started in March 2020.

    Nonetheless, alarms were set off on Monday after President Maduro confirmed two cases of the Delta variant (first identified in India) were detected in the country. A young athlete and a 56-year doctor traveling from abroad have been isolated and are currently under treatment.

    “We are facing a certain threat,” said the Venezuelan president, stating that the country will continue with its 7+7 scheme (alternating weeks of flexible and strict quarantine) after evaluating lifting the restrictive measures. According to the WHO, the Delta variant has reached 132 nations and the first vaccine dose does not offer enough protection against it, which means people are at risk in the period between the two doses.

    Additionally, Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodríguez called the population to maximize biosecurity measures. "We cannot relax prevention, it is the best antidote against the virus," she wrote on Twitter.

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    Venezuela crisis - Page 39 Empty Re: Venezuela crisis

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