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    The Jewish Neocon Elite agenda for Russia and Europe


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    The Jewish Neocon Elite agenda for Russia and Europe - Page 9 Empty Re: The Jewish Neocon Elite agenda for Russia and Europe

    Post  Werewolf Fri Nov 27, 2015 10:39 am

    higurashihougi wrote:
    Werewolf wrote:Well not all nazis are bad either just because they believe of themselfs as superior race and of others as inferior that need to be exterminated...

    Wrong comparison. Do all German people believe in Nazism ?

    It seems like I. V. Stalin had a Jew friend named Mekhlis... and I really doubt that whether Soviet Jews really believe that they are superior than Russians...

    The religious text teaches that Jews are superior, but whether the Jews themselves believe in these rubbish claims is a different story. For example Einstein did not believe.

    I want to say Zionists and Jews are two very different things. I am anti-Zionism but I am not anti-Jew.

    Racial discrimination against any kinds of races and ethnic groups should be avoided as much as possible.

    There is no racial discrimination because they are not a race they are khazar jews, caucasians from eastern/south europe. Do those jews look to you like arabs, brown of color?

    Yes their are jews taht do not believe in superiority, most of such abondon judaism and become either christians or whatever, however the jewish laws (Noah's Laws) advocate to jews to hide their judaism by pretending to be of another religion to safe themselfs for their behavior and actions. The problem is the very mindset of people having superiority believes and such things is not acceptable and not toleratable and as soon as this mindset gets eridicated along with such world views, race views, religious views or cultism the better for everyone. There is absolutley nothing good that comes from such believes wich only and exclusivley end in genocide or slavery of the superior wannabe's towards others.

    Destruction of such cults is a necessity, banning of preecher to young kids that are highly guilable and are easy influencable to any sort of manipulation must be banned. Noone should be subject to such manipulation who can not think for himself yet. Ban of religious preeching or "education" to people beneath the age of 21 should be a must.

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    The Jewish Neocon Elite agenda for Russia and Europe - Page 9 Empty Re: The Jewish Neocon Elite agenda for Russia and Europe

    Post  Vann7 Mon Nov 30, 2015 12:18 am

    Walther von Oldenburg wrote:Rethink your fantasies, boy.

    You constantly talk of "Anglo-Zionists". Do you truly believe Jews are so overwhelmingly united?

    A cursory look at Israeli political scene reveals that Jews are not some monolithic bloc but a mix of various groups quarreling with each other... more and more. Jews in America are essentially a different nation.

    And you talk of absolute unity between Anglos and Jews? Hmm...

    JEws and Zionism are not necessarily the same thing.. there are *Christian american zionist.*

    Zionism is a movement that seeks to impose Israel agendas over the entire world.
    Zionism however can sometimes collide with US Neocons and their Imperialism.  
    You saw that with the Iranian nuclear program.
    Zionism is a new form of Nazi fascism.

    There are many good jews.. In Russia there are jews that support Putin and very patriotic with Russia.

    In summary the Islamization of Europe is an American-Israel project.. and it is done
    to turn EUrope into an easy to control puppet continent ,so not only Americans will control Europe through Economy and military of NATO..but now through religion too.. but also the islamization of Europe is organized to create a culture /society in Europe that is incompatible
    with Russia. Is all about Anglozionist Powers to keep Russia away of Europe as simple as that.
    The anglozionist elite greatest fear is a strong alliance between Europe and Russia.

    Ironically while Europeans are forced to accept waves of millions of muslins..from africa and middle east. and very few are actually Syrians. in the Exceptional Land of America.. there politicians are moving in the other direction..and asking for kicking all the muslins from America.. lol1 and the same is with Israel.. creating an jew only state.

    So you see there the big hypocrisy of Americanzionist policy.. This is all about creating the world
    Empire they want.. and unless Europeans wake up ,and regain their independence and make an alliance with Russia.. they will be screwed big time and see their nations destroyed..
    in the Syria style. All Anglozionist elite needs to start a major war in Europe is mix Shias with Sunnis ,with ultra Right wing white supremacy nazis..and the civil unrest will start.

    This migration is also done to lure the best scientist of Europe and best companies to Migrate to America.. is all good for the American empire and bad for Europe Independence and sovereignty.

    More than never this look like a repeat of ottoman Empire muslins invasions in Christian roots based Europe..and that was precisely Stopped by Russia.. history repeats again. The Europeans
    full integration with Russia is the way out to counter American Imperialism and the destruction
    of their countries.

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    The Jewish Neocon Elite agenda for Russia and Europe - Page 9 Empty Re: The Jewish Neocon Elite agenda for Russia and Europe

    Post  Vann7 Fri Jul 29, 2016 9:18 am

    Notice.. i recommend people to leave the long videos for the later ,and read first
    the entire post. and see the short ones first.

    More evidence of war against Christianity and traditional society/family values..

    The liberals Neocons are pushing this All gender restrooms and Obama
    have created laws to make mandatory that children enter in bathroom based
    not on sex but based on what they "feel" they are.   No

    and here is the real reason for this BULLSHIT of all gender bathroom.

    Is war against Culture. war against society moral and values ,right or wrong.

    The Liberal Neocons like Obama and Clinton are seeking to totally destroy any
    cultural notion of the identity of what is a men and what is a women. they seeking
    to replace the parenthood too ,and make children be raised its values not by their
    parents but instead by the Government.  If this does not sounds the alarm bells of
    a North Korea like Regime ,where the Government state dictates what is wrong and right
    and family values are no longer important.  This is ladies and gentleman more war
    on CHristianity that clearly differentiate the role of womens vs the role of man.  

    Again this have nothing to do ,with saving money or with the rights of a trasgender society
    that is so small ,that nearly doesn't exist. The All Gender Restroom is just the tip of the
    iceberg of something more dark ,more sinister , more satanic ,that people are not yet
    even aware of how ugly it will be.  The Liberal Neocons like Clinton and Obama mafia
    with Leftist ZIonist Jews elite.. are really seeking to

    Completely transform American and European society and totally change
    the roots ,the moral code ,of the most developed nations in the world ,the western world ,
    that controls International laws and politics. the right and wrong being teach by Christianity
    for centuries and even traditional jewish faith , are truly seeking to end the differences between
    genders as much as possible ,by brainwashing since early childhood children to make them
    believe is its cool and right to try to be a girl if you are a boy and viceversa .

    So all this Liberal Neocons anti family agendas are all connected.
    Here is the many faces of their war on developed humanity culture.

    1) The Lesbian and Gay rights , and mariage and parenting of children.
    2) Feminism.. A neoliberal jewish organized movement that seeks nothing less that the
    degradation of women.  to totally reverse the role of women in society. Womens no longer
    will be gentle and soft and caring and loving. COincindence Femmen Scream and act very violent? not at all . is part of their reprograming of society.
      no longer the mother who takes care of children ,but a prostitute that can sleep with any man and had no responsibilities for their children.  Is not surprising why Femen group and groups like Pussy Riot attacks mostly Christianity.

    3) Laws the remove the roll of parenthood of any children from their parents ,and is replaced
     by the federal state.

    4) The promotion of Gays families and gays life in schools. Aimed at destroying population
    grow , a depopulation program.

    5)and one of the ultimate attacks of this people so called Liberals leftist jews , will be
    the sexual abuse of childrens .

    6) the replacement of Christian religion for Human Rights organizations ,that are controlled by NGOS financed by leftist Liberal scum.

    Already you have reports of Hollywood controlled by liberal jews - is at war with Christianity
    ,claims of actors that is full of pedhopiles.  is a war against Christianity , war against peace,
    war against love for humanity. and war against the culture to protect womens and children.
    Literary what all this satanic Clintons and Obamas are trying to do , is remove any sense
    of love of Humanity for human life , for caring about family and totally end the role
    of society to protect innocents ,mother and children. and remove parenthood from family.
    Is to totally reverse the culture of love and protection of the innocent and more vulnerable
    like children and womens are , for something totally perverse.  

    This people Liberal JEWS and their Anglo Americans Liberal Thugs , that are pushing all this agenda ,using hollywood and their media at any time they can to attack Christianity and joke about it. is the very same people pushing for Gays family , the end of right or wrong , all gender bathroom , but also promote sexual abuse of children and sexual slavery of womens.

    Elijah Wood: Hollywood Full of ‘Organized’ Child Sex Abuse

    Jewish elite and Satanism.. human sacrifices ,child abuse

    evidence number #1

    evidence #2

    Former FBI CHIEF of LA , talks about US government Satanism , Pedhopile Rings
    in the top of the government.

    Liberal Jews leading the war against Christianity and promotion of Gay life
    as an alternative to traditional family.

    Famous Liberal Jews and holywood open disrespect on Christianity..

    more interesting facts about Liberal jews..

    they assasinated the 2 Russian Tsar who supported Christianity as the Russia Empire
    state religion ,and they were all kicked from every single country in Europe and several times
    and this was much earlier than Hitler times. As a matter of fact.In the only place jews could find a more permanent home was in Russia and in America and UK,.. but still there was a lot
    of distrust in them. under Catherine the great  Jews were not allowed to build residence in moscow ,and the only places in Russia empire,that jews were allowed to live was in the Jewish
    settlements in western Russia. a zone that today is know as Ukraine. Ukraine was the Jewish zone of Russia ,and this is perhaps the reason why they were the strongest opposition to the Romanov family ,murder 2 of their tzars and lead the bolshevick revolution and lead the soviet union collapse too. and lead the revolution in Ukraine.. Coincidence? how jews elite always
    attack Nations they cannot manipulate and control ?  i dont think so.

    I really think at the root of all ,this west vs east. Anglozionism vs Christian world fight is deep
    rooted in a jelous that every jewish family should have about Jesus and christianity. Anyone remembers who conspired to kill Jesus?   yes JEWS DID IT..

    So can anyone guess where im going with this? There is a war against Christianity and this is because it is Christian values are the ones that set the standard in the world for right or wrong. Christians are the ones that are most loud and more oppose and more resist jews
    wars for power and control. because wars and violence are wrong.. according to christianity.
    and Liberal Zionist Jews are seeking to change all that system of values , for once.
    Liberal jews wants to totally destroy Christianity and everything its promotes. So much
    that they have done an alliance with the most radical non secular Islam.

    Netanyahu and his Alqaeda buddies. shake of hand in golam heights.

    The Jewish Neocon Elite agenda for Russia and Europe - Page 9 18519-Syria-opposition-coalition-slams-Israel-PMs-visit-to-injured-Syrians

    And how about a Hollywood insider?
    take a look at what a Hollywood insider ,hollywood producer told about the liberal
    jews elite the real evil motives with their Feminism and anti traditional family
    values promoted laws..

      (2 hour long video)

    But this gets better..

    Sarah Silverman the Israeli liberal wanna be comedian ,who was made popular
    because she openly told in public ,she will KILL JESUS ,if she could do it.

    was nothing less that the invited at Hillary CLinton this week at DNC event..   Shocked

    THis things Does NOT happens by coincidence. Hillary Clinton is officially there
    saying she will lead a war against Christians. Hillary is Satanic.. What? don't believe it yet?
    This was exactly exposed by nothing less than the Conservative Republicans in their earlier
    conference where trump was elected the candidate. And Trump himself whether we like him or not ,fascist or not ,he have said that with him in Power Christians will have for once a voice again. In the republican convention it was exposed at open voice that Hillary CLinton is satanic.
    and she herself invited an Israeli comedian that called for killing Christ again.

    Anyone there paying attention? anyone still skeptic about Satanism in American

    Why nothing of this made headlines in the world?   Shocked

    Ben Carson: Hillary Clinton is Lucifer Worshiper  

    if anyone notice that hillary clinton ,the favorite candidate by wallstreet and liberal Jews,
    she herself that support Obama bullshit of trasgender bathrooms and gay family ,have used her anti christian ,satanic stance to promote herself as the President of United States in a place crowded with Jews..   Do i need to repeat this again?

    Why this is not head lines world wide?

    What is news is not their anti christian stance. and how clinton praise
    people that write books that worship satan . what is shocking here , is that Clinton
    herself used their Satanic nature , as a major feature of her versus trump, about
    why she should be the president in front of a crowd filled with lots of Zionist and jews.
    and that no one saw anything , noticed anything.

    and even more interesting is the fact.. that Sarah Silverman was invited by Clinton
    at the democrats event...  AFTER BEN CARSON accused hilary of being Satanic.
    So instead of hillary defending herself from the satanism accusations ,she invites
    Sarah Silverman ,who is popular for her anti christian jokes and her claims
    that she will kill Jesus and that she hopes Jews killed him.

    Interestingly trump went the other way and advertised himself as the voice of christians.

    So if anyone ever told me ,that a time will come ,were republicans and democrats
    in the future ,  will use their Christian and satanic stance as a selling point for their campaigns
    almost so openly ,then i will not believe it.. but it happened. Shocked

    Now nothing of this means , all jews are satanic. Many jews hate reject hillary and
    the gay family propaganda. and also support Putin too. it only means , that the people,
    there are people , Zionist Liberals who promotes satanism ,and that Hillary CLinton are literary
    sending clear messages and signs on purpose that as President she backups satanism and anti Christian policy in the world. and that no major scandal have surfaced about this.

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    The Jewish Neocon Elite agenda for Russia and Europe - Page 9 Empty Re: The Jewish Neocon Elite agenda for Russia and Europe

    Post  Vann7 Tue Nov 29, 2016 11:09 am

    Vann7 wrote:The Jewish Elite   the disintegration of CHristian civilization.  

    Whether you believe in christianity or not.. whether God exist or not.. is irrelevant..
    But Christianity is a major obstacle for Jewish Elite world domination. It is because is the only moral teaching
    that can help to create UNITY between nations . And the Jewish elite does not want unity.. they want divisions..
    in the entire world.. and provoking violence and divisions is their main weapon to take control of nations and its banking industry.

    You can see the signs of their war against Christianity.. in...
    1)The massive migration of Muslins into Europe..
    2)The massive attacks on Christianity.. on their movies and media..
    3)the promotion of same gay marriage..
    4)Femmen attacks on christianity
    6)Promote Multiculturalism by force.
    7)Gay life promotion to children.

    So im quoting my self . a post i made a year or more ago ..
    and i want to give an update ,just to show you all ,how right i was..
    specially with the Bold parts..

    Here is an article i found of 2015 of a school in United States that a major issue
    was raised by parents when in Christmast under Obama Regime administration ,
    a teacher was forcing their students to sing in christmas an arabic song prasing Alah..
    and that muslin should united around the world.  Shocked

    Unbelievable ...
    What is now being taught in schools to students in American schools to sing..

    All over the world

    Under the big-blue sky

    Muslims unite to worship Allah

    It’s a time of brotherhood, a time of peace

    Muslims are singing praises to Allah

    Allahu Akbar

    Allahu Akbar

    La Ilaaha Illa-Allahu

    Allahu Akbar

    Allahu Akbar

    Allahu Akbar wa Lillahil Hamd

    Families are gathering

    Remembering Allah

    And that His Love is the Greatest by far

    All Praise for You Allah

    So there is a Clear agenda a war on christianity by the Liberal left ,and what they are really
    doing ,that is the World GLobalist Liberal Elite that seeks to control the world and create one
    world government. Is simply De-Christianization of the western world , and why they doing
    this?????? Suspect   Think about Syria...  How easy it was for NATO to create army of 150,000  
    radical muslins and send them to fight against another nation and over run it for $100 dollars salary a month and sometimes even free.

    So after americans experience in Afganistan with Russians , they simply seeking to go to war against Russia by proxy ,using the model of Syria , turning sectarian muslins against them. and creating an army of many millions of muslins in America and in Europe from all over the world to train them later to invade Russia and repeat the same thing. They can easily encourage them saying that if Russia defeated Christianity will have no other defense. and Islam will rule into the world.

    So the Neocons Liberal Agenda is a world wide religious crusade ,but reversed. This time
    the crusade will be of Muslins against Christians and with NATO leading them.  Wink Is a plan that
    it can work ,if developed for long time , and christianity destroyed first.  Wink

    This have nothing to do with Obama or Clinton or people like George Soros believing in
    Islam.. not at all.. they are satanic in reality or atheist at the least. This is simply Neocons,
    Liberals using Islam as a weapon to wage big wars undercovertly in any part of the world against any of its enemies.
     in China and in India already they are facing to a minor scale their own chechenia.  And all this schools in US ,forcing students into Islam and forcing
    others cultures with the pretext of "teaching" , make no mistake ,this have nothing to do
    with teaching or education. this have all to do with Brainwashing the society into Islam.
    But this is not in all states , it doesn't need to be . as long they can get a dozen of states with Strong Islam . then they will have their own mini Syria version in United States to control
    any state that rebels against the System. This also helps as propaganda ,to dupe the muslins
    in middle east to trust United States intentions in convert the world into Islam because they really believe on it..  Rolling Eyes

    So this is how it will work..
    1)The poors and middle class will be forced into a dictatorship to convert to islam ..yes by the same Liberals Elite.
    2)The elite however ,the richest and super richest they will not be bound by any rules and will be the only ones free.

    When you have a society of morons ,busy with religious practices every day , the Government will find next to no opposition to anything they do. So you will have the elite enjoying the luxury life of always. while the middle and poor class controlled through Islam. Is a long term plan.

    For Liberals Muslins is like a blesing for them ,because they can be used to get rid of the
    Republican party conservativism ,since they will be never able to win any election in
    a country full of inmmigrants and that happens to be muslins.

    Their problem however is that Trump won the elections and he knows of all this anti -christian
    agenda. and he now elected a hard core Christian muslin hater as department of education. lol1  and his brother is nothing less than the Black water funder Private Military agency who works in middle east by contract.. and was hired by Trump ,to become Trump private army.

    The Jewish Neocon Elite agenda for Russia and Europe - Page 9 Bbbb3

    so according to this report ,

    President Trump Moves Feared Private Army To America As Clinton Push For Civil War Grows

    By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

    A new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that up to 70 transport aircraft owned and/or leased by the US-based Frontier Services Group (FSG) have begun departing the Persian Gulf federation of United Arab Emirates (UAE) with their destinations being the United States and that are “packed/loaded” with arms and forces belonging to one of the most feared mercenary forces (private army) owned and managed by Reflex Responses Management Consultancy (RRMC)—and that is being viewed by Russia as the start of a second American Civil War.

    Trump is preparing for a civil war.. where the Liberals will unleash so much unrest to force Trump resign or frame him so he become impeached. So i will not be surprised a major civil war
    armed with weapons happening in US ,of liberal puppets immigrants foreigners trying to get rid of trump.

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    The Jewish Neocon Elite agenda for Russia and Europe - Page 9 Empty Re: The Jewish Neocon Elite agenda for Russia and Europe

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