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    Post  GarryB on Sun Nov 24, 2019 2:43 am

    Yeah, at the moment the Democrat party is offering 50 shades of grey as alternatives for their candidates... so this guys only feature of interest is that nobody noticed him and he didn't get to say much.... ie they are picking out the underdog... but the thing is that deep state owns the race course so they are all their dogs... they could care less who gets picked... they are all going to do as they are told... or else.

    Of course he is asian... so there is that... the democrats had the first black president... they tried for the first female but she was too much of a bitch for a majority to stomach, so now they are going for an asian president... good for them... but white shit, brown shit, yellow shit... shit with red flecks.... it is all shit.

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    Russia - USA Relations - Page 14 Empty Re: Russia - USA Relations

    Post  Godric on Mon Nov 25, 2019 2:56 pm

    GarryB wrote:Just shows how the US MIC has the American media by the balls.... we are uncompetitive and going bankrupt... solution... spend more money...

    and Holywood films with US military hardware and soldiers are provided to Holywood for free and unfettered on condition they portray the US military in a positive light ... they lost in Vietnam by in no small way to the US media and Holywood

    as for America fuck them i make no excuses for my opinions on them but they are a mongrel race made up red necks, wet backs, ex-slaves, 3rd rate euro immigrants, papish f*ck pigs and controlled by the Jewish elite ... as the Serbs will tell you never trust a pape/Catholic ... the Ustashe/Croatia got the blessing from the vatican to create and Catholic only state and sanctioning the deaths of up to 1 million Orthodox Serbs and 10s of thousands of Jews and Vatican decreed in the 12th Century that Scotland was a English Kingdom resulting in 600 years of wars of Independence from England/Englonde (as Scots called England at the time) ... i fully agree with EU banning all future military projects should exclude US participation

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