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    UFOs & Extraterrestrial Life


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    UFOs & Extraterrestrial Life - Page 31 Empty Re: UFOs & Extraterrestrial Life

    Post  kvs Sat Sep 16, 2023 6:11 pm

    There is another absurdity in modern physics that shows the corruption.    Anything traveling at the speed of light cannot have any
    dimensional extent along the axis of travel.    So if we ignore the detail that mass cannot travel at the speed of light, a rod of any
    length aligned parallel to its axis of travel will appear to have zero length if its speed is that of light.   So how can a photon have a
    spatially extended wavelength?   Even if it actually is a localized wave to us it would appear to have no spatial extent along its axis
    of motion.   Just apply the Lorentz transform to any wave packet to see this.

    A sane explanation would be that photon "waves" are intrinsic and do not transform like objects composed of atoms via the Lorentz
    equations.   These quantized waves are a demonstration of the existence of a space medium.   Much like water waves exist because
    there is a body of water to sustain them.   Of course, the EM waves are not subject to the same equations as the water waves.  

    So there is no "irregular" photon frame which is a good indication that the concept of frames for moving objects is BS.   There is only
    one frame and all objects with any motion and EM waves exist in this frame.   The frame of the universe and ultimately the absolute
    rest frame.   Photons and EM waves propagate in this frame supported by the material entity known as space.   There is no partition
    of reality into different physical realms based on relative motion.   No BS paradoxes are possible since any Lorentz deformation of moving
    objects is intrinsic and relative to the absolute rest frame and not relative to each other.

    If you move with v increasing to c, you would still see light moving at the speed of light.   That is the nature of reality as reflected in
    the Lorentz transform (a conservation property of Maxwell's equations).   Moving observers are distorted in manner that "hides" their
    motion from themselves.  They cannot measure their own Lorentz distortion.   All they can perceive is differences in the Lorentz distortion
    of other objects.

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    UFOs & Extraterrestrial Life - Page 31 Empty Re: UFOs & Extraterrestrial Life

    Post  GarryB Sun Sep 17, 2023 4:15 am

    It is funny.... I always took the consequences of reaching the speed of light... zero dimension in the direction of travel... essentially becoming a 2D object, achieving infinite mass and for time, as measured on board the object or craft to stop... as being that the object ceased to exist in this universe, because a point of infinite mass... even a singularity is supposed to have a mass that is measurable and an infinite mass would not be measurable and although the effect of gravity covers the entire space time it rapidly diminishes to a rather small force over not a particularly great distance... the effect of Jupiter for instance will effect the earth but not people on the Earth to a degree that they would notice.

    By closing your eyes you can't identify the direction the sun is just by feel... even through the planet... by its gravity. You can't even feel the gravity of the moon even if its pull is reflected in the tides on earth.

    So an object of infinite mass that is 2 dimensional for which time has stopped... add that all up... does that mean it pops out of existence in this space time and goes somewhere else?

    Is that what hyperspace is supposed to be in sci fi?

    Of course there are other funky things like electrons in the shells of atoms... from what I have read and understood electrons can't exist between the shells, and so when they move from one shell to the other or get lost and become free electrons they do so without ever being in the gaps between the shells, though the free electrons must therefore exist outside the outermost shell of atoms so the number of shells must be finite because the relative distance of the shells compared with the size of the electrons and protons and neutrons is enormous if my teachers at school are to be believed. Subatomic particles the size of marbles lead to electron shells kilometres wide... they are mostly empty space... so how far to the shells for any given nucleus extend and is it related to the mass of the nucleus... so a Hydrogen atom with just one proton can only have one shell for instance...

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