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    Political status of Kosovo


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    Political status of Kosovo - Page 2 Empty Re: Political status of Kosovo

    Post  GarryB Fri Oct 01, 2010 5:08 am

    Indeed any ethnic grouping can suddenly claim independance despite any UN SC resolutions to the contrary.

    Perhaps indigenous people around the world need to get better legal representation?

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    Political status of Kosovo - Page 2 Empty Traitor Serbian Parliament to Recognize Kosovo

    Post  BTRfan Tue Apr 30, 2013 10:36 pm

    The treacherous dogs who call themselves the Serbian Parliament are set to betray their own people and recognize Kosovo!

    Kosovo-Serbia Relations: An Agreement at Last?

    By Tyler Bellstrom on 1:43 pm April 30, 2013.
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    Serbian protesters waving the Serbian flag at Merdare border point between Kosovo and Serbia, a neutral zone, on Feb. 21, 2013. Serbia and Kosovo reached a deal on April 19, 2013 to normalize ties. (AFP Photo/Sasa Djordjevic).

    Kosovo’s Prime Minister Hashim Thaci and his Serbian counterpart Ivan Dacic came to agreement on April 19 after long negotiations with European Union foreign affairs head Catherine Ashton. Newspaper reports were congratulatory to all parties involved calling it a milestone.

    The two countries have been holding high-level talks for years, as Serbia has still not fully come to terms with Kosovo’s statehood — Kosovo has continued to be an international protectorate rather than a full state.

    The agreement is a baby step towards normalizing relations between the two states. It is an agreement on the fate of the ethnic Serbians in Kosovo and a continuation of Kosovo’s agreed ascension pact into the European Union, which demand a decentralization of political power.

    The agreement gives more power over institutions (police, courts, etc.) to Serbs in Serb-dominated areas and that NATO troops will be the security forces for the area rather than Kosovar Special Forces, but it is also a recognition that the government of Kosovo holds the area.

    The Serbian government had been running parallel institutions in Serb-dominated areas, trying to control the populace by pumping money into the area, and with secret Serbian-backed militia and security forces. This step could be important depending on the reaction of nationalists in Serbia. If there is not a huge outcry, Dacic could eventually formally recognize Kosovo.

    The agreement can be seen as an attempt by Serbia to get fully on track to be a European Union member state as normalizing relations with Kosovo is seen important to Germany and other members of the EU. The agreement for Kosovo and Thaci seems to be just part of a continuing path to enter the Euro zone that seems tied to Serbia’s acceptance.

    Kosovo does not have full control of its institutions or its territory because of an inability to move out of United Nations administration, as Russia has protected Serbian interests by threatening to use their veto, and that there is still fear in other states in the European Union. This fear comes from a legal precedent being established for groups to declare independence or states to splinter (such as in Spain with their Basque and now, Catalonian, question).

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    Political status of Kosovo - Page 2 Empty Re: Political status of Kosovo

    Post  BTRfan Tue Apr 30, 2013 10:38 pm

    BELGRADE, Serbia — Serbian lawmakers on Friday overwhelmingly supported an agreement normalizing relations with breakaway Kosovo, a potentially landmark deal that could end years of tensions between the Balkan antagonists and put them both on a path to European Union membership.

    Parliament backed the deal in a 173-24 vote. The agreement drew support from the parties of the ruling, nationalist-led government and the center-left opposition. A pro-Russian, nationalist party was the only group that voted against it.

    Parliamentary backing is a boost for the Serbian government, which reached the agreement with Kosovo this month in Brussels, but has faced pressure from nationalists and Serb hardliners in Kosovo’s divided north, who rejected it.

    Leave it to the Corporate/Zionist/Jewish/NATO media to refer to people who want to maintain their ancestral homes for their families as "hardliners."

    So Kosovo, which became majority Albanian through the immigration invasion, is allowed to vote to become a new state, but the majority population of Serbs in the north is not allowed to vote to join with Serbia!

    They are called hardliners and demonized because they want what is rightfully theirs!

    If a thief tries to steal your car and you hit him over the head with a club, you are not a hardliner for refusing to compromise and let him take your car on the promise that he'll eventually return it, you are defending what is yours!
    Hannibal Barca
    Hannibal Barca

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    Political status of Kosovo - Page 2 Empty Re: Political status of Kosovo

    Post  Hannibal Barca Mon Nov 10, 2014 3:30 pm

    It seems that a second round for Kosovo is just a matter of time. It is our chance to avenge for our Serbian brothers and tie the score!
    No Novorussia shit this time, we need to beat this Muslims and their allies fair and square!

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    Political status of Kosovo - Page 2 Empty Re: Political status of Kosovo

    Post  Cyberspec Tue Nov 11, 2014 4:15 am

    It's still early I think. Have to first carry out some internal house cleaning first.

    Some of my contacts there believe 2016 will be a turning point as the pro EU bloc will run out of options by then. It'll be forced by then to put up or shut up (economically speaking)....not get by on fairy tales, fantasies and promises

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    Political status of Kosovo - Page 2 Empty Re: Political status of Kosovo

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