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    Laws in Russia


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    Laws in Russia - Page 3 Empty Russia imposes restrictions on missionary activity and evangelism.

    Post  auslander on Sat Sep 03, 2016 6:51 am

    kvs wrote:
    auslander wrote:
    andalusia wrote:
    PapaDragon wrote:It's anti-cult law.

    Update your pastor on MSM nonsense that get aired.

    I assume he just read the article and bought it hook, line and sinker.

    Explain what is the anti-cult law? Why have such a law? Can a person share the Gospel of Christ on the street without a permit like here in America?

    This is primarily against NGO's who constantly try to undermine VVP and the Orthodox Church. Religious toleration here is vast and normal, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, whatever, all get along well and live side by side. The evangelicals seem to have a penchant for trying to undermine The State and after years of warnings and evangelicals actively supporting Ukraine events publicly it was decided enough was enough. If you have an official Church, no problem, let those who may be interested come to your Church. If you want to worship in your home with friends and acquaintances, no one cares and no one will kick in your door. Just don't stand at the gates of the local Orthodox Church or Mosque and try to dragoon worshipers to come to your Church. That is considered to be bad form.

    As an aside, the Baptist Church in this berg is still operating and no one has mentioned shutting it down.

    Thanks for the report.  We need this sort of information offset the hate propaganda generated by the NATO mass media.  

    You are most welcome. I'm just telling the truth.

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    Laws in Russia - Page 3 Empty How do you say ''Full Retard'' in Russian?

    Post  PapaDragon on Wed Sep 14, 2016 9:32 pm

    How do you say ''Full Retard'' in Russian? No

    'RIP Pornhub': Largest Adult Website in the World Gets Banned in Russia

    Read more:
    Project Canada

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    Laws in Russia - Page 3 Empty Re: Laws in Russia

    Post  Project Canada on Wed Sep 14, 2016 9:59 pm

    PapaDragon wrote:
    How do you say ''Full Retard'' in Russian?  No

    'RIP Pornhub': Largest Adult Website in the World Gets Banned in Russia

    Read more:

    If this move is response to anti-Russia sanctions, perhaps an import-substitution is underway? Laughing Laughing Laughing

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    Laws in Russia - Page 3 Empty Re: Laws in Russia

    Post  kvs on Thu Nov 05, 2020 5:34 pm

    Russia has more freedom for freedom of speech than any country in the NATzO west and even most of the world.
    There are only the following restrictions on slander and libel in the criminal law:

    Statute 148: against religions and their believers in the context of religion

    Statute 297: against courts and the judicial system

    Statute 319: against members of the executive and legislative branches of government (not any bureaucrat)

    Statute 336: against members of the armed services

    There are no provisions for libel and slander against private citizens. That is because it was removed as a provision
    from criminal law in 2011. A 1000 ruble fine (total joke) exists under the civil law and eople in Russia do not have money
    to engage in civil law trials to get financial compensation from the lying filth that is trying to bring Russia down.
    By contrast the 5th column liberasts sit on foreign money which makes 1000 ruble fines applied even dozens of times
    totally irrelevant. So moving libel and slander to civil law was moronic. Civil law is a kind of BS anyway. Either something
    is a crime or it isn't.

    Time to restore sanity. If someone makes an actual argument they will not prosecuted. If they engage in vapid ad
    hominem smear then they should takes their chances.

    BTW, any argument that this would be a repressive move does not fly. In the UK there was an independent publication
    called Living Marxism back in 1999. It was sued into oblivion under the UK's "civil" libel laws for daring to expose the
    fraud created by one of the UK's TV networks when they purported to film Bosnian Muslims behind barbed wire in
    a "concentration camp". This hoax did not give the context that the barbed wire enclosed a small compound and
    the Bosnian Muslims were outside it.

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    Laws in Russia - Page 3 Empty There are only the following restrictions on slander and libel in the criminal law:

    Post  miketheterrible on Thu Nov 05, 2020 6:04 pm

    Yeah, wtf. How come Libel isn't a crime in Russia? That is bullshit. Law needs to be changed.

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    Laws in Russia - Page 3 Empty Re: Laws in Russia

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