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    Ιndonesian military coup 1965 and aftermatch


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    Ιndonesian military coup 1965 and aftermatch Empty Ιndonesian military coup 1965 and aftermatch

    Post  NationalRus Mon Oct 13, 2014 5:15 pm

    Look in to the Documentary, its the most awesome breath taking documenary i watched maybe in my life, google for a stream i wont post a link, buy it, whatever its worth it.

    to shortly discribe the documentary/movie its about the indonisian military coup 1965 and the purge off all communists after it (1 million people), i hate to always take the nazis for any kind of example in savagnes so here is a paradigm with another situation:

    "imagine pol pots khmer rouge regime didnt fell, imagine pol pot was still in power and the perpetrators who tortured and executed for years any enemy of the regime, or intelectuals or close to that position (about 2 million cambodians) had never the need to flee and escape, to die in the war with the new goverment, to be breught to jutice in a court.

    imagine they were all still ther living happy and the khmer rouge was standing strong!
    the executuners were like national heroes with own inspired paramilitary wing and in all positions of the goverment themself.

    imagine to hang around this guys, who act normal, are funny and actaull very likeable, who have now familys, son, deughters, grandchildren, and how they proud (since they are heroes who did nothing wrong, officialy) at a cup off coffe tell and show you how and were they killed hundreds of people, how they tortued them and were they have thrown away ther bodies, and then they will even reenact ther killings together with you for memorys.

    and it is all real, its not a fiction film, thats the breath taking amazing part, its the real situation in indonesia and all of this peple in the film are the real executeners, death squad members wo proudly tell you ther story, the main and very cool and likeable hero of the film "anwar congo" is one of them he personal killed close to 1.000 people


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    Ιndonesian military coup 1965 and aftermatch Empty Re: Ιndonesian military coup 1965 and aftermatch

    Post  partizan Mon Oct 13, 2014 6:06 pm

    One of the most disturbing thing I ever saw. And someone has the nerve to say something about the comunists... Those people should be executed the same way they executed their victims... The guy who is tAlKing about raping litlle girls in that village... But hey, nothing gonna happend to them. They were only killing communists and chinese...they were and they still are "freedom figthers" and national heroes... Fucking scumbags. Simple human trash. But there is one thing that botters me the most. According to some reports they killed almost 2,5 million people and it is strange that no one of their families havent even try to revenge...

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    Ιndonesian military coup 1965 and aftermatch Empty Re: Ιndonesian military coup 1965 and aftermatch

    Post  Werewolf Mon Oct 13, 2014 6:14 pm

    We need a new den hague that is potent and not some coward shit court that only acts when US allows them too, we need a new court that has assassination teams for all terror organisations and countries that refuse to bring war criminals and genociders to court.

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    Ιndonesian military coup 1965 and aftermatch Empty Ιndonisian military coup 1965 and aftermatch

    Post  NationalRus Mon Oct 13, 2014 6:25 pm

    watch the whole movie its 2 hours

    and now you have fallen from one extrem to another, barbarism of one side doesnt make the other barberians saints, if i would meet in the 70's a NKVD officer who killed hundreds of people "becouse whatever" i woulent automaticaly wish death to him and spit him in the face. they like this guys were brainwashed victims of ther time,and they like this guys never needed to feel guilty for ther crimes if they dont wanted to, becouse they are heroes after all wo officialy will get a pat on the bck and applause

    its more of a learning expirience what extrimality and propaganda can do out of people and make them do, and how they can cope with it if the right heroic story is made up withthe help of the goverment to make an excuse for you

    so its more of a learning movie i would say who targets for reconciliation, not new hate and old wounds but reconciliation this are also brainwashed victims of ther time used for the regime, i dont despise them like i would give the nkvd officer or even pol pots thugs a pass if i would meet them saw that they are maybe not evil person by design but tool's to use in ther time

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    Ιndonesian military coup 1965 and aftermatch Empty Re: Ιndonesian military coup 1965 and aftermatch

    Post  George1 Mon Dec 11, 2023 12:20 pm

    The 30 of September Movement (Gestok) was a self-proclaimed organization of Indonesian National Armed Forces members. In the early hours of 1 October 1965, they assassinated six Indonesian Army generals in an abortive coup d'état. Later that morning, the organisation declared that it was in control of media and communication outlets and had taken President Sukarno under its protection. By the end of the day, the coup attempt had failed in Jakarta.

    The G30S is one of the biggest mysteries in modern Indonesian history and the incident of the 6 generals murders has never been properly explained and verified. But it seems it was done by junior army officers who where dissatisfied with the luxury of the Generals. Sukarno supported it but he wanted other to take the lead. Suharto maybe also was part ot the plot but he switched sides at last time.

    It seems that Suharto grabbed the chance to assume power and put all the blame to the PKI and destroyed it (PKI and Indonesian army were rivals during sukarno years)

    I propose to anyone to read this file from wilson center archives page. Pay attention to the part of the conversation below (it is from Wilson Center Digital archive page):

    Chinese side: Li Xiannian, Fang Yi, Zhang Hanfu, Qiao Guanhua, Li Qiang, Hao Deqing, Jiao Ruoyu, Liu Xianglun
    Korean side: Pak Seong-cheol (Pak Song-chol), Pak Se-chang

    Record of Second Conversation of Premier Zhou Enlai and Vice Premier Chen Yi with Foreign Minister Pak Seong-cheol wrote:Foreign Minister Pak: Has Untung really been arrested?

    Chen: Yes. This is what he said at his trial. The Rightists and the Army do not dare to try Untung publicly. Untung said: Because the Army organized the Council of Generals and were going to stage a coup d’etat, he had no choice but to take action. The Army said: Produce the evidence. He said fine, let Sukarno attend the trial and I can then produce the evidence.

    Vice Premier Ri: Is there a relationship between Untung and Sukarno?

    Chen: It was Sukarno who wanted Untung to do it. Sukarno did not dare attend the trial, and the Army for its part did not dare hold a public trial. Untung had several reasons: First, my September 30 Movement is opposed to a military coup d’etat. Second, my movement represented the broad demands of the junior officers and soldiers of the three military services. You generals have several wives, live in houses, and drive cars while I, a battalion commander, sleep on the floor. My September 30 Movement has two objectives. The first is to protect Sukarno and safeguard the revolution. The second is to oppose a coup d’etat, oppose the United States, and recover the Army’s honor. The Rightists used severe electrocution, but Untung did not capitulate. The Army has made this information public.

    Indonesia before 30 Sep, 1965:
    Indonesian Army (TNI) and Partai Komunis Indonesia (PKI, Communist Party of Indonesia) were rivals and TNI was unhappy that President Soekarno was openly showing sympathies to PKI and thus effectively choosing a side. President’s Soekarno’s policy was what he proclaimed anti-imperialist (anti-Western) and was leaning more towards China than USSR. When the poor economic situation, the president’s “guided democracy” (effectively authoritarianism) and the official policy of Konfrontasi (confrontation) against Malaysia were added, it was obvious that Indonesia at the time was walking a very narrow path. PKI was getting stronger and it became the world’s third largest Communist party and the largest non-ruling one. Their leader Aidit was confident that PKI would manage to assume the key role in the government due to their vast membership (around 3 million) and support of President Soekarno.

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    Ιndonesian military coup 1965 and aftermatch Empty Re: Ιndonesian military coup 1965 and aftermatch

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