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    Ka-27/29/31 Naval Helicopters

    Tsavo Lion
    Tsavo Lion

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    Ka-27/29/31 Naval Helicopters - Page 3 Empty Re: Ka-27/29/31 Naval Helicopters

    Post  Tsavo Lion Mon May 04, 2020 7:15 pm

    It was in use in 2018:

    I don't see why they wouldn't be using it now.

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    Ka-27/29/31 Naval Helicopters - Page 3 Empty Ka-27/29/31 Naval Helicopters

    Post  franco Mon May 04, 2020 10:01 pm

    d_taddei2 wrote:A very unseen/unheard of version of the ka-27,
    the Ka-29TB an assault version that can carry 16 troops plus weapons obviously intended for commandos etc. Has any seen or heard much about this version. Does Russia use it.Ka-27/29/31 Naval Helicopters - Page 3 Ahuddj10
    Ka-27/29/31 Naval Helicopters - Page 3 Kamov_10

    Most were inactive but they have been upgrading and putting back into service a few a year lately.

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    Ka-27/29/31 Naval Helicopters - Page 3 Empty Re: Ka-27/29/31 Naval Helicopters

    Post  GarryB Tue May 05, 2020 8:36 am

    It is basically the Naval Hind... there were two models AFAIK, and they will be the standard troop helicopters for the new helicopter landing ships.

    The Mistrals were supposed to carry a mix of these and the Ka-52K attack helos.

    One model had a side mounted 30mm cannon next to the weapon pylon, while the other model which is the most common has a four barrel rifle calibre gatling gun behind a panel in the nose.... actually they were probably not different versions but different armament options for the same type.

    I seem to recall that the model with the 30mm gun has the ammo inside the main cabin so when using it there is less room for troops inside, so they went for the other model to maximise the number of troops carried.

    Would take 16 troop capacity with a grain of salt... with full gear probably less than this would be carried... maybe 8-10?

    Ka-27/29/31 Naval Helicopters - Page 3 00025510

    You can see the 2A42 barrel along the side of the aircraft in the above image.

    Have no idea how many they have in service, but seem to remember for the anti piracy operations they used them to deliver naval infantry onto enemy ships and that sort of thing...

    Will be the troop transport helo for the Ivan Gren vessels and the new helicopter carriers they will be laying down soon and could be carried by the Kuznetsov to deploy naval infantry.

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    Ka-27/29/31 Naval Helicopters - Page 3 Empty Re: Ka-27/29/31 Naval Helicopters

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