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    How to defeat Hypersonic threats?


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    How to defeat Hypersonic threats? - Page 2 Empty Re: How to defeat Hypersonic threats?

    Post  GarryB on Thu Apr 16, 2020 5:27 am

    Regarding the topic of the threat of hypersonic manouvering weapons... Russia is currently in the best position to defend itself and also in the best position to attack, with long experience of trying to penetrate the air defences of US carrier groups.

    Right now Russian SAMs like S-400 and S-350 can intercept targets moving at about 4.8km/s and their new S-500 will extend that capacity to 7km or more, but these are current and new to service weapons that can intercept anything the US has in service or is likely to have in service over the next few years.

    On the other hand HATO would struggle to stop a full scale Kh-101/2 attack, let alone Iskander and Kh-32, or Kinzhal which are all already in service.

    The Zircon and related scramjet powered weapons just makes things worse for HATO.

    Of course the Russians will be working on methods and weapons and tactics to defeat their own method of attack, but as they will have real scramjet powered targets to practise with their progress should be fairly good. The scrapping of the INF treaty means IRBMs can be used as cheap targets too... which will make things easier.

    BTW some of the targets the US used to test their ABM systems probably violated the INF treaty too...

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