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    New START Treaty


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    New START Treaty - Page 14 Empty Re: New START Treaty

    Post  Hole Mon Aug 08, 2022 10:12 pm

    Temporarily... until Alaska is returned.  Laughing

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    New START Treaty - Page 14 Empty

    Post  GarryB Tue Aug 09, 2022 9:37 am

    Believe it or not, that applies to all the political&military activities carried out by the collective West for the last 20 years.

    Totally agree with everything you said in that post but would add that the west started out in the early 1990s saying that the cold war was over... they didn't gloat about winning at all... how can they say Russia lost the cold war if their punishment was to become a democratic state?

    But that didn't last... politicians desperate to hold power ran in elections saying they won the cold war so obviously the Russians had to have lost and then it became a matter of what had we won.... eliminated a threat... great, but their country is so messed up... lets pinch as much of it as we can, so they started doing that... and for Russians they thought they had won the cold war because they got rid of communism and were now going to be welcomed into the international community, which as everyone knows is secret code for the west. They pulled their soldiers out of eastern europe and US and UK and French forces moved right on in.

    By 2000 with the BS over the former Yugoslavia it became very clear very quickly the only thing that made sense of what the west said and did in those conflicts was that Serbia was Russias friend and therefore is designated the overall bad guy... everything they do is bad and we need to punish them for that... and why isn't Russia bowing and following our orders and  doing as we demand them to do... almost like they remain an independent country and not a colony that can be ordered around by our lowest member like the Baltic States or Poland.

    Taken quite a few years to realise but we are there now for Russia and indeed China... India has seen glimpses but I think needs a bit more to really understand her real position in this.... now the only people not getting it are the west... but some warning signs are showing and a few voices crop up from time to time.

    The core problem is that Russia is over... we beat them in the cold war so the bestest and the brightest are not working on the problems of Russia anymore... most universities had strong Soviet or Russian studies departments but they are all gone and only idiots remain experts in those fields in paid positions, but the Yes man culture means they are never wrong... they just double down and claim the next set of sanctions will result in Putin becoming unpopular and being kicked out of office... if the west keeps going the way it is going Putin will be the most popular man in Russia ever... and why not... he started with a very weak hand but did what needed to be done and putting the right people in the right places Russia has been transformed from what the Ukraine is now (war in Chechnia, and corruption and no public trust in the military or government) to what Russia is now... fighting two wars, balancing its budgets and still putting money away for a rainy day after the effects of covid and the most sanctions any country has had to endure...

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    New START Treaty - Page 14 Empty Re: New START Treaty

    Post  ALAMO Tue Aug 09, 2022 11:38 am

    Putin's rule will be reminded by a history on pair with the greatest tsars the Russian Empire had.
    Clowns who undermine his achievements are ... clowns Laughing
    A guy took a rotten, spoiled, and in a process of disintegration country, and turned it back into the world's superpower status in less than 20 years. No matter the garbage collective west was throwing on him, no matter a load of troubles they put on Russia, he just walked steadily forward. Islamist insurgency, economic crises, political instability ... he managed to resolve that all. He returned pride to regular Russian citizens, a dark shadow of losing the "cold war" is just a distant unpleasant memory. An interesting fact is, that people who know him, portray the opposite of what the western MSM garbage is doing. In reality, each negative characteristic put on him turns out to be the opposite. And we talk about testimonies of dozens of politicians and people around the globe, really serious players like Modi, Xi, Abe, Schroeder, Berlusconi etc.
    When clowns like Macron publics private phone calls, it turns out that Putin is saying in private conversation just the same as he does in public!.
    No deals, no soft play, no opportunism.
    This is a part that the "modern western world" does not understand anymore - that the politician tells the truth.
    If one herd what Putin was saying in the last 20 years, it is very easy to figure out the next steps of Russian politics.
    They will act accordingly to Putin's words, step by step.
    The fate of Ukraine was propheted by him in detail and in different scenarios, on several occasions.
    But the point is, that the western audience really has a mental issue with understanding that what is being said will be executed.

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    New START Treaty - Page 14 Empty Re: New START Treaty

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