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    Indo-China dispute


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    Indo-China dispute  - Page 6 Empty Re: Indo-China dispute

    Post  Sujoy Fri Apr 21, 2023 10:38 am

    India to start manufacturing light tanks that can take on Chinese Type 15 in the Himalayas.

    While L&T is the development partner, the 800 horsepower will be supplied by MTU, Germany and the 105-millimetre gun turret, will be procured ready-built from Belgian firm, John Cockerill.

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    Indo-China dispute  - Page 6 Empty Re: Indo-China dispute

    Post  Sujoy Wed Aug 02, 2023 9:46 am

    China obliging to US requests of starting a war with India. Not surprising that walking corpse Kissinger got to meet the Chinese President last month where Xi described Kissinger as China's best friend.


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    Indo-China dispute  - Page 6 Empty Re: Indo-China dispute

    Post  GarryB Wed Aug 02, 2023 11:13 am

    You are so flexible my friend... the US backs and supports Pakistan against India and the US is fine... it is Pakistan that are the bad guys, and now the you say the US backs China against India... and you blame China for that.... because obviously it could never be Americas fault because they do everything they can to prevent war...

    But hang on... is India not part of that American group of countries trying to start a war with China...

    It seems only some countries are guilty of everything and one country is guilty of nothing... how could that be possible... but the amazing thing is that in a way it is probably true but you got the countries arse about... it is the US that is guilty of everything and China that is being blamed.

    We see where American bullshit is promoted and followed to the letter you end up with the Ukraine... both the broken and fucked up country that it became and the conflict that is just hiding the damage the US and EU were already doing to it behind the scenes... and they openly say that they want to do the same thing in Asia to save Taiwan from China the way they saved the Ukraine from Russia.

    If you are really that stupid then I am sorry for you, but don't think we are going to believe the China is bad and aggressive for keeping its country still as HATO or US based gradually got closer and closer to them.

    It was US funded bio weapons labs in China that started COVID... it seems the US has Bio Weapons labs outside of the US because the US has laws that stop them doing dangerous experiments and there is a deniability in foreign labs that US government agencies like... but clearly not worrying about the risks because it is all the way over in China really didn't work out for them this time around... wonder what wonderful exciting new diseases we will be getting from the hundreds of other bio weapons labs the US has in other countries?

    But obviously it is China that is the bad guy...  Rolling Eyes

    More importantly they have hundreds of bio weapon labs around the world and their response to an epidemic they created themselves was terrible... and the Russians got a vaccine working before they did... so not only are they not getting any value for money for these bio weapon labs, but those labs are actually creating more danger to the world that the results of their work to help in such situations... man... American taxpayers are fucking idiots... they take it up the arse so their MIC can get rich, and then when their funded illegal labs **** up the result is a world pandemic that these bio weapons labs are supposed to prepare the US for to reduce the impact and instead it created the very thing it was supposed to deal with... all paid for by American idiots.

    And they wanted to blame the Chinese for that too... Bastards.

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    Indo-China dispute  - Page 6 Empty Re: Indo-China dispute

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