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    Venezuela Εconomic Situation


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    Venezuela Εconomic Situation - Page 3 Empty Re: Venezuela Εconomic Situation

    Post  magnumcromagnon Wed Apr 08, 2020 10:20 pm

    Embarassed lol1

    Two weeks ago, Trump was citing Venezuela’s experience as an excuse for his refusal to nationalize the medical supply.

    Today the US has 367,000 confirmed coronavirus cases while Venezuela has 159.

    Which is the shithole country?
    Tsavo Lion
    Tsavo Lion

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    Venezuela Εconomic Situation - Page 3 Empty

    Post  Tsavo Lion Sun Dec 13, 2020 7:39 pm

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    Venezuela Εconomic Situation - Page 3 Empty Re: Venezuela Εconomic Situation

    Post  JohninMK Sat Sep 04, 2021 10:46 pm

    China’s National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), the country’s main oil producer, is preparing to reactivate operations in Venezuela, following the devaluation of its investment due to illegal US “sanctions” against the Caribbean country. China thereby demonstrates once again that it is willing to do business with Venezuela, despite the blockade against the Venezuelan people which prohibits the vast majority of business transactions with Petróleos de Venezuela, SA (PDVSA).

    Anonymous sources with direct knowledge of the subject declared to Bloomberg that CNPC sent engineers and commercial personnel to Venezuela, and is exploring local companies to carry out maintenance work on an oil blending facility that it operates with Petróleos de Venezuela SA. Furthermore, they report that CNPC contacted local service providers to potentially boost crude production in five other joint ventures with the Venezuelan state oil company.

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    Venezuela Εconomic Situation - Page 3 Empty Re: Venezuela Εconomic Situation

    Post  JohninMK Tue Sep 07, 2021 11:54 am

    Good news for the locals

    Jesus Inojosa
    5 September, 2021

    "We are prepared for the next few weeks to enter a production of double the fuel, so that this great and miraculous production arrives and alleviates that issue," informed the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro.

    During an interview on the program "Aqui Con Ernesto" broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión, the national president indicated that in order to achieve these objectives, adjustments were made in the refining and production centers of fuels with the effort of the workers and 100% Venezuelan technological adjustments.

    “By July and August 2020 we began to parapet some refineries with our own engineering, because they are all American technology, and from there we began some work that thanks to the moral capacity, the employer, the work of the PDVSA workers of the refineries and We are propping up to guarantee the country, with sanctions, with economic torture, whatever you put it to me, guaranteeing the country its internal hydrocarbons and even the day Ernesto (Villegas) will come that we not only satisfy internal demand but also that of other countries, "he said.

    He recalled that the drop in production was a consequence of the sanctions and the blockade imposed by the United States Government against PDVSA, which prevented the acquisition of refinery spare parts and chemical components required for the production of fuels.

    "We are prepared for a production phase of twice the amount of hydrocarbons and, with the favor of popular organization and the operation of service stations outside the corrupt mafias, solve the supply," he said.

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    Venezuela Εconomic Situation - Page 3 Empty Venezuelan Campesinos Receive Land Titles, Celebrate Historic Santa Inés Battle

    Post  higurashihougi Wed Dec 15, 2021 7:06 pm

    Venezuelan Campesinos Receive Land Titles, Celebrate Historic Santa Inés Battle

    Attorney General Tarek William Saab opened a special office to address campesino demands, among them justice for ongoing targeted killings.

    Guayaquil, Ecuador, December 11, 2021 ( – The Venezuelan government handed 69 land titles comprising 1,817 hectares to campesinos in Santa Inés, Barinas state.

    Under the slogan “Free land, men and women!” campesinos received the land titles during a large popular assembly on Friday in the remote area. The event marked the 162 anniversary of the emblematic Battle of Santa Inés and 20 years since the approval of Hugo Chávez’ Land Law.

    Grassroots movements especially celebrated a Supreme Court ruling in favor of 40 campesino families in the 4800 hectare Los Tramojos land stead in Guárico state after a protracted legal battle.

    The Battle of Santa Inés took place on December 10, 1859, during Venezuela's Federal War (1859-1863). Venezuelan hero Ezequiel Zamora and his mostly peasant army defeated the conservative government’s troops under the banner of "Free Men and Liberated Land." While the XIX century countryside rebellion was frustrated, the Hugo Chávez government reclaimed the fight under the Bolivarian Revolution in 1999.

    A number of government officials praised the Santa Inés people for upholding food production and promised more support. “We have set up a permanent technical table with the campesino sector to reinvigorate the agro-productive activities in the area,” announced Agriculture Minister Wilmar Castro Soteldo.

    The president of the National Land Institute (INTI), David Hernández, likewise pledged to continue working with rural movements. "The best way to honor the Land Law is together with the people. In Santa Inés, we listen and advance alongside the campesino movement, more committed than ever to defend national production," he wrote on Twitter.

    Hernández added that the Nicolás Maduro government would continue democratizing the land, a process that began 20 years ago when former president Chávez launched the Land Law. The historic 2001 legislation laid conditions for campesinos to rescue over 60 percent of large idle estates and receive land titles, with small and midsize producers currently accounting for an estimated 70 percent of food production. The land redistribution process slowed down in recent years, with campesino organizations staging several high profile demonstrations to oppose policies favoring landowning interests.

    Former Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza also attended the Santa Inés commemorative event, where he delivered the land titles and visited different areas. On Monday, the ruling United Socialist Party (PSUV) announced that the high-profile official would be the candidate for the re-run of the Barinas governor election on January 9, 2022.

    "It is a privilege to hear criticism, to be interpellated and feel the love of these giants of resistance and dignity. With the people's wisdom, we will find definitive solutions [to rural issues]," Arreaza wrote on social media.

    Additionally, Venezuela’s Attorney General Tarek William Saab opened an agrarian prosecutor’s office to address campesino struggles and demands. The announcement comes after rural populations have staged several rallies in recent months to denounce a “landowner offensive.” The Campesino Struggle Platform celebrated the decision, stating it is a step towards "justice in the countryside."

    Over 350 campesinos have been killed over the past 20 years, reportedly by hired assassins sent by powerful landowners. Campesino organizations have pointed the finger at the Cattle Ranchers Federation (FEDENAGA), a powerful guild pushing to reform the 2001 Land Law. However, the Maduro administration has promised to leave the legislation untouched.

    In recent months, the country’s rural sector has emphasized that the majority of the targeted killings have gone unpunished, accusing local judicial authorities of working in complicity with powerful landowners to criminalize campesinos.

    Venezuela’s rural communities have also been affected by fuel shortages that severely worsened in 2020 due to US sanctions. Campesino producers need diesel to power tractors and transport crops. The scarcity has led to fuel price hikes and reduced agricultural output.

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    Venezuela Εconomic Situation - Page 3 Empty Re: Venezuela Εconomic Situation

    Post  franco Sun Aug 14, 2022 3:00 pm

    Had read somewhere lately that Venezuela was pulling out of the deal the US had authorized for them to ship oil to a couple of European countries and in return the money from the sales was used to pay off Venezuela debt (probably caused in the first place by the US and allies seizing all their assets in the West). Venezuela know says products in trade only. Cannot find a link presently, does some else have it??

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    Venezuela Εconomic Situation - Page 3 Empty Re: Venezuela Εconomic Situation

    Post  GarryB Mon Aug 15, 2022 5:57 am

    The UK seized their gold... never negotiate with terrorists... send in Van Dam...

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    Venezuela Εconomic Situation - Page 3 Empty Re: Venezuela Εconomic Situation

    Post  JohninMK Sun Dec 10, 2023 3:27 pm

    This has nothing to do with the offshore, lighter than Venezuelan, crude. Laughing Laughing

    The claim seems to be based on historical rights of being part of the Spanish Empire, a claim itself based on a 1493 Papal Decree of Pope Alexander VI. After that it gets murky with Dutch and British control before independence in 1970.

    GEROMAN -- time will tell - 👀 --

    Briefly on the development of the situation with the reunification of Western Guyana with Venezuela.
    (via @colonelcassad

    1. The region is officially included in Venezuela as the 24th state. The main justification is historical rights + the results of the referendum in Venezuela,

    2. It will now be called the state of Essequibo-Guyana. Integration of the region into Venezuela should take several years.

    3. A new Venezuelan military governor has been appointed in the region. The regional authorities of Guyana that governed Essequibo are not recognized by Venezuela.

    4. Venezuela is preparing to distribute 120,000 passports to the local population. They haven't started distributing passports yet.

    5. Venezuela is not carrying out full mobilization. Only troops on the Essequibo-Guyana border are at increased readiness.

    6. Venezuelan troops did not enter the territory of Essequibo. There are no serious military incidents yet.

    7. Western companies have until spring 2024 to leave Essequibo-Guyana.

    8. At the initiative of Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana will hold negotiations on a territorial dispute. Russia supports resolving the issue through diplomacy.

    9. The United States and some Western countries oppose the annexation of Essequibo to Venezuela, but have not yet taken any concrete steps against this.

    10. In general, if the United States does not want to intervene (at the cost of abandoning its new policy towards Venezuela), then Maduro has a good chance of incorporating a new region into the country.

    Venezuela Εconomic Situation - Page 3 GA-5KHPWsAICZ4H?format=jpg&name=small

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    Venezuela Εconomic Situation - Page 3 Empty Re: Venezuela Εconomic Situation

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