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    2014 Hong Kong protests


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    2014 Hong Kong protests - Page 2 Empty Re: 2014 Hong Kong protests

    Post  type055 Sat Oct 04, 2014 1:20 pm

    Vann7 wrote:
    magnumcromagnon wrote:The media would make you think that they make up the majority of the population, when in reality (just like in Venezuela) they make up a small minority. Simply put, they're nothing more than astro-turfed 5th-columnist rent-a-mob's.

    CHina is doing a huge mistake by allowing them to organize , stay there for an entire week.. China never had free will for people to paralize a city or a zone.. They cannot use the same tactic of Ukraine of allowing them to continue for months protesting.. that send a wrong message to the young people that they can paralize their city and the police will not arrest them. That was the biggest mistake of Yakunovych ..of backing down and negotiating with people so that they stop protesting.. thats only sends the message that the Hostile Protests.. (like blocking a city)
    is acceptable tactic and that the government will tolerate it. .

    That protest could easily be dispersed if they had Sound control weapons or even water cannons .. but waiting for more people to come ,allowing them to make phone calls and call more.. Russia is clearly not advising China how
    to control the protest.. in Russia such protest will not last more than 2-3 days.Blocking a city traffic. No

    I have seen a few videos and noticed the same mistakes that Yakunovych did of allowing camps and tents inside the protest place.. all that people need to go to the bathroom or eat.. how can they survive 5 days in the same place without being supplied from outside?  Clearly the chinese government is not properly dealing with the hostile
    protest that even though the show their hands as sign of being " unarmed and peaceful" the reality is , that is a hostile protest because is blocking the zone and traffic and business. In peaceful protest Business and traffic are allowed to continue. and they do not interrupt the city normal the chiness are doing that even invaded a Government office.. clearly imitating what the Euromaidan terrorist did in Kiev.. Putin is sitting on his hands ,while CHina are doing mistakes after mistakes in not disbanding the protest.

    here is a video of VICE shows chinese students allowed to block highways , allowed to stay unmolested , allowed to do phone calls they can organize and coordinate better or call more people ,totally stupid. CHina is badly advised how to handle the protest and Russia Government with its Inept president doing nothing..Seem Putin
    prefer to allow things to turn in to a full scale civil war ,and later have a US puppet government in CHINA
    sabotaging Russia.

    Here is how big the protest have been..
    2014 Hong Kong protests - Page 2 ByryprjCAAAg_vU

    Democracy is a FRAUD , is not even mentioned at all in The Constitution of USA. Is a Trap. The majority rules is a majority dictatorship oppressing the minority. and where the majority is fooled and mislead into thinking they have any power or will be listened this is exactly what you have in Ukraine -> a Majority Dictatorship. That send people with baseball bats or guns against anyone who complains about their basic rights . Notice that the chiness are not protesting for more food.. or money.. or against any law ..What the morons are asking is the government of China to allow them to take decisions that they are not prepared and informed to take.  give them  ,that they do not What people really need is basic Rights protected.. regardless if you are majority or minority.. Right to live ,Right to choose , education and health.. etc.. and only the people well informed about geopolitics and economics be the only ones allowed to organize the nation. The same way Gazprom will never hire kids to take decisions about the Future of the company.. the same way China cannot allow those morons to take decisions for the entire Nation ,if they not even understand what they are asking..  This is how USA operates.. Is called Social Engineering. they play with young people emotions , brainwashing them with propaganda and lies and leading them to turn against their own Government ,whenever is not compatible with the white house agenda and goals.

    it's hongkong not mainland china. HongKong is Special Administrative Region, China don't interfere HongKong's decision. Chinese has right to paralize in city, before parade ,people need apply for the action, In british time HongKong never have right to chose their leader . after HongKong come back to China they start to vote. China government want to make sure all candidates are not Gorbachev. Government Chinese Communist Party never said Democracy is not good, they believe USA form Democracy is not fit for the other countries we need develop our own form Democracy. about 1989 event students's very first intention is to solve the corruption , and then upgrade they want to overturn Communist Party , they killed some soldier. then the government had no option, the tragedy happen, all the students leader were sponsored by USA CIA (not from start point ), now they are in USA.

    not like u Imagination , Chinese central government can not totally control HongKong Special Administrative Region. HongKong has highly autonomy, that's why this event can happen. nowadays there is a lot of discussion about which type of political system is best fit for Chinese society , the discussion is everywhere on CHinese websites, Chinese don't ban this discussion. HongKong is like a experimental plot for Chinese, if it work in HongKong , it can work for Mainland China. I definitely think HongKong government should ban parade that organize by CIA puppet.

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    2014 Hong Kong protests - Page 2 Empty Re: 2014 Hong Kong protests

    Post  Vann7 Sun Oct 05, 2014 2:45 pm

    Here is NED .. who they are and how US finance color revolutions..

    From about color revolutions.

    2014 Hong Kong protests - Page 2 En-NED-390-2-35c32

    This is how the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) was created in 1982 [3] and the United States Institute for Peace (USIP) in 1984. Both of these institutions are organically intertwined: NED administrators sit on the USIP board of directors and vice versa.  Legally the NED is a not-for-profit organization under US law, financed by an annual grant voted by Congress as part of the State Department budget. In order to operate, this organization is co-financed by the US Agency for International Development (USAID), which is part of the State Department. This legal structure is used jointly as a cover by the American CIA, the British MI6 and the Australian ASIS (and occasionally by Canadian and New Zealand secret services). wrote:

    The NED presents itself as an agency promoting democracy. It intervenes either directly or using one of its four tentacles: one designed to subvert unions, the second responsible for corrupting management organizations, the third for left-wing parties and the fourth for right-wing parties. It also intervenes through friendly foundations, such as the Westminster Foundation for Democracy (UK), the International Center for Human Rights and Democratic Development (Canada), the Fondation Jean-Jaurès and the Fondation Robert-Schuman (France), the International Liberal Center (Sweden), the Alfred Mozer Foundation (Netherlands), the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, the Friedrich Naunmann Stiftung, the Hans Seidal Stiftung and the Heinrich Boell Stiftung (Germany). The NED thus claims to have corrupted over 6000 organizations throughout the world over roughly 30 years. All of this, of course, under the disguise of training and assistance programs.

    NED was operating in Syria until the civil war they played a major role..  their tactics are like this..
    They do things by steps... they first tell people to protest for their rights for "freedom and democracy" of for whatever thing.. insert_name excuse. it doesn't matter really the reason of the protest.. the goal is to have thousands of people concentrated in one place near Government police. All this citizens are only intending to do a peaceful protest..  then NED coordinates with the CIA the activities so they can hire criminals snipers to use the peaceful protest as a trojan horse . Then this CIA snipers shoot at both sides.. with the intention to made it look
    the police is killing peaceful citizens and turn civilians very angry against their government. Its called manipulation of people rage and anger towards the government they want to remove.. They did this trick in VEnezuela in 2001..and in Ukraine in kiev. the famous snipers shooting at both sides.. they also did in Syria. and the entire Arab spring.. to fuel the violence.. So effectively NED betray the same people they peacefully ask to legally protest without violence. And the peaceful activist does not understand how they were sent to a criminal Trap. Where US Congress money is used to finance really peaceful protest and to finance criminals that they could go dressed as police to fool people. This is why is dangerous today for police to have weapons in peaceful protest.. because CIA snipers could start shooting at protesters ,trying to frame them for the crimes.. after all this is done.. western infiltrated paid media do the rest.. and blame the government for the crimes ,provoking a massive indignation with the civilians population against their government.. not knowing how they were duped and tricked or how they helped in the entire thing without being aware of it.

    Something people need to understand.. specially Georgians and Ukrainians.. is that Americans NEVER give away money for free to foreign nations.. all the foreign aid US congress give to Pakistan/Afganistan/Middle east is to advance their Political ambitions in the creation of a world empire. For the takeover and destruction of any competition.

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    2014 Hong Kong protests - Page 2 Empty Re: 2014 Hong Kong protests

    Post  magnumcromagnon Fri Dec 05, 2014 9:05 pm

    For reference Occupy Central is under the tent where the Chinese letters are highlighted green, the line of people dressed up in white is Hong Kong Police with Chinese letters highlighted blue and there protecting Occupy Central, and the angry mob surrounding them who's fed up with Occupy Central are the majority of the Hong Kong residents, with Chinese letters highlighted yellow. This is something you didn't see in Pro-NATO media:

    2014 Hong Kong protests - Page 2 BzFYBdlIIAAeCLp

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    2014 Hong Kong protests - Page 2 Empty Re: 2014 Hong Kong protests

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