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    Greetings Comrades !!


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    Greetings Comrades !! Empty Greetings Comrades !!

    Post  CSTOSCOcomrade Tue 09 Oct 2012, 13:38

    Hello friends , My name is Farzan Alikhanov , i have my roots in Pakistan and Uzbekistan , though originally i am from Tajik-Kazakhstani nationality , I spent part of my childhood in Novosibirsk and am currently 19 y/o and settled in Islamabad , Pakistan . As per my education currently im a part of the british standard A level degree after which i plan to further with an MBBS in Bishkek , Kyrgyzstan and yes i am studying for medical primarily.

    As per religion im a muslim , ( Non Radical , Orthodox )

    I view a great interest in the military of russia and i support the country overall , generally russia is still a homeland to me as it was earlier sure history has changed but our cultures have been tied with one blood , and i adhere complete loyalty to russia and her allies , generally i support all of CSTO and SCO and always have and will continue to view myself of this great pact , i've always supported the country and view it with a till death pride , Russia is a great nation , with what is in my view the strongest military to set foot on the ground , to me russia brings justice control and order to the world and it's allies ,

    I Demean NATO and do not support it in any way or method , I am against it whole heartedly , because where ever NATO goes , bombs follow .. and they usually have no reason to invade weak puppet countries except for oil. And I think Russia is better than NATO stronger too , it's a country that learns from it's mistakes , sure we all fall down but when russia rises again she is twice as stronger as before ,it gets only better.

    But i am a friend to all who are a friend to russia ,

    Thanks !

    russia russia russia

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    Post  KomissarBojanchev Tue 09 Oct 2012, 15:58

    welcome Nice to have a supporter of an alliance that may stop rampant imperialism of the new entente cordiale(NATO).
    I hope one day the the republics will unite into a new powerful USSR.

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    Post  GarryB Wed 10 Oct 2012, 08:45

    welcome Smile

    It seems in your enthusiasm you have created two introduction posts, so I will delete the other thread, and welcome you here too. Smile

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    Post  ricky123 Wed 10 Oct 2012, 09:22

    welcome bro welcome

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    Post  flamming_python Fri 09 Nov 2012, 10:42

    Good to see a friendly comrade from our near-abroad. Dobro pozhalovat!

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    Greetings Comrades !! Empty Re: Greetings Comrades !!

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