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    P-500 Bazalt / P-1000 Vulcan


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    P-500 Bazalt / P-1000 Vulcan - Page 3 Empty Re: P-500 Bazalt / P-1000 Vulcan

    Post  kvs Mon Oct 11, 2021 4:44 pm

    owais.usmani wrote:
    ALAMO wrote:This is torn apart and burning down to the waterline hulk. If that is not critical to you, then what? Laughing

    The size of those missiles imply that the ship should have been disintegrated into a million pieces.

    Most of the ship is empty volume. The gases from any explosive only have to puncture a few holes (as evident) to stop any
    disintegration. If you want a ship to be blown into a million pieces, then send a small nuke.

    People's intuition is worth nothing. It is based cheesy mass entertainment. For example, the inane billowing fire explosions
    in space. There is no billowing in space since there is no air and no pressure to overcome. So any explosion would be like
    rapidly dissipating halo. You can see this from the exhaust plume of rockets heading into space.


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    P-500 Bazalt / P-1000 Vulcan - Page 3 Empty Re: P-500 Bazalt / P-1000 Vulcan

    Post  Isos Mon Oct 11, 2021 6:07 pm

    That's an empty ship. No fuel no weapons.

    A warship would have fuel, aviation fuel, weapons, more electrical wires that help propagate the fire.

    The 1000kg would knock out most of the crew.

    Moreover that ship is a project 304 workshop ship that has a length of 120m. You can see the hole is a least 10m which is huge. The internal damage should also be much wider.

    And with such hit all the systems wouldn't work anymore.

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    P-500 Bazalt / P-1000 Vulcan - Page 3 Empty Re: P-500 Bazalt / P-1000 Vulcan

    Post  ALAMO Mon Oct 11, 2021 6:39 pm

    You can always go for Marvel to see some more satisfying explosions Very Happy
    This one is as good as it is.
    For several revealed films with P-500 family hits, it is clearly visible it is capable to penetrate a large vessel from stern to bow.
    All way long.
    That would kill any ship. Functionally any.

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    P-500 Bazalt / P-1000 Vulcan - Page 3 Empty Re: P-500 Bazalt / P-1000 Vulcan

    Post  GarryB Tue Oct 12, 2021 10:25 am

    If you think of the complex structure of a boat as being like a building but with smaller rooms... if you have a long narrow building and you essentially drive a truck through it from one end to the other with fuel and a HE warhead also exploding and burning on the way....

    On a ship the way you fight a "hit" is containment... limit the damage to a very small area and try to put the fires out as quickly as you can... even if you have to flood that section... because fire is very very dangerous in any ship or sub or building if it spreads out of control.

    The impact of these big missiles spreads the damage and the fire as far as it possibly can as its kill mechanism.... just looking at the ship most of the places where people would be located just got torn to pieces by a missile travelling through spreading shrapnel and flames probably killing most of the people in those compartments straight away.... the area that has been damaged and is on fire compounded by a crew that has also be largely incapacitated would make that hit devastating... all the more so because on an operational ship with lots of vertical launch tubes containing HE and rocket fuels of several types would also have been penetrated and set on fire... so the secondary explosions would ensure that ship is dead meat.

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    P-500 Bazalt / P-1000 Vulcan - Page 3 Empty Re: P-500 Bazalt / P-1000 Vulcan

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