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    Post  George1 Wed Dec 11, 2019 1:58 pm

    Argentine Navy Gets L'Adroit Gowind French Patrol Ship

    On December 6, 2019, in Toulon, a ceremony took place by the French shipbuilding association Naval Group to the Argentine fleet of the L'Adroit Gowind type patrol ship, formerly part of the French Navy. The ship received the traditional name for the Argentinean fleet Bouchard in honor of the famous Argentine captain of French descent Hipolito de Bouchard (1780 - 1837), and is due to arrive in Argentina on or about December 23.

    Recall that in November 2018, the Ministry of Defense of Argentina entered into a contract worth 319.02468 million euros for the acquisition in France and four patrol ships of the Gowind type. Under the contract, Argentina acquired the P 725 L'Adroit Gowind patrol ship, which was previously part of the French fleet, and ordered the construction of three more of the same type Gowind OPV 90 patrol ships of the French company Kership (a joint venture of the French Naval Group and the French shipbuilding company). Piriou company). The construction of three 87-meter-long patrol ships of the Gowind OPV 90 type for the Argentinean Navy will be carried out at the Naval Group's arsenal in Loriana with delivery in 2021 and 2022.

    This contract was the first order Argentina new warships in more than 30 years. The contract is financed through a credit line provided to the Argentine government by a consortium of banks consisting of Credit Agricole, Natixis and Banco Santander.

    The first patrol ship L'Adroit, now received by Argentina, was built in 2010-2011 in the arsenal in Loriana at its own expense by the French shipbuilding association DCNS (current Naval Group) as the lead demonstrator ship of the Gowind type in the OPV 90 design variant (in construction and on tests had the temporary name Hermes). In 2012, L'Adroit was leased to DCNS by the French Navy for a three-year term for use as a patrol ship; since 2015, the lease term was extended on the basis of annual agreements, but in 2018 the ship was withdrawn from the French Navy and returned to the Naval Group. In the past few years, the Naval Group has been actively looking for a buyer abroad for this ship and eventually sold it to Argentina.

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