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    Russian Cruise Missiles Thread


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    Re: Russian Cruise Missiles Thread

    Post  George1 on Fri Dec 29, 2017 9:49 am

    Club-T rocket complex

    According to the "Jane's Missiles & Rockets" magazine in James Bingham's article "Novator reveals new Club system, missile and range details", at the international defense and space exhibition Gulf Defense & Aerospace held in Kuwait in December 2017, the Russian JSC "Experienced Design Bureau" Innovator "named after L.V. Lyuliev "(Ekaterinburg, part of the JSC" Concern VKO Almaz-Antey ") for the first time introduced a new ground-based mobile version of its Club missile system (export version of the Caliber complex), designated Club-T.

    Unlike the first shown on the air show MAKS-2007 of the similar ground mobile complex Club-M (equipped with anti-ship missiles of types 3М54КЭ and 3М54КЭ1 and cruise missiles 3М14КЭ), the Club-T complex in the current version is intended only for the use of modified cruise missiles for the destruction of ground targets 3М14Э1 . Accordingly, the target designation means with the corresponding machine were removed from the complex, and only self-propelled launchers on the MZKT-7930 chassis with the wheel formula 8x8 are left, on each of which six transport-launch containers with cruise missiles 3M14E1 are placed.

    What exactly is the cruise missile version of the 3M14E1 differs from the previously demonstrated 3M14E / KE rocket, is not disclosed. Although officially, the Novator OKB Novator declares the range of the 3M14E1 missile at 275 km, but Mikhail Pakhomov, the head of the Novator's foreign relations department, confirmed at the exhibition in Kuwait that the range can be increased to more than 300 km that will exceed the limits of the Missile technologies (MTCR). The mass of the missile's warhead in accordance with the MTCR limits is declared at 450 kg.

    It is reported that the launch of cruise missiles from the Club-T launcher can be carried out within 15 minutes of deployment, launching the missiles at intervals of 5-10 seconds.

    Pakhomov said that they are close to completing the integration of the anti-ship missiles 3M54E and 3M54E1 into the Club-T complex (as you can understand, their application is supposed to be based on external target designation data).

    Also, the Novator Design Bureau at the exhibition in Kuwait presented materials on the new version of the 3M14E sea-launched cruise missile designated 3M14TLE intended for underwater launching from vertical submarine launchers (the Club-S system).

    The bmpd comment. Presumably, the self-propelled launchers of the Club-T complex are analogous to the most alleged US attacks on allegedly "extended" launchers of the Iskander-M version of the complex with the notorious 9M729 cruise missiles, according to the American side allegedly violating the terms of the Treaty on the Elimination of Missiles average and shorter range of 1987.

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    Re: Russian Cruise Missiles Thread

    Post  miketheterrible on Fri Jan 05, 2018 12:11 am

    Guaranteed that this is no secret that such system is being showcased. Simply because Club-T would be a system to pretty much counter US if they decide to break the INF treaty and having a ready to launch six Kalibr missiles with 2,000km would be the most ideal system to field.

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