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    "Poseidon" Nuclear-armed Underwater Drone


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    Post  kvs on Fri Jan 24, 2020 3:57 am

    GarryB wrote:At university I had a lecturer that was in the CIA and he mentioned a few potential reasons for Kennedys death... but the most likely was a combination of the mob and the CIA... the mob wanted their casinos and hotels in cuba back because it made a lot of money for them, and the CIA wanted payback for the Bay of Pigs fiasco... it is my understanding that they lose a few agents in that incident.

    Also important was that Kennedy used mob muscle and support to get in to power and then went hard on organised crime once in office which they also saw as a betrayal...

    JFK was the luckiest president they ever had... he died before they found out what a censored  he really was so JFK became jesus f'ing christ...

    You are mentioning the routine spin that I have seen in every western documentary on the subject. Cops die routinely in the line of service. There are no
    assassinations "in revenge". The Bay of Pigs was not a fiasco because of JFK. The CIA failed all by itself. So killing JKF would hardly be so urgent and immediate.
    As for the mob, what exactly did Kennedy do that would take them way outside their safety zone of operations? The FBI was hardly rooting out the mob in the
    USA as was evident by its activity long after JFK's death.

    The response of JFK to the "Soviet threat" is the real story and actually overlaps the Bay of Pigs. The US elites wanted a full blown invasion of Cuba because
    they drink their own piss-fermented koolaid and basically had no clue about the power of the USSR. JFK was making peace overtures to the USSR instead
    of acting like the USA was a hyperpower, that made him into a Trump in the eyes of modern day Democraps. Hillary wanted to fight Russia in Syria. Trump
    knows better and has not even tried. So the Bay of Pigs was all about internal US elite ambitions and their view that JKF was soft on the USSR. These
    turds did not get anything after they murdered JFK but they a psychopaths and sociopaths so it is not like they would show remorse or something.

    By contrast, the "palace coup" in the USSR removed the maggot known as Khruschev. Which is probably why the testicles of the US shrank and there
    was no invasion of Cuba and redeployment of the secret IRBMs back to Turkey after JFKs assassination. The US elites need a traitor in the "enemy" (aka victim)
    camp to lubricate their victories.

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