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    Russian Radar systems



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    Re: Russian Radar systems

    Post  Austin on Tue Jul 04, 2017 7:13 am

    operating either in active mode at X-, S-band frequencies, or in passive mode at L-, S-, C-, X-, Ku-frequencies.

    I wonder what they mean by Passive Mode

    Can any one who understands Russian tell us what they are trying to say about these Radars.

    Does this mean X and S Band Radar are APAR and L-, S-, C-, X-, Ku-frequencies uses PESA ? or is this something else ?


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    Re: Russian Radar systems

    Post  Austin on Tue Jul 04, 2017 7:20 am

    Ok I found the answer on the Manuf website

    It seems X and S band are AESA radar while the rest are PESA system.

    The Entire Radar Suite is quite good can be upscaled for Frigate ,Destroyer and Cruisers with common mast concept


    JSC "Zaslon” has substantial scientific, engineering and production capacities for design and manufacture of sophisticated radioelectronic systems and air and marine systems, including information management and processing systems.
    Multi-purpose navy radar system "Zaslon” is designed for:

    Illumination of the air, surface and signal environment with active radar channels of X and S wavelength bands and passive radar channels of L, S, C, X, Ku wavelength bands, with their operation adapted to the existing environment and ship's priority tasks
    Active jamming (in Х, Кu frequency bands) and active jamming equipment control
    Target designation to weapon control systems
    Control of shipboard gun mounts

    Additionally, “Zaslon” navy radar can ensure radio monitoring in short-wave and VHF wavelength bands.

    “Zaslon” navy radar ensures solution of the following tasks:

    Search, detection and tracking of air targets, low-altitude pin-point targets, surface targets, shore-based radiocontrast targets
    Automatic recognition and classification of tracked targets
    Detection of radiation sources, recognition of radiating equipment classes and types, including those in the far-field region
    Estimation and analysis of electronic environment, position finding of jamming sources
    Active countermeasures
    Control of passive jamming equipment
    Weapons control
    Information support to the benefit of flights of fighters, ground attack aircrafts, shipboard helicopter on patrol and search-and-rescue problem missions, etc.
    Automatic performance monitoring and troubleshooting
    Recording of information processing results, worked out decisions and conditions of mating systems
    Personnel simulated training

    Use of directional pattern electronic scanning, special modes and algorithms of target surveillance, acquisition and tracking in “Zaslon” navy radar ensures short response time, high throughput rate, exact target designation accuracy, and thus highly efficient use of mating systems' possibilities.

    “Zaslon" navy radar has substantial possibilities for update, since design of its component parts allows changing the equipment components and tasks to be solved, depending on the ship purpose. “Zaslon" navy radar capacities are adaptable to various functions to be fulfilled in combat conditions.

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