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    US Foreign Policy and Diplomacy under Joe Biden


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    US Foreign Policy and Diplomacy under Joe Biden - Page 5 Empty Re: US Foreign Policy and Diplomacy under Joe Biden

    Post  GarryB Mon Jul 31, 2023 3:33 am

    Niger Military says they should keep their aid and give it to their millions of Homeless people in the United States of America. Charity begins at home

    Hahaha... that is so funny... and so rare... because normally most people cannot refuse free money, but these guys obviously realise the cost of the free money is to remain poor and remain a colony of the west... that aid is not charity, it is chains around your foreign policy and your future.

    (Should add that most US aide is more like gift vouchers that can expire at any time, but have to be used in their store on their products only and normally involve having to buy military weapons they want to sell to you... and the costs of maintenance and operational costs often dwarf the original sum of the aide. I remember a country getting hundreds of Huey helicopters but they were all worn out and it cost them a fortune to get them up to airworthy levels... money they had to spend with US companies who made a fortune. I seem to remember they only put a small fraction into service and used the rest for parts.)

    They say don't look a gift horse in the mouth, well if it is going to cost you more than it is worth then you should.

    The Western spin is that “most G20 countries” wanted to condemn Russia in Ukraine. Nonsense. Diplomatic sources hinted it might be in fact a 50/50 split. Condemnation comes from Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, UK, US and EU. Non-condemnation from Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkiye and, of course, Russia.

    Graphically: Global South against Global North.

    But the divide is not really north and south... Russia and China and Turkey are not south and Australia is not north... the reality is that it is the colonial west or fully colonised so Europe and Japan/SK/Canada/US/Australia vs the rest of the world.

    The world doesn't benefit when you have a small minority super rich and everyone else scrambling in the dust for enough to survive... we do need to get rid of the consumer society and start making things to last and to make things more reusable, but we also need to work so that everyone can enjoy their lives and not just work themselves to death for the factory owner to have a comfortable life.

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