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    What is your hobby


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    Post  d_taddei2 Wed Oct 26, 2022 3:04 am

    I use to collect Soviet military items but sold most of them only a handful left now mostly deactivated arms. Collecting Old cars but yet again sold a few left with one as my daily driver. Travelling to less visited areas such as North Korea, Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan Tajikistan, Somaliland, Transnistria, and been Chernobyl three times second time stayed five days in the zone. And was in Donetsk city back in 2014 when it was takeover by Donbass militia. Now I mostly spend time between Scotland and Kenya/Uganda. Also enjoy walking, historic sites, standing stones, castles etc. Soviet architecture and monuments, Soviet cars, And of course Soviet and Russian military equipment I think the interest never left me after leaving the forces as it was one of the areas of my role while serving in British Army. Also a supporter of Scottish independence.

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    What is your hobby - Page 4 Empty Re: What is your hobby

    Post  Werewolf Wed Oct 26, 2022 10:34 am

    GarryB wrote:BTW Werewolf... if you are a professional in Linux... what do you know about Caspar... from what I can find it seems to be the equivalent of Ventoy but with the added advantage of saving settings making all the changes and preference you set when you boot up an OS saveable on the device so if you shut down you don't have to set everything up again making each OS a portable computer on a drive...

    Sorry Garry!
    I have read it while on work and then totally forgot to reply to your question.

    I personally haven't tried Caspar and heard it first time from you.
    We usually use ventoy as it is easy to use and we have some apprentices who need to show consistent work and due to inexperience they might change something that might affect later on work at a customer's server.

    However, it sounds great for personal use I will have to try it once I am at home and have time.

    Sorry for the long ass time letting you wait with no information on that matter :/

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    What is your hobby - Page 4 Empty Re: What is your hobby

    Post  Airbornewolf Sat Nov 12, 2022 7:42 am

    lets just call it a hobby out of necessity.

    some here know i am an adult living solitary.
    I wanted to migrate to Russia, but those plans are shot for the moment.
    I am western European, and Russia decided (understandably) to give EU citizens the same kind of shit that the EU imposed on Russian citizens looking to migrate.
    ..unless you are looking for someone to promote Russia to the West and want to offer me an RF passport and permanent job, Kremlin Razz. Call me!! Razz

    Living standards are going rapidly downhill here in Europe where housing and utility's are going are becoming unobtainable if you are single.
    I am not exactly living on the lower-income scale, so i have room to maneuver.

    I live in a rental home right now, but i only utilize one room in the house.
    Living in the millitary barracks for over an decade just hard-wired me to cram all i need in a tiny bit of personal space.
    I seriously do not know what to do with an full-sized house.

    There are heavy energy regulations in Europe.
    For example, if you buy an older house now, it has to meet tight energy conservation standards and you need to invest heavily in isolation and electrical heat pumps.
    As my Russia migration plans are torpedoed, i want to solve my housing issue without ending being an slave to mortage and payments.

    It is a difference of paying 300.000 euro's for an house, with the need to upgrade to environmental/isolation norms.
    or 100.000 for an fully equipped Tiny home, excluding the "green" solutions i want to build in and the plot of land.
    It is for me a no-brainer.
    I will eliminate my mortgage quickly and free myself from the serious financial obligations to spend my money elsewhere.

    I am currently setting up to make preparations for an "tiny home" or known as an micro home.
    If you never heard of it, this gives a good idea.

    What is your hobby - Page 4 Captu123

    Except i want an permanent type with connections to permanent connection utilities like sewage ,water, gas, electricity.
    I do plan on investing heavily on self-sustainability

    Currently i am lining up the requirement of solar panels and wind turbines, storage in home battery's for daily need and other facility's like water reclamation and heating/cooling of the home by running air-conditioning/heat exchange trough the deep ground.

    I have informed several party's i want a small plot of land with utilities that is near forests.
    So it is a waiting game now.

    In Europe, Gas and Power will be the new gold. so i plan to cut this all out of my bills.
    The house will be a smart home, so all will be directed by smartphone or voice controlled.
    Plenty of RGB lighting as well, i just love the (retro) future lifestyle.
    Being a programmer just makes it easier to realize all of that, to get the shit working as you want.

    Anyway, i am pretty excited to get my own little piece of Eden here. Living the Solitary minimalist dream.
    my first choice was being an part of St. Petersburg. But if i pull this off i would be very happy too.
    We all have to make due with the means that are given to us. Very Happy

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    What is your hobby - Page 4 Empty Re: What is your hobby

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