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    What is your hobby


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    Post  GarryB Wed May 15, 2024 9:36 pm

    It must be great to ride a bike in New Zealand

    More and more cycle tracks appearing everywhere, it is a nice way to travel if you are not in a hurry and the weather is good.

    I read in a newspaper a few years ago that a Chinese man was sending his son to study at Otago University but the flights went to Christchurch. He looked at a map and thought it was not far between Christchurch and Dunedin and instead of buying a ticket to fly from Christchurch to Dunedin he told his son to buy a bicycle and just ride down.

    It is about 300km distance and it took him a week... welcome to New Zealand...

    Currently i am lining up the requirement of solar panels and wind turbines, storage in home battery's for daily need and other facility's like water reclamation and heating/cooling of the home by running air-conditioning/heat exchange trough the deep ground.

    How is that going?

    BTW I have heard of some island nations in the Pacific buying used EV cars and using their batteries as a power source for homes for lighting.

    They are no good for moving a vehicle around any more but if you buy a couple you can use them for lighting and heating etc and most second hand EV cars are not worth anything and are getting dumped.

    You could get four battery arrays from four vehicles and use them as a solar and wind storage bank... of course check on the internet and look for Chinese cars and buy two and put one in your house and use the other as a method of transport.

    Having water tanks up high is a good thing too in terms of pressure and capturing water with your roof design can keep it full, but an exercise bike that drags water up to fill the tank would be useful too. An exercise bike powered lift system for delivering things to the top floor would be good exercise and useful.

    Just be very careful with those batteries... maybe a fire proof containment around them or maybe have them in an external shed to prevent a short circuit or over heating risk burning your place down.

    I personally like the idea of small homes, though many have the core problem of no parking for more than one vehicle... modern people will have a work vehicle and a family vehicle and sometimes even a fun vehicle for holidays or adventures.

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    What is your hobby - Page 5 Empty Re: What is your hobby

    Post  nomadski Mon Jun 10, 2024 1:46 am

    Anyone can do this . Make a small brick kiln . Fire with wood or coal . Use small fan ( old hair dryer ) to reach high glazing temperature . Relax your soul ! ASMR .

    Very Happy

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