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    Vladimir Putin Thread


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    Vladimir Putin Thread - Page 31 Empty Re: Vladimir Putin Thread

    Post  franco Mon Jan 29, 2024 4:52 pm

    This funny poem about Putin is popular among the Russians. Nancy Pelosi should read it 😁

    Outside the window there is rain and hail.
    It's Putin's fault!
    The cat abandoned the kittens -
    It's Putin's fault!
    The girl abandoned the bunny -
    Guess who is guilty?!
    Our Tanya is crying loudly -
    Putin is nearby, no less!
    The lights went out, the fence fell,
    The car's engine stalled,
    A healthy tooth was removed
    Or a thief broke into the apartment,
    You didn't like the movie
    You've stepped into shit...
    For any cataclysm
    There is only one explanation...
    Every democrat knows -
    It's Putin's fault!
    Who pissed the elevator at my entrance yesterday?
    Believe me, comrades,
    This is Putin's fault!
    I got real drunk
    This is Putin's tricks!
    A pile of shit under the table -
    It's Putin's fault!
    The toilet is clogged -
    This is Putin's order,
    It was him who threw a lot of cigarette ends there,
    Drained the water - and ran away!
    At night he steals bed linen,
    Breaks the glass in our windows,
    Dances drunk in the yard...
    It's all Putin!
    There is no escape from this villain!
    He writes obscenities on the walls,
    Breaks the bushes in the alley.
    This is all Putin!
    Liberals are getting wet by the rain -
    Putin laughs merrily.
    Has your dacha flooded?
    This is Putin, no less!
    Did a thunderstorm catch you on your way?
    The Kremlin's hand did it!
    Cold, wind, snowfall -
    Putin is to blame again.
    Your roof was blown off in a hurricane?
    This is Putin taking revenge!
    Storm, tsunami, flood?
    This is Putin, without a doubt!
    Rainfall, landslide, cyclone -
    Of course he is to blame.
    Mudflow, avalanche, rockfall?
    It’s clear: Putin is to blame!
    Tornado, typhoon, earthquake -
    There is no escape from Putin!
    Did a crow peck you at your head?
    She is a Putin's special agent.
    Are bees and wasps stinging you?
    This is Putin's Special Forces.
    Do you see this bumblebee?
    He serves the Kremlin!
    If you believe in all this -
    You'be just being paranoid 😁

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    Vladimir Putin Thread - Page 31 Empty Re: Vladimir Putin Thread

    Post  GarryB Tue Jan 30, 2024 5:21 am

    The problem is that Ukraine blames all their problems on Russia and if you think that is OK, Germany blamed all its problems on the Jews and Russia too... where did that go... but more importantly where did that end for Germany.

    Ironic that the Soviets actually saved Germany from Nazism... seems HATO needs to be saved from the same...

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    Vladimir Putin Thread - Page 31 Empty Re: Vladimir Putin Thread

    Post  JohninMK Tue Jan 30, 2024 4:40 pm

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    Vladimir Putin Thread - Page 31 Empty Re: Vladimir Putin Thread

    Post  ALAMO Fri Feb 02, 2024 9:46 pm

    Couldn't find a better thread scratch

    Garry/George, please put it where you consider if needed.

    The point is, that there is no need to watch TV, hear the talking heads, what they will figure out.
    In the last 20 years, I have figured that there is only one source of what will be happening on the Russian front.
    It is what VVP said.

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    Vladimir Putin Thread - Page 31 Empty Re: Vladimir Putin Thread

    Post  Kiko Fri Feb 09, 2024 6:32 pm

    Putin has turned the picture of the world of the colonialists upside down, by Marat Bashirov, political scientist, professor at HSE, for VZGLYAD. 02.09.2024.

    This is an information bomb, a breakthrough. Tucker did something that will go down in history. He has done great things for the safety of the world. It sounds strange that a journalist, and not the President of the United States, is the peacemaker, but this is a fact.

    This interview will go down in history and will become one of the most viewed and re-watched. Both because of the way Tucker Carlson behaved and because of how thoroughly President Putin explained Russia’s position. He was in no hurry to convince of anything, he wanted to talk about history, about the reasons for what is happening in the world today. Ultimately, he was not talking about Ukraine, he was talking about world events, about what happened before he became president, what is happening now and what will happen next.

    Tucker Carlson is the entry point into the Western information space. A man who was expelled from the Fox television company, a man who immediately created his own account on YouTube, he is supported by the social network X (formerly Twitter, blocked in the Russian Federation) - all this gives a character of authenticity. People who watch the interview will mostly trust Carlson because he is an independent person who asks questions. During the interview, he asked few questions, he listened carefully, because it all fit into his journalistic logic. He did not prepare this interview for you and us, it is addressed to a global audience.

    This is an information bomb, a breakthrough. Tucker did something that will go down in history. He has done great things for the safety of the world. It sounds strange that a journalist, and not the President of the United States, is the peacemaker, but this is a fact. Carlson raised the question of peace, how to achieve it and what Russia will seek in negotiations about this peace.

    Now Carlson will probably be defamed, accused of all mortal sins, but this will only add to the intern’s situation. This will work against those who do not want to hear. Everyone wants peace, and President Putin spoke about peace. But those people who will attack Tucker Carlson are people who want the war to continue. And this will be reflected exactly like this in the consciousness of an ordinary person.

    Yes Yes. President Putin has turned the picture of this world upside down. The lies of the Anglo-Saxons, French, Germans and other colonialists had to end sooner or later.

    That's it. The world is no longer colonial. Which? Don't know. But definitely not in the “you are sovereign - I am vassal” model.

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    Vladimir Putin Thread - Page 31 Empty Re: Vladimir Putin Thread

    Post  ALAMO Fri Feb 09, 2024 7:46 pm

    It is quite easy to find the interview in English, but I have spent some time to find it in Russian - so maybe I will spare some of you the struggle.

    Edit :

    And this is Scott's opinion to the matter, and believe me - if you are an American or a person far, far away from Russia cultural code, the guy is 100% correct.
    That is something that our Russian team finds a lack, in real is a way to tell things so a person of brand another culture can understand and visualize.

    He made a perfect picture of a sane and responsible leader, so much differ from the thugs that are ruining our lives now here.

    Funny mark - it was aired on judge Neaopilitano YT channel, as Scott was censored there, in a full glory of VALUES Laughing

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    Vladimir Putin Thread - Page 31 Empty Re: Vladimir Putin Thread

    Post  Arkanghelsk Fri Feb 09, 2024 8:17 pm

    Kiko wrote:

    That's it. The world is no longer colonial. Which? Don't know. But definitely not in the “you are sovereign - I am vassal” model.

    Think about the reaction of westoids

    They are howling

    Some make a comparison of Putins history lesson to "Middle Easterns obsessed with history"

    There is a patently racist reaction from the westoids

    They are making all kind of comparisons about Russians and Arabs

    The whole world is watching this shit being thrown in the air to land on westoid faces

    Vladimir Putin Thread - Page 31 Scree180

    A gem, racism for the global south to see

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    Vladimir Putin Thread - Page 31 Empty Re: Vladimir Putin Thread

    Post  TMA1 Sat Feb 10, 2024 2:37 am

    >cultures that fight wars that never end like us? id say fear those who are rootless and have no history as they can be told one thing and then the exact opposite with complete credulity. It is like current year America is A Clockwork Orange and 1984 wrapped into one.

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    Vladimir Putin Thread - Page 31 Empty Re: Vladimir Putin Thread

    Post  ALAMO Sat Feb 10, 2024 9:52 am

    Arkanghelsk wrote:
    A gem, racism for the global south to see

    There is one genial example of the western driven propaganda, constructed all around racism as they understand it.
    The juiciest insult that is sometimes being thrown at Russkie is "you are not Europeans but Mongols".

    Holly cow, that's a strike! Straight bullseye! Yeah, yeah, NAFO claps their hands, all X hikes up, Russkie are finally defeated, Mongols, huh huh huh, good job! Good job fellas! Touch my tiny di#ck, and I will touch yours, mano a mano!

    But wait a minute ...
    Wasn't the Mongolian Empire the biggest ever created on the planet?!? scratch  dunno
    Last time I checked, the westernmost battle they won was near Legnica, which is some 150km east of Prague and Dresden  scratch
    And they have beat the shit out of united European knights army, Templars included?

    Wasn't it even bigger than the peak momentum of the Soviet expansionism? dunno  scratch

    Soooo .... are you, my short-handed nafo gaylord, trying to tell me that being descendants of the biggest empire in history, shall be considered an insult?

    Insult me more, moooore....! Laughing  Laughing  Laughing

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    Vladimir Putin Thread - Page 31 Empty Re: Vladimir Putin Thread

    Post  Hole Sat Feb 10, 2024 12:59 pm

    Part of the Mongol empire is reunited in form of the BRICS. Very Happy

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    Vladimir Putin Thread - Page 31 Empty Re: Vladimir Putin Thread

    Post  kvs Sat Feb 10, 2024 2:44 pm

    The Mongols controlled Korea and parts of Vietnam. They even attacked Japan. They were the largest empire by territory before the age of exploration by the Europeans.

    The Mongol "smear" is retarded. It is pure nazi grade race-tardation. You are "pure" but you have nothing to show for it but genocide. Meanwhile the "mongrels" are building
    the most advanced fast neutron reactors on the planet and developing nuclear powered solar system exploration vehicles. These "smears" are the barking of brain damaged

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    Vladimir Putin Thread - Page 31 Empty Re: Vladimir Putin Thread

    Post  ALAMO Sat Feb 10, 2024 2:51 pm

    If you have no achievements of yours, try to spoil the others.
    It is how it works.

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    Vladimir Putin Thread - Page 31 Empty Re: Vladimir Putin Thread

    Post  Kiko Sat Feb 10, 2024 3:14 pm

    Putin showed a level unattainable by current Western leaders, by Irina Alksnis for RiaNovosti. 02.10.2024.

    Two hundred million views of Vladimir Putin’s interview in less than two days on Tucker Carlson’s X account alone transparently hint that a considerable part of the English-speaking audience is quite ripe to start listening to Russia.

    The West, of course, played it out. Or rather, the Western establishment has played its game. With all due respect to the president, his conversation with Tucker Carlson is just an interview that Putin, like any statesman, has given hundreds, if not thousands, over the course of his career. And even its scale cannot be called unprecedented. Annual Putin direct lines and large press conferences, which have long become commonplace in the country, are in many ways more complex and large events.

    To turn the Russian leader's interview into a world event with wild excitement around it and hundreds of millions of views, Western leaders had to try very hard and make all possible mistakes. However, they turned out to be uncompromising in their stubbornness, ignorance and unprofessionalism - and ensured exactly this result.

    However, what happened reflects one very important idea, which Putin raised several times during the conversation: processes are developing in the world that do not depend on the will of individual people or even entire countries - they are of a deep and much larger scale, planetary and truly historical in nature . Trying to stop them is like trying to stop a tsunami or a sunrise. The most reasonable thing in such circumstances is to accept reality and try to make the most of available opportunities and resources to adapt to new conditions.

    But the Western elites, from whose hands global hegemony is slipping, stubbornly refuse to accept the ongoing changes. They are trying to simultaneously ignore them and stop them, caulking the system they control. As a result, they are wildly surprised by the absolutely natural result when, due to the increased pressure, the boiler simply explodes, causing much more damage than it could have been if the steam had been released little by little, as required by safety precautions and common sense.

    The interview with Carlson turned out to be just such an “exploding cauldron”, and Putin himself multiplied the damaging effect, since the president, with his speech, demonstrated his level as a statesman, who looks incredibly high in itself and simply prohibitive against the background of current representatives of European and overseas politics. Intelligence, excellent memory, broad erudition, the ability to speak beyond a piece of paper and sincere conviction that one is right - such a combination can drive into depression any Russophobe who dares to objectively compare the qualities of the Russian leader and the Western leaders opposing our country. The problem is not only Biden with obvious cognitive problems: one would think that the younger and healthier Macron and Scholz, not to mention the others, are much better and are able to at least somehow compete with Putin. And for citizens not infected with irrational Russophobia, the contrast is all the more striking and it is obvious that for us, Russians, it has long been self-evident: Vladimir Putin is not only the most experienced, but also the most professional national leader in the world at the moment.

    In this sense, the “short lecture on the history of the Ukrainian question” given by the president at the beginning of the interview was a risky, paradoxical and - as it became clear after the fact - brilliant political move. For the more advanced part of the audience, clear explanations were given why Russia considers what is happening in Ukraine to be its own business. For less advanced viewers, lost in the winding twists and turns of the history of Eastern Europe, it nevertheless became clear that current events are not a shake-up of the foundations of the world order, as the global media drives into their heads, but just another stage in a thousand-year historical process.

    However, most importantly, this willingness and ability of Putin to talk to “ordinary people” on complex topics, directly and openly voicing Russia’s position, is radically different from the modern Western approach, which has already completely switched to feeding empty propaganda gum to a wide audience. The result is an impressive effect: even if a person is completely under the influence of a globalist and anti-Russian picture of the world, he cannot help but appreciate Putin’s – and in general, Russian – approach to communicating with the world, and cannot help but fall under his charm to one degree or another.

    This, by the way, is the answer to why Western elites so violently and completely suppress domestic attempts to reach the local audience. It's not just about what Russia says, but also how it says it. Not ideologically verified officialdom with claims to monopolize the ultimate truth, which has become the calling card of the West, but a free and accessible conversation about our country’s view of the world, history, culture, social and political problems. You may not agree with this view, but Russia does not impose it on anyone - it simply defends its right to it. It is not surprising that even before the interview, violent hysteria broke out on both sides of the Atlantic: they knew for sure that Putin’s speech in an uncensored form could have a lethal effect even on the most brainwashed by propaganda. This is exactly what happened in the end: the interview revealed the hypocrisy, deceit and profound incompetence of the Western establishment and the notorious “deep state”. And two hundred million views in less than two days on Tucker Carlson’s X account alone transparently hint that a considerable part of the English-speaking audience is quite ripe to see this for themselves.

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    Vladimir Putin Thread - Page 31 Empty Re: Vladimir Putin Thread

    Post  Rodion_Romanovic Sun Feb 11, 2024 10:40 am

    I Remember having watched, about 10 years ago, a very interesting mini lecture on YouTube about the history of Russia, covering most of those points in a similar way
    It was in Russian (with English subtitles) and it was done by Oles Buzina, a journalist and historian from Kiev.

    Unfortunately I cannot find anymore that video.

    Buzhina there also said that Ukrainians were a type of Russians.

    Here is a comment he gave in 1999
    my ideal is the reconstruction of the Russian Empire, but I am forced to adapt to the ugly conditions of "construction" of an independent Ukraine

    Buzina was very critic of the orange revolution and of euromaidan and denounced many times the political censorship in post-Orange Revolution Ukraine and the prominence of Neonazi there.

    For his safety he should have left Ukraine, as
    at the beginning of 2014 he said on a Russian state-owned TV channel Russia-1 that he was receiving constant death threats.

    One year later,  In April 2015, the Infamous Myrotvorets website (which contains a list of the so called enemies of Ukraine) published his home addresses and a few days later (16 April 2015) Buzina was killed in Kiev on the way between his home and work address.

    Noone has been arrested for this crime.

    Here a couple of links with his interviews

    Oles Buzina wants to imprison Nazis

    April 28, 2009, 21:07

    The writer proposes to introduce criminal liability for Nazi propaganda.
    The famous Ukrainian writer Oles Buzina took the initiative to adopt in the Verkhovna Rada a package of laws that would introduce criminal liability for promoting Nazism and would prohibit the activities of neo-Nazi organizations in Ukraine, and would also clearly define what Nazism is and what extremism is. The writer stated this at yesterday's press conference "Why are Russian books being burned in Kyiv." Let us remind you that last week several stores of the Book Supermarket chain were set on fire in the capital of Ukraine. On the eve of the arson, the owners of the latter received letters demanding that they stop selling Russian-language books, and in particular the works of Buzina.

    “These laws must clearly state that not a single person who has tainted himself by collaborating with the Hitler regime, be it Bandera or Shukhevych, has the right to be cited as positive examples in school textbooks. They must also prohibit the propaganda of the ideological heritage of the OUN as a totalitarian fascist party. Monuments to Bandera need to be demolished just as monuments to Stalin were demolished."

    I recommend also this interview. Since it is quite long I will not post it here but it can be read with automatic translation from Russian.

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    Vladimir Putin Thread - Page 31 Empty Re: Vladimir Putin Thread

    Post  GarryB Mon Feb 12, 2024 3:48 am

    They are making all kind of comparisons about Russians and Arabs

    A lesson for Russia... those in power in the west... politicians and super rich families that control the most powerful companies, see the rest of the world as dirt... something you stay away from because it gets on your clothes... but also something you can throw shit at and grow beautiful roses in. Something they can use. Something they would never allow to marry into the family of course... it would be like the Queen mum walking in on Charles shagging one of her dogs... or being shagged by one of her dogs probably more likely.

    It is good for Russia that the west understands this speech, but it is not good for Russia to try to use it to become best buddies with the west, because the west is broken... they are a ruthless gang that earns money making meth and cocaine and prostitution or all the other depraved sins of man... it is not to Russias benefit to be best buddies with that... of course not suggesting Russians are angels and don't partake in that sort of thing, but not institutionalise it and make it a steady part of your income and culture.

    And the comment: "no wonder no one even in the Russian speaking part of Ukraine wants to be part of Russia".

    The hilarious thing is that in 2014 the Crimea took the first opportunity to become Russian as it presented itself via a democratic referendum, which has been held repeatedly in the region over the last few decades but the results have simple been ignored by Kiev in the past. This time they ignore them again, but it does not matter this time. The regions of the Donbass and Lugansk likely would not have voted to join the Russian Federation in 2014 because they considered themselves to be Ukrainian, but almost a decade of shelling and bombing by Kiev with the full and open support of the entire west has led them to rethink their choices and when given an opportunity they voted to join the Russian Federation.

    Does that mean they are Russian and consider themselves Russian... well I can't answer that you would have to talk to them, but I suspect even the ones who think they are Ukrainian would have voted to join the Russian federation for the same reason most Ukrainians are wanting to join the EU and HATO... because they fear their neighbour and want protection from it.

    Ukrainians who fear Kiev don't get any consideration in the west... they are ignored or called Russian spies or Russian traitors to Ukraine... what they are are victims of western BS and the evil of Kiev... and the evil of the west and the BS of Kiev too. But anyone who tries to defend these people are Putins puppets and useful idiots.

    It is funny that the current trend in the west is inclusion and tolerance... we need to put people who are confused about their own gender or reject what is considered normal in most social circles as being heros to be worshipped and paraded down the street... and if you disagree you need to be fired from your job and hounded by angry mobs like the monster you are... but these people don't see the irony of independent thought becoming the target of social pressure.

    Social pressure is sometimes a good thing... social pressure can stop vandalism and theft, and making a fool of yourself, but these days some people feel the need for attention to be noticed so they try to shock. Are we honestly thinking that encouraging that sort of behaviour moving forward is a good thing for everyone?

    But of course you can't talk about it because if you disagree you are anti alphabet or anti rainbow or some such thing.

    What I love about the rainbow message... first of all black is an absence of light... which has a rather dark meaning... excuse the pun, and there is no brown in a rainbow either... but the funniest thing is that it is the opposite of genetics because when you combine all the colours of the rainbow together you get white light... which as any white supremacist will tell you is the opposite of what happens... mixing colours contaminates them.

    In fact saying white supremacist is unfair because there are plenty of non white parents that don't want mixed race children... I would actually say that is probably quite normal.

    What should not be normal is not accepting the people your children love and want to marry because of the colour of their skin or who their parents are, or not loving your grandchildren or nieces or nephews because they are not the same skin colour as you.

    I don't have any problem with gay people either... you can't decide who you like and who you don't and you certainly can't decide who you love. But I think with genders there are other issues at play... a little girl who likes to get dirty (ie play in the mud, play physical games, climb trees etc) and plays with trucks instead of dolls should not be told maybe you are a boy in a girls body. Let her play with what she wants and if there is a boy who likes dolls and wants to grow his hair long then that is fine too... but often you will find a parent is behind it... the girl likes to be with her dad and will chose things dad likes to spend more time with him... the boy might be getting influenced by his mother who likes long hair and encourages him to grow his longer, etc etc or he has a closer relationship with his mother.

    It seems stereotypes remain. It is funny when you used to see a lesbian couple one would wear jeans and a t shirt and have short hair... almost like one was the guy and one was the girl... maybe the one acting like a man is a man at heart.

    Who knows.

    The real problem is that you are not allowed to even consider discussing such things or you are anti gay or anti this or anti that.

    There was a British comic... I can't remember which one at the moment but he said he is not homophobic, in the way he is not arachniphobic... but if he went to get into a bath and there was a spider or a gay man in there he would scream.

    I think the comedian was Jack Whitehall.

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    Vladimir Putin Thread - Page 31 Empty Re: Vladimir Putin Thread

    Post  Kiko Mon Feb 12, 2024 5:06 pm

    The West is feverishly trying to plug the gap in Russia's information blockade, by Vladimir Kornilov for RiaNovosti. 02.12.2024.

    Vladimir Putin’s interview with American journalist Tucker Carlson certainly opened an incredible hole in the information iron curtain that the West has built around Russia over the past two years. And now the propaganda there is feverishly trying to at least a little patch up this hole. The first reaction was emotional, and over the weekend there were materials claiming to be “analytical” - a kind of “exposure of a session of black magic.”

    The funny thing is that at the same time, senior officials of the White House, quite in the spirit of the famous film “Don’t Look Up,” are calling not to watch Putin’s interview and not to take it into account, but at the same time, a lot of commentators are trying with all their might to explain to viewers and readers what Putin is supposedly wrong about. That is, the formula is simple: we ourselves will explain to you what the Russian President wanted to say, just don’t check the original source.

    One of the main techniques of these propaganda efforts is an attempt to discredit the interviewer. “Putin’s useful idiot” is the most common formulation. At first, without even waiting for the interview, Hillary Clinton called him that. And then the others joined in. For example, leading Financial Times columnist Gideon Rachman even titled his article “How Tucker Carlson Became Putin’s Useful Idiot.” Moreover, at the beginning of the column, Rakhman admitted that the interviewee did not allow himself to be drawn into the internal political struggle of America, and at the end, it seems, the author forgot about what he wrote at the beginning and assured that Putin’s words about Yaroslav the Wise would not affect the vote in the US Congress on arms supplies to Ukraine. It was as if someone had set such a goal for themselves.

    Another “moral authority” of the Anglo-Saxon world has also stepped up - Boris Johnson, mired in scandals over his endless drinking and hopeless lies. He published a column in the Daily Mail newspaper, in which he generally called Tucker Carlson a “traitor to journalism.” At the same time, as the popular American blogger Jack Posobiec correctly noted, the former British Prime Minister did not refute a single statement of the interviewer himself.

    Instead, Johnson drew a strange parallel between Carlson and the American journalists who glorified Hitler in the 1930s. It's strange that he decided to use the American example. Since the same Daily Mail, on whose pages the British ex-prime minister now appears, is the most striking example of the collaborationist press - this newspaper consistently glorified Italian fascism and German Nazism in the 1920s and 30s, and its owner and editor-in-chief published under his signature articles headlined “Hurray for the Blackshirts!”

    For some reason, Johnson didn’t remember this moment. Why? Is it because remember this and another, much more substantiated parallel will appear between the Daily Mail newspapers and other examples of Western propaganda from different eras. It turns out that both then and now they were all united in the Nazi frenzy by hatred of Russia and Russians. After all, even then, while supporting Hitler, the Johnsons of that era justified their ideological choice by the need to fight the “Russian threat.” Almost nothing has changed in a hundred years.

    By the way, Putin spoke about this in his interview, pointing to the ovation that the Canadian parliament and Vladimir Zelensky personally gave to the veteran of the Waffen-SS division, Yaroslav Gunka, not so long ago. Our president asked a logical question: these people should have understood on whose side this “hero” fought, if he fought against the Russians, as was announced in parliament?

    By the way, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau was asked to respond to these words of Putin. To which came the astonishing answer : “Putin, of course, will use whatever propaganda he can use, but I can tell you that Canadians will not be fooled.” Trudeau seemed not to hear the words about applauding the Nazi. Moreover, it has now become clear that the prime minister himself personally invited Gunka to a government reception in honor of Zelensky’s arrival. And who is doing the propaganda here?

    Another country where the interview made waves is Poland, which Putin mentioned several times. The Polish Foreign Ministry even issued a special statement in several languages ​​of the world “refuting” the words of the Russian president. For example, Warsaw angrily declared that the Poles did not collaborate with Hitler until 1939. Although Putin referred to archival documents in an interview. And the Poles know very well what documents he was talking about, since our president had already published them earlier. In particular, the statement of the Polish Ambassador Jozef Lipski that a monument to Hitler would be erected in Warsaw for “solving the Jewish question.” And now the Polish Foreign Ministry is pretending that it does not understand what we are talking about.

    This is roughly how all these “refutations” are structured in the mouths of numerous Western interpreters of Putin’s words. For example, the Associated Press comments on the president’s words about the goals of denazification of Ukraine: “Russian propagandists have repeatedly tried to portray Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky as a neo-Nazi or Nazi supporter, although he is Jewish and claims that three of his relatives died during the Holocaust.” How does this relate to the facts cited by Putin regarding the glorification of Bandera, Shukhevych and their Nazi ideology? It's not connected at all! This is why Western audiences are asked to read a “refutation” of Putin’s words, and not his words themselves.

    Or here’s another example of the same mediocre work from Politico , which quotes Putin as saying that Zelensky “signed a decree prohibiting everyone from negotiating with Russia.” I quote the “refutation”: “President Vladimir Zelensky signed a decree banning negotiations with Putin, and not with Russia as a country.” Sorry what? I will quote the words Zelensky himself said on the day of signing this decree: “We are ready for dialogue with Russia, but with another Russian president.”

    That is, we are talking about a dialogue with a power, and not with a specific person, as Politico lies. And accordingly, Zelensky rules out negotiations with Russia as a whole while Vladimir Putin is president. That's what our current president is talking about!

    And the icing on the cake in this chorus of stupid (to put it mildly) and clumsy “denials” was an article in The Sunday Times by a fashionable expert in Britain and author of motivational books, Matthew Side, who attacked Carlson for not understanding the causes of the war in Ukraine. The Briton is confident that history and ideology have nothing to do with it, and blood is being shed in the struggle for Ukrainian minerals necessary for renewable energy - lithium, cobalt, nickel, which he calls “new gold.”

    Well, quite frankly! So let’s compare these arguments with Putin’s words about the historical and cultural code of our peoples, about the “element of civil war,” and about the fact that the reunification of peoples will inevitably occur. Indeed, we and the West have different goals. They are fighting for the “new gold”, and therefore they do not feel sorry for the Ukrainians - the more of them who die, the easier it will be to then develop the scorched territory. We are fighting for our common soul, which, as Putin said, “no one will be able to divide.” And the West will never understand this!

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