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    France Foreign Policy and Diplomacy


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    France Foreign Policy and Diplomacy - Page 16 Empty Re: France Foreign Policy and Diplomacy

    Post  Kiko Tue Mar 07, 2023 6:40 pm

    Africans subjected Macron to ridicule and humiliation, by Valeria Verbinina for VZGLYAD. 03.07.2023.

    The French president proclaimed "the end of the era of French Africa" ​​- and all in order for the countries of the Black Continent to believe in French neutrality and meet the envoys of Paris better than the representatives of Moscow and Beijing. In reality, everything turned out exactly the opposite: the Africans subjected Macron to ridicule. How did this happen?

    French President Macron returned from a tour of Central African countries, making Gabon, Angola and both Congos happy with his visit. The official purpose of the trip was to participate in the summit with an extensive environmental agenda, as well as to strengthen economic ties.

    As a result - let's pay tribute to the speechwriters - many beautiful words were uttered. “Renewed partnership”, “joint construction”, and even this statement was made : “Africa presents all the opportunities for competition. It is necessary that the conditions for its participants be equal. We must win our place, no more, no less.”

    However, there are suspicions that it will not be so easy to do this, since China, India, Russia and Turkey are the main competitors in the competition. Moreover, none of these countries had colonies in Africa and can easily build relationships that are not burdened by old scores that stretch from the past.

    So that France will not be reminded of them once again, it generously offers to forget everything and switch from the “France-gendarme” format to the “France-businessman” format. So, at least, the strategy chosen by Macron is called in France itself.

    It is understood that it is no longer worth saber-rattling and in general it is too intrusive to remind of oneself. No, no one will disband the remaining French military bases in Africa - at least not yet. Are they bothering anyone? Macron himself is definitely not interfered with, which means that everything is in order. In general, it is necessary to develop trade relations, because business is above all.

    Trade with Africa is in decline - the share of France is estimated at only 4%, while the share of China is 18%.

    Competitors are pushing - especially the French are made nervous by the "Russian bear and the Chinese dragon." Involuntarily, one has to conclude that, despite the declared love for the environment and everything related to nature, President Macron suffers from some kind of strange allergy. Moreover, in the case of the dragon, one cannot even refer to the fact that this is an allergy to wool.

    It would not be a strong exaggeration to say that Macron's strategy fits into the scheme "since we can no longer rob you as our colony, we will rob you under the guise of business, dear equal partners." However, it is naive to think that the people of Africa do not understand this and are not aware of the essence of what is happening.

    There is nothing surprising in the fact that dislike for the former colonialists on the continent is only growing, which greatly complicates France's any attempts to establish friendly relations. The French stubbornly attribute the reasons for this dislike to Russian propaganda, but here the thing is - either the propaganda there is really exemplary, or its seeds have fallen on more than suitable soil.

    And Macron decided to start from scratch. In Gabon, he announced that "the era of Francafrica has come to an end" and that "France is now a neutral state". Francafrica is traditionally referred to as a system of tacit guardianship over African colonies, for the most part once belonging to France.

    Times are changing: before the French could behave like white gentlemen on the continent, and now they can only act as petitioners. And under these conditions, it is extremely important for them to exhibit a certain positive image - at least the image of impartiality and neutrality. “In relation to Gabon, as, indeed, to any other country, France is now a neutral interlocutor who speaks to the whole world,” Macron said.

    However, the local opposition is not too inclined to believe the words of the guest - everyone knows the good relations that exist between the head of state Ali Bongo and Macron. And in the country, elections are coming soon, in which Ali Bongo is also participating. So Macron came to support him?

    Nothing like you might think! Macron only cares about saving the rainforests, and therefore he once agreed with Ali Bongo on a summit in the capital of Gabon, and now he just attended this summit. How can you suspect an environmentalist of some kind of hidden intentions, that saving forests is just a smokescreen? Have mercy!

    French expert Antoine Glaser, however, believes that if saving forests has become just a pretext, then in any case the end justifies the means. “Thirty years after the loss of the colonies, France behaved in Africa as if nothing had happened,” Glaser noted. – In the 1990s, we fell asleep and overslept when Africa began to integrate into the world system. Even our own European partners let us pretend to be a gendarme while they themselves were making money.”

    But it turned out that France is learning fast. For example, Macron’s visit to Angola, which has never been part of Francafrica, is explained not only by the desire to establish joint production of agricultural products, but also by the fact that the French Total launched its tentacles into Angola and has very specific interests related to oil there.

    Another researcher, Jean-Claude Felix-Chikaya, is extremely skeptical about Macron's words about the end of Francafrica and recalls that Francois Hollande, Nicolas Sarkozy and even Jacques Chirac have already stated something similar. “The end of the Francafrica era cannot be simply taken and announced in words, it can only be proved by appropriate actions,” the researcher noted. And if you analyze Macron's actions and compare them with his declarations, the difference cannot be overlooked.

    The so-called neutral France, "the interlocutor who speaks to the whole world," sees its neutrality rather strangely.

    For example, Macron at the same time tried to mediate in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and at the same time figured out how many tanks and howitzers he could supply to the Kyiv regime. And now he is discussing the supply of aircraft and the training of Ukrainian military pilots.

    There can be no question of any neutrality in such conditions. The one who "talks" with the world - or with part of it - in the language of weapons, deserves any name, but not "interlocutor". Africans are well aware of the difference between ardent declarations and the truth.

    In the Congo, for example, Macron was publicly cited at a press conference for both the insultingly condescending attitude, France's unsavory role in the genocide of citizens during the Congo-Rwanda war in the 1990s, and their current refusal to condemn the actions of Rwanda, which creates tension in the region. And when Macron said: “Don’t believe that we have double standards,” this caused an outburst of laughter among the journalists present.

    It is still difficult to say whether France will lose Africa completely or not. As Africa specialist Pauline Bax put it: “Whether we like it or not, Africa is important to France. And France will not leave this continent.”

    * The organization (organizations) are liquidated or their activities are prohibited in the Russian Federation.

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    France Foreign Policy and Diplomacy - Page 16 Empty Re: France Foreign Policy and Diplomacy

    Post  JohninMK Sun Jan 28, 2024 6:05 pm

    The end of an era


    🇲🇱🇳🇪🇧🇫 Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso have announced they are leaving ECOWAS. The collapse of the French neocolonial empire continues. France’s attempts to spoil Russia in Armenia and Ukraine can no longer stop these processes. - ISZ reports

    France Foreign Policy and Diplomacy - Page 16 GE7z0_RXEAAl008?format=jpg&name=small


    France has still a strong presence in Ivory Coast, one of the main world producers of cocoa. They have also a strong presence in Togo and Benin as well as Senegal and Cameroon. They have also strong links in Djibouti, Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco as well as Madagascar.

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