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    French Civil Aircrafts


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    French Civil Aircrafts - Page 2 Empty Re: French Civil Aircrafts

    Post  Isos Tue Nov 12, 2019 2:51 pm

    Aristide wrote:I know France and the USSR were not very friendly towards each other in cold war but also not direct opponents.

    I know the russian TU-144 did fly one time to Paris to be presented here. But did our Concorde also travel to Russia in that time as well?

    I could not find any information for that.

    Tu-144 was briefly used and only inside USSR. Concorde was used btw Europe and USA.

    Both programs failed. Supersonic aircraft are expensive and not people trust the technology. Standard planes have became well proven plateforms with very little accident.

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    French Civil Aircrafts - Page 2 Empty Aeroflot gets its first A350 delivered in Toulouse

    Post  Aristide Mon Jun 29, 2020 7:28 pm

    Aerflot bets in its entire longhaul fleet on Airbus and this is their first A350, which also introduces new livery and product

    French Civil Aircrafts - Page 2 Aeroflot-first-A350-900-delivery-with-letters-01

    French Civil Aircrafts - Page 2 DSC01876-scaled

    As all Aerflot aircrafts, the jet is registered in Bermuda for tax reasons.

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