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    "Poseidon" Nuclear-armed Underwater Drone


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    Post  GarryB on Mon Aug 24, 2020 6:42 am

    Thanks to the choices the US made over the INF treaty Russia is now free to make as many IRBMs and indeed IRCMs as they please... they are smaller and lighter and cheaper than ICBMs and you could probably fit a lot more on a train or a use a much smaller truck launcher to carry them...

    The demand that China be included is ridiculous... even if they demanded that five years ago there would be not enough time to negotiate that... China has so few nukes compared with Russia or the US what are they going to do... demand China add 1200 new warheads to their nuclear long range rocket forces so they can have parity with Russia and the US... China is an independent country but the US will likely demand that Chinas weapons be added to Russias weapons and that means the US can have more weapons... but of course don't include British or French or Israeli weapons in that equation...

    It would take a decade to negotiate a new treaty that includes China even if they are interested and I rather doubt they would be.

    But even if they did agree to something in time, why would Russia agree to having Chinese weapons added to theirs for limits... and you can bet the Americans will start making all sorts of demands over new Russian weapons and technologies, but will try to keep their own kill bot drones...

    The US is threatening to bury Russia by outspending them... and making them bankrupt themselves... hasn't worked so far, but by all means go ahead America... see if you can out shop the Russians at the weapons store... it is like a gambler threatening to beat another gambler by spending way more money to get the other guy to go bankrupt trying to keep up.

    The Russians have not gone bankrupt yet and the US already spends more than 10 times more on their military.

    When the US is spending 100 times perhaps they will win.

    It is like sanctions... they are not working... in most cases they are making Russia more independent, but they are certainly not making Putin change any of his policies... the answer is obviously more sanctions... Rolling Eyes

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    Tsavo Lion
    Tsavo Lion

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    "Poseidon" Nuclear-armed Underwater Drone - Page 14 Empty Re: "Poseidon" Nuclear-armed Underwater Drone

    Post  Tsavo Lion on Mon Aug 24, 2020 11:39 pm

    The US is threatening to bury Russia by outspending them... 
    Decision makers here know that it won't work this time. Russia has demonstrated that she can field asymmetric systems, & it'll be the US who spends more to catch up- that's why they r working on/getting long range CMs, hypersonics, Virginia SSGNs, naval tanker UAVs, tilt-rotors, & Israeli developed BMD. 

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