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    Tutorial on Quoting. Very Important you read this...


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    Tutorial on Quoting. Very Important you read this... Empty Tutorial on Quoting. Very Important you read this...

    Post  GarryB Mon Feb 19, 2018 5:12 am

    There is an existing rule about quoting something you are replying to, and it basically states that you should only requote the part you are replying to... DO NOT requote an entire post just to reply to part of it.

    To quote a part of someone elses post the easiest way I have found is to start by simply right clicking on the reply button on that page and choosing the open in another tab option. This opens a new tab that you can type your reply into.

    If you click back to the tab with the original thread you are replying to you can then highlight the piece of text you want to reply to and press the control key and the letter c... this will copy the text into clipboard memory. You can then click on the tab with your reply page on and across the top of the reply area is a large number of icons that are tools you can use. Place your mouse arrow over each one to see what they are called... in this case the one you are after is the one that looks like a speech bubble... when you place your mouse arrow over it the word 'Quote' appears... click that button and a dialog box appears that gives you the option to type in the Authors name (the name of the person you are quoting.

    If you just click on insert then it will put in the text area the HTML code to generate a quote.

    HTML code works like brackets... you need an open and a closed bracket for it to work.

    Here is an example of what not to do:

    miketheterrible wrote:
    zorobabel wrote:
    miketheterrible wrote:
    zorobabel wrote:14 Wagner PMCs were killed in the DeZ attack:

    no.  No they weren't.  Pravda was tabloid in the past, still is now.

    I can see dozens of fake news from Reuters and alike all talking about unnamed sources indicating this or that.

    Its all bullshit, with no facts to back it up.  Its rather getting tiring how stupid many of you are in believing this crap.  Its even more funny how easily respectable news papers have now become nothing more than tabloids in the last couple of years.

    Goes to show that people are really stupid in general.
    Pravda is a tabloid?

    Was during the 80's in SU, is now. Nothing but garbage.  Want media that's honest in Russia? Tass and Ria. and vesti are also pretty straight forward.

    This is what the code looks like... note the multiple quote names at the start?

    Tutorial on Quoting. Very Important you read this... Untitl10

    If you want to quote someone just type the word quote at the start of the quote and /quote at the end and put both the start and end words (quote) in square brackets... ie [ ], which on most keyboards are next to the enter key.

    If you have problems with this PM me.

    Over the next day or two people breaking this rule will get warnings, but after a bit they will become temporary bans.

    Enforcement of this rule is well overdue and should greatly reduce the size of many peoples posts.

    To repeat if you want to quote a comment or even a paragraph... just highlight it by clicking and dragging with your mouse and press control and C to copy. Then type the open square bracket and then the word quote and then the closed square bracket and then press control and the letter V to paste the quote. Finally if you just type the square bracket and the / key and then the word quote and the closed square bracket and then press enter and type out your reply everything will be fine.

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