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    March 2016 Brussels Terror Attacks


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    March 2016 Brussels Terror Attacks - Page 3 Empty Re: March 2016 Brussels Terror Attacks

    Post  Khepesh Thu Mar 24, 2016 11:20 am

    higurashihougi wrote:Dunno if anybody mentioned this issue, but days passed and I have not seen anybody put a Belgium flag on his/her avatar. No "pray for Brussel", very few commemoration activities... much much less than the case of Paris.

    Do these people consider Belgium is something inferior than France. Or do they lost the apetite to raise a flag ?

    May be it's just me but all these things make me feel sick about the hypocrisy in this world.
    Perhaps it's because Belgium is HQ of NATO and EU, and perhaps unfairly the name Brussels has become synonymous with those organisations. The fact that in Brussels live ordinary Belgians then gets lost due to what people think about EU and NATO. So if these attacks are perceived as against those two organisations in some way, for instance against those who work in Brussels for them, then some sympathy may be lost. The synthetic tears of Mogherini were widely laughed at and despised across Russian networks, with many asking where were the tears for Odessa and the many other civilians killed in Donbass. Sympathy for ordinary Belgians was shown, but tempered by the association of Brussels with EU/NATO.

    Edit: There is another reason for lack of sympathy such as shown for France. I hesitate to mention it because it is rather stereotypical and may be totaly wrong. But, with no disrespect to any Belgians of course, that while Belgium has a high reputation for beer, chocolate and pommes frites, the country itself is seen as a sort of "non-country", even as a joke. These attitudes come from lack of understanding of the complicated history and interference in everything that can be called Nederlands and Wallonia by foreign powers centuries ago. Among those with knowledge of the recent history, then Belgium's reputation is badly tarnished by it's adventures in central Africa, and the repercussions of the disaster still causing terrible problems today. Congo and Rwanda were both colonies.

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    March 2016 Brussels Terror Attacks - Page 3 Empty Re: March 2016 Brussels Terror Attacks

    Post  OminousSpudd Thu Mar 24, 2016 11:41 am

    Khepesh wrote:From western media/politician, the reasons for this and all the other terrorist attacks in Europe is very simple. They do this because of  "inequality" "unfairness" "radicalisation" "disaffected youth" and various other nonsense. Even the word "terrorism" has been dragged from it's correct sense and is now said to be something that these "disaffected youths" do almost as if it is a lifestyle choice, and that these "new terrorists" have no reason for what they do other than they like being terrorists because the indigenous populations are "unfair" to them. Odd that while "old fashioned" terrorists such as some of the anarchists in late 19th Century Russia, or in modern times, Shining Path, ETA and IRA, are all, no matter what atrocities they did, seen as having a rational reason for what they did, a cause that they believed in, even a philosophy, and the problem being that they chose violence to try to achieve their aims as they saw no other way due to the systems existing within their countries. From this comes the phrase "One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter". I think the Orwellian and bizarre mental contortions and semantics engaged in by the West is a symptom of their fear. They know their lies are not believed, they know they have created a nightmare by allowing mass immigration from their colonies, and will never admit it. They are trapped in group-think, partly because they cannot allow themselves to admit the truth even to themselves, and also because they need to keep the lies going and attempt to continue beating their populations into how they should think for as long as possible. The entire system in the west that has existed since 1945 is more full of contradictions than the Soviet Union ever was, and it cannot hold together much longer. Hollande said yesterday that "We are at war", but at war with what? "inequality" "Mormons" "Klingons", what did he really mean, if anything, except shitting out of his mouth as usual. So, "Forward the brave troops of political correctness against the enemy of unfairness that is the reason for terrorism!!!". Hm, "Morons, fuck"


    Damn fine conclusion. I'm saving that.

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    March 2016 Brussels Terror Attacks - Page 3 Empty Re: March 2016 Brussels Terror Attacks

    Post  PapaDragon Thu Mar 24, 2016 2:51 pm

    Werewolf wrote:[.............................

    Well maybe you should get off your arse and did something against NATO in 1999, but it isn't as simple as it sounds or is it?..........................

    Right, right we totally just sat on our asses and did nothing... lol1

    I will let others tear you a new one on that topic.

    Back to the Old Whore Europe:

    So by your account most powerful military organization on the planet is the same thing as bunch of welfare cases with homemade explosives?

    And now you are going to tell me that they sooo powerful because they are all in fact reptilian alien Jews from planet Zebulon?

    Honestly nobody here gives a toss about Europe, it is a dead continent living out it's last days off the old glory and stolen money. And if antisemitic clowns like you are replaced by pile of camel-humpin' fanatics it would be significant demographic improvement.

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    March 2016 Brussels Terror Attacks - Page 3 Empty Re: March 2016 Brussels Terror Attacks

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