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    Theses on Russian Federation


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    Theses on Russian Federation Empty Theses on Russian Federation

    Post  KomissarBojanchev Wed Mar 18, 2015 8:13 pm

    Recently I've started some thesises of my ideological opinion and observations as well as theoretical speeches I would present to the russian people.

     My first speech:

    Glory to the russian(Rossiyani not ethnic) people! The first people who successfully rebelled against their  capitalist and dvoryan masters and left were the first to abandon poisonous victorian social-darwinistic ideas, religious and classist bigotry, thus unlocking a chance for the further development for human relations in the form of cooperation, justice, equality, and respect.

    Unfortunately that chance chance squandered and eventually destroyed by the agents of the factions that had tried for more than 500 years to destroy or subdue us. More than 20 years ago our countries(the socialist soviet republics) suffered one of the greatest tragedies in our history. This was the destruction of the soviet union  which  condemned us since then to economic shock therapy, oligarchic classism, submission to and control by  the western empires, criminal rule , degradation of human relations and religious bigotry. Russia alone endured more economic and demographic losses than those inflicted by the nazis and their east european bourgeois lackeys.  Traitorous western agents and oligarchs sold out our economy and ruined the lives of millions of our people at the command of their overseas masters, descendants and glorifiers of the western colonial empires that tortured, enslaved  and murdered millions throughout 6 continents, and flaunted  their wealth from that exploitation as a fruit of so-called freedom of oppurtunity if their oligarchic capitalist system and of course the supposed superiority and righteousness of their race.

    Russians are one if the victims of this policentennial global travesty, namely 100 years ago and today. The former was a process of installing  atlanticist pro-anglosaxon dvoryans and tsars, in the russian court who relied on the western technology and economy n, fought in their wars  sacrificing millions of russian lives for nothing and purposefully stagnating the russian economy and social development in exchange of their opulent western backed lifestyle. Thankfully these parasites were removed onece and for all by the brave russian working class and peasentry in the october revolution.  

    This sort of process unfortunately happened to us again with the fall of the USSR when US neoliberal oligarchy took control. Although currently they're in political opposition to the western empire, their economic model still serves the west and themselves.

    part 2:All this talk about restoring russian imperial and religious might is however meaningless. With the current trend of world politics, yes, you might have it: another state that exploits it's working class by oligarchs and bourgeoisie, this time replacing dvoryans . No concern other than petty capitalist and imperialist competition (only in our supposed small sphere of influence) and protection of short term interests, and doing  nothing to destroy once and for all the western empire's terrorism and  the global capitalist system that is enslaving 90% of us. No, comrades, our path should lie in the future and taking the role of advancing and leading the whole humanity culturally, ideologically  and technologically, sonce all others can't or acting against it. This makes have a unique position as the only possible  meaningful opposition to the global western ologarchy. China would seam like an alternative, but it itself is little more than sloghtly more authoritarian capitalist ologarchy. Besides, do you really want us to be a secondary regional  entity under china's leash?

    Comrades, don't you want a new meaning to the word soviet? As a word that brings the strive for equality and justice, that heightens class conciousness, a word that breaks  exploitation and social darwinism, that brings undertsanding of and hope  for relieving the pain of exploitation and genocide, that respects and  values other countries without trying to warp or destroy them all the while bringing the unique, advanced and beautiful cultures of it's own, the cultures of the people of all the soviet republics.  Comrades, it's time for Russia to rise up to its fullest form and put in its hands the advancement and salvation of the oppressed people in the world  who are resisting the empire that the current capitalist and soon to be imperial Russia wouldn't bat an eye for.

    Part 3: All our republics payed a terrible price for our defiance. We russians must rise up again just like we did against our arrogant and cruel dvoryans in 1917 and les 14 other peoples to cultrual and economic and cultural equality and progress unseen before, while all othersuperpowers were beating, shooting, and mutilating due to delusions of racial or class superiority. Today our objective would be to liberate ourselves  forever and demolish from western capital , our and their  ruling class, monarchist and faschist influence and the capitalist system.

    To be continued...

    Ill also post a few short thesises.

    I can already imagine the rage and from Aryanwolf for not hating the jews but the anglosaxons and tsar instead, TRightwing for hating on neoliberalism, and NaziRus hating oligarchs and the bourgeoisie Very Happy Very Happy Razz Razz

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    Theses on Russian Federation Empty Re: Theses on Russian Federation

    Post  KomissarBojanchev Sat Mar 21, 2015 3:24 pm

    Thesis #1
    The Russian oligarchic system and it's western useful idiot monarchist  exceptionalist propaganda is preventing it from uniting politically and ideologically in solidarity with the rest of the world tortured by western imperialism and capitalism.
    Thesis #2
    Russia needs to completely resist the west culturally on all fronts, something it's oligarchic government is unwilling to do

    Thesis#3 Russia's confrontation with the western empire spans beyond petty geographic spheres of influence and hard power. It's war of civilisations. That is why the only way russia can succesfully fight against the west it needs to globally project soft power into all areas whose people have been exploited by capitalism and the west.  Simply barking that NATO's army is at it's border and calling on the west's hypocrisy as today's oligarchial government is doing is a futile effort. First NATO, no matter how close it is, can always easily be defeated and is neither able, nor willing to attack. But  the russophobia of the east european bourgeois  nations with the force and west's imperialistic inability to respect makes it impossible to remove this harmeless PR stunt of an army. Second since the west simply has the power to ignore verbal criticism and it's financial and military power enable it to do so. Also it's population is far too brainwashed to register any negative facts about their empire. This is why complaining or exposing western imperialism won't actually stop it. The west only accepts real international power projection, be it soft or hard. It is in the form of supporting worker's revolutions against wetsrn puppet free market oligarchies(crucial for latin america), setting up as much military bases as can be afforded in freindly and consenting countries, massive effort at forming military and economic alliances in the 3rd world and socialist countries(russia's bourgeois and free market exceptionalism prevent it from doing so) and saling top of the line weapons regardless of neliberal government signed western restrictions. Domestically Russia should impose protectionism and a centrally planned economy focused entirely on R&D and domesticly developed technological manufacturing , renewable energy and synthetic materials with extraction industries(that are the main industry in Russia now because of the oligrachs) being ignored. Not doing so because claiming that the free market doesn't allow it, or that russia is morally superior and should completely be noninterfering will condemn Russia to be isolated, bombarded by 5th column coup attampts, endure wetsern caused economic terrorism and still be at the mercy on fossil fuel prices.

    This one is originally in bulgarian. Those who know russian will be able to understand it
    Класовите икономически и властови   привилегии на буржоазията ограничават свободата и правата на работническата класа. Макар и да е технически възможно да се мине от по-ниска към по-висока класа, представителите на по-високата класа предприемат всички мерки които имат, били те икономически(остеритет, контрол над банковата система,контрол над целия държавен капитал,  неолиберални "реформи", спекулация ) или пропагандни(манипулации да се разрешат тези действия)  да затруднят този процес и да бъде практически невъзможен да се довърши, тъй като представителите на работническата класа са винаги разорени и са концентрирани  само върху оцеляването си . Така никого от работническата класа никога няма капитала да придобие или създаде свои средства на производство по капиталистическият начин и да бъде част от управляващата буржоазията.   Това е защото е в интересът на буржоазията да бъде по-малобройна тъй като  така има по-малко равна конкуренция в средите й, а също и да има по-голяма популация на работническата класа тъй като  тя става по- голям ресурс да слугува като работи в средствата за производство на които на буржоазната класа   са собственост.

    English translation:
    The class economic and ruling privileges of the bourgeoisie limit the freedom and rights of the working class. Even if it is techically possible to go from a lower class to a higher one, the representatives of the higher class use every means they have, be them economical(austerity, control of the banking and loan system, control of the netire country's capital, neoliberal "reforms", speculation)  and propaganda( manipulating the working class that such actions against them are legitimate and justified) to impede this process and for it to be practically impossible to happen, because the members of the working class are always bankrupt and fighting for their basic needs. That way no one in the working class has the capital to acquire or create their own means of production in the capitalist system and be a part of the bourgeoisie. This is because it is in the interest of the bourgeoisie to be smaller because that way there is fewer equal competion in  it's enviroment, and also for  there to be a larger working class population since it becomes a bigger resource for serving  the bourgeoisie which is the owner of the means of production .

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    Theses on Russian Federation Empty Re: Theses on Russian Federation

    Post  KomissarBojanchev Tue Mar 24, 2015 4:59 pm

    My latest observation
    Буржоазните исторически лъжи за СССР с които е бомбардирана Русия, накърнява националното достойнство на руснака, за това той се опитва  да компенсира националната си гордост като си "измие ръцете" от тези измислени "престъпления"  като той сам създава лъжи и конспиративни теории(например че болшевиките  били зли западни евреи) като се опитват да отделят  болшевишкото и съветското от руската идентичност . Защото е толкова голямо влиянието на буржоазната и олигархична западна пропаганда след саботажа срещу СССР, такива допълнителни лъжи са вече много разпространени и за съжаление вече оформят руското историческо самосъзнание. Това изиграва право в ръцете на буржоазията и западните империалисти тъй като хем кара  руското общество  да приема  като истини оригинално  западните лъжи за съветското му минало , хем кара  то да е по-агрсивно, нетолерантно, по-податливо към олигархична капиталистическа експлоатация, и прави също социалистическа идея да е мразена  дори ако икономическите, политическите, и социалните възгледи на по-голямата  част от руското( и въобще славянското)  население съвпада с нея и тези на СССР. Тази нелогична  ненавист към всяка лява идея  успешно намалява  вероятността на антикапиталистическа революция в Русия, един от най  големите възможни кошмари на Западната империя. Вместо това руското население  слага на власт  псевдопатриотични олигарси  и буржоазни паразити които изповядват обясненият преди постсъветски пропаганден образец за руската история( Царя и белите- божествени свети защитници на руската висша раса и религия, червени- зли западни подчовешки греховни предателски еврейски чудовища). Чрез корумпираното управление на тези капиталистически класи Русия винаги остава второстепенна сила, нещо което комунистите  можаха да преодолеят  след революцията на руския пролетариат и селяни.

    The bourgeois historical lies about the USSR  with which Russia was bombarded, damages the national dignity of the russia, that is why he tries to compensate his national pride by distancing himself from the "guilt" of these fictional "crimes" by creating his own lies and conspirative theories( the most common being that the bolsheviks were evil western jews on a mission to detroy Russian culture and race) that try to remove the bolshevik and soviet from the russian identity. Because the influence of the bourgeois and oligarchic western propaganda after the sabotage of the USSR was so big, such additional lies created by the russians themselves are very widespread and  unfortunately now for the russian historical consciousness.  This plays right into the hands in the bourgeoisie and the western imperialists because it makes the russian society to accept as truths the originally western western lies about it's soviet past, but in the same time makes it  more agressive, intolerant, more susceptible to oligarchic capitalist exploatation and also makes the socialist idea to be hated even if the economical, political and social views  of the larger part of the Russian population(and basically the whole slavic) are compatible with those of the USSR. This illogical hatred to every left idea succesfully reduces the chance of an anticapitalist revolution in Russia, one of the biggest potential nightmares of the Western empire. Instead the Russian people puts in power pseudopatriotic oligarchs and bourgeois parasites that  confess the explained earlier postsoviet right wing propaganda model about the Russian history(the Czar and the whites- godlike holy defenders of the russian superior race and religion, reds- evil western subhuman heathen traitorous jewish monsters). With the corrupt rule of these capitalist classes Russia always remains a second class power, something the communists managed to overcome after the revolution of the Russian proletariat and peasants.


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    Theses on Russian Federation Empty The Russian Federation

    Post  henriksoder Sun Apr 19, 2015 10:00 am

    Russia should continue even in the further to compete the world global, economic and in military actions to create a earth worth living on. All Russian's must be seen equal, both social in the Russian society and in a economic calcue. The Russian Federation should work against rascism, misantrophic behavior and other such current ideas which is treating the world peace and all humans opportunity to build a world worth living on. The Russian Army should continue to be the strongest in the world in order to maintain world peace and build a prosper, equal and peaceful world. The Russian identity and culture should even in the further behold and work for a cohesive Russian which work for common values such as against rascism, misantrophic behavior and a prosper world, both economic and cultural. The Russian Federation should work for a diversity of ethnicities global and in Russia in order to build a peaceful, equal and tolerant world. The Russian Federation should also continue to be leading in supranational cooperation, such as Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation and World Trade Organization.

    Russia should compete the world for green energy and should continue their development of nuclear power and compete above all USA and China for green energy, such as nuclear power with high safety and environmental requirements and also encourage the development of electric cars and other climate-smart solutions in the world. Russia should work for biodiversity in all it's form and for a living biodiversity in the world. The Russian Federation should work for a well trained, well equipped army, a strong and coordinated navy and air force and a strong and well equipped Russian army. Russia should work for economic politics worth it's name, Russia should focus on a strong economic growth where the Russian state open up for opportunities in all possible ways in the Russian society which will gain the Russian national economy. The transport in Russia should be a strongly possible option for Russians and should be more accessible and smarter expanded. Russia should also continue to dominate the world in science and technology and work for a high amount of graduate in Russia and for human progress at home and for a strong cooperation between the world's leading sciences founds. Russia should also focus on maintaing a relevant and homebased space program, at page of the Human Settlement of Mars 2025.

    The infrastrucure should be build and the cities of Russia must be build and placed where they will gain the Russian society best and the growing national economy. The Russian language should be in priority in order to create a strong national Russia, but Russia must also accept other language and ethnicities in Russia. The religion police should be tolerant in Russia and the Russian state should work against LGBT-persons in order to uphold traditional human norms. The health should be built expanded and should cover the neccesary to hold Russians healthy. The Education must gain the Russian society and their different sectors and Russia should continue to be leading in education at home. Russia should behold a strong cultural assignment in the world in order to create higher tourism figures. The media must gain the Russian state and sports must be stimulated in the Russian society.

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    Theses on Russian Federation Empty Eurasianism. A new ideology for Russia?

    Post  George1 Fri Sep 18, 2015 8:26 am

    Eurasianism. The new ideology of Russia?

    Eurasianism is a political movement in Russia, that is focused on the geopolitical concept of Eurasia.


    Neo-Eurasianism is a Russian school of thought, popularized in Russia during the years leading up to and following the collapse of the Soviet Union, that considers Russia to be culturally closer to Asia than to Western Europe.

    The school takes its inspiration from the Eurasianists of the 1920s, notably Prince Nikolai Trubetzkoy and P.N. Savitsky. Lev Gumilev is often cited as the founder of the Neo-Eurasianist movement, and he was quoted as saying that "I am the last of the Eurasianists."

    At the same time, major differences have been noted between Gumilev's work and those of the original Eurasianists. Gumilev's work is controversial for its scientific methodology (the use of his own conception of ethnogenesis and the notion of "passionarity"). At any rate, Gumilev's work has been a source of inspiration for the Neo-Eurasianist authors, the most prolific of whom is Aleksandr Dugin.

    Recent developments in Central Asia -- with Russian geopolitical influence again rising, while US power in the region wanes – stand to invigorate a long-running debate over the philosophical foundation of the Kremlin's foreign policy. The turn of events could breathe new life into so-called Eurasianists, who argue that Russia has a unique identity and should thus embark on a development course apart from the West.

    Since the Soviet collapse in 1991, Russian academics and policy-makers have struggled to develop a concept that could guide Russia's revival. Westernizers and Eurasianists have played prominent roles in the ongoing debate. [For background see the Eurasia Insight archive].

    Eurasianism as a political philosophy was first advanced by leading Russian émigré thinkers in the 1920s, including Nikolai Trubetskoi and Pyotr Savitsky. Today, the concept remains ill-defined – a hodge-podge of themes that have guided Moscow's development over the centuries. Inherent in Eurasianist thinking are notions of benevolent imperialism, Orthodox messianic qualities and a belief that a "third way" of economic development is possible – a path between capitalism and communism. In addition, there is a vital geographical component to Eurasianism, dictating that Russia should control the Eurasian heartland, including Central Asia and the Caucasus. [For background see the Eurasia Insight archive].

    Critics of the Eurasianist ideal say that its proponents are selective in their historical memory, tending to romanticize Tsarist Russia's imperial experience. Indeed, Russia's brutal behavior in Chechnya would seem to blow up the notion that Russia can act a benevolent leader of a cluster of states in search of a new development paradigm. Some say few differences separate Eurasianist thinking from the far-right ideology of National Bolshevism.

    Modern-day Eurasianists, including Alexander Dugin, have steadfastly predicted that Russia and the US-led West are destined to clash. The two sides have "strictly opposing" interests, Dugin maintained in a June commentary published by the Argumenty i Fakty.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin's stance towards Eurasianism remains murky. During Putin's first years in power there were high hopes among Eurasianists that he would steer Russia in a clearly Eurasian direction. After the September 11 terrorist tragedy, however, Putin pursued a moderate policy, Westernizing in its orientation, as the US rapidly expanded its strategic profile in Central Asia. [For additional information see the Eurasia Insight archive]. In 2005, however, the United States experienced a sudden geopolitical reversal in Central Asia, with regional leaders becoming wary, if not entirely distrusting of the US presence. [For background see the Eurasia Insight archive]. Underscoring the drastic decline of the United States' regional position was Uzbekistan's decision in late July to evict US military forces from an air base at Karshi-Khanabad. [For background see the Eurasia Insight archive].

    Russia has rushed to fill the geopolitical vacuum in Uzbekistan, rapidly strengthening bilateral ties over the past year. Moscow is now considered Tashkent's chief political backer, as Uzbek President Islam Karimov seeks to stamp out all traces of democratization in the country. Russia's diplomatic success in Uzbekistan is raising hopes among Eurasianists that Putin's Kremlin will press a broad geopolitical offensive to push American forces out of Central Asia entirely, and virtually eliminate Washington's influence in the region. [For additional information see the Eurasia Insight archive].

    Putin has offered evidence that he is again leaning in a Eurasian direction. During an August 26 celebration of the city of Kazan's 1,000th anniversary, Putin publicly praised Lev Gumilev, the historian and philosopher who is recognized as a founder of the modern Eurasianist movement.

    At this time, when it appears that Eurasianist thinking is again on the ascendancy in Moscow, it is worthwhile to take a closer look at the ideological foundation of Eurasianism. The concept has been marginalized in Western scholarship, as there are no English-language books on Eurasianism currently in print. Meanwhile, there has been a steady stream of books on Eurasianism, and related topics, published in various parts of the former Soviet Union.
    Before war broke out between Russia and Georgia in 2008, Aleksandr Dugin visited South Ossetia and predicted, "Our troops will occupy the Georgian capital Tbilisi, the entire country, and perhaps even Ukraine and the Crimean Peninsula, which is historically part of Russia, anyway."[4] Ossetian president Eduard Kokoity is a Eurasianist and argues that South Ossetia never left the Russian Empire and should be part of Russia.

    Theses on Russian Federation 800px-Eurasia_and_eurasianism

    Alexander Dugin wrote:Today, Russia thinks of itself as a nation-state. Putin is a realist; nothing more. Walt is right about that. But the Theory of a Multipolar World and the Fourth Political Theory, as well as Eurasianism, are outlines of a much broader and large-scale ideology, directed against Western hegemony and challenging liberalism, globalization, and American strategic dominance. Of course, Russia as a nation-state is no competition for the West. But as the bridgehead of the Theory of a Multipolar World and the Fourth Political Theory, it changes its significance. Russian policies in the post-Soviet space and Russia’s courage in forming non-Western alliances are indicators. For now, Putin is testing this conceptual potential very gingerly. But the toughening of relations with the West and most likely the internal crises of globalization will at some point force a more careful and serious turn toward the creation of global alternative alliances. Nevertheless, we already observe such unions: The Shanghai Cooperation Organization, BRICS, the Eurasian Union—and they require a new ideology. Not one like Marxism, any universalism is excluded, but also not simple realist maneuvers of regional hegemons. Liberalism is a global challenge. The response to it should also be global. Does Putin understand this? Honestly, I don’t know. Sometimes it seems he does, and sometimes it seems he doesn’t.
    Alexander Dugin wrote:
    Eurasianism is a developed worldview, to which I dedicated a few books and a countless number of articles and interviews. In principle, it lies at the basis of the Theory of a Multipolar World and the Fourth Political Theory, combined with geopolitics, and it resonates with Traditionalism. Eurasianism’s main thought is plural anthropology, the rejection of universalism. The meaning of Empire for me is that there exists not one Empire, but at minimum two, and even more. In the same way, civilization is never singular; there is always some other civilization that determines its borders. Schmitt called this the Pluriverse and considered it the main characteristic of the Political. The Eurasian Empire is the political and strategic unification of Turan, a geographic axis of history in opposition to the civilization of the Sea or the Atlanticist Empire. Today, the USA is this Atlanticist Empire. Kenneth Waltz, in the context of neorealism in IR, conceptualized the balance of two poles. The analysis is very accurate, although he erred about the stability of a bipolar world and the duration of the USSR. But on the whole he is right: there is a global balance of Empires in the world, not nation-States, the majority of which cannot claim sovereignty, which remains nominal (Stephen Krasner’s ( Theory Talk #21) ‘global hypocrisy’). For precisely that reason, I am a philosopher of Empire, as is almost every American intellectual, whether he knows it or not. The difference is only that he thinks of himself as a philosopher of the only Empire, while I think of myself as the philosopher of one of the Empires, the Eurasian one. I am more humble and more democratic. That is the whole difference.

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    Theses on Russian Federation Empty Re: Theses on Russian Federation

    Post  Firebird Fri Sep 18, 2015 3:09 pm

    Well whatever Russia's identity truly is, it seems Eurasianism is where its heading.

    Ofcourse at one/some points, it was all about Slavic Nationalism.
    But with the ending of the Warsaw Pact, that one is quiet, for a good while atleast.

    To me, its a shame that the Slavic world is split. I mean the typical Russian has much in common with Slavic nations - by history, by language, and often by the branch of Christianity. Perhaps more so than some minority nationalities of Russia.

    But even historically, Russia was at war with Poland, or in dispute with the Austro Hungarian (largely Slavic) Empire.

    Largely, Russian Eurasianism is working ok. Ofcourse there are problems with Wahabist nuts, courtesy of Saudi Arabia and American terrorism sponsorship etc. (Anyone check that Chechen-Georgian terrorist in Syria who the US openly admit he was trained as one of their "main men" - I tink RBTH or RT had a story).

    Ofcourse Russia has some big questions coming up. Can it draw European countries - Serbia, the Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania etc into the fold? Perhaps Poland, the Czech Rep further forward in the future. Perhaps the descendants of Russian emigres or even W Europeans drawn to an exciting future in the new Russia.

    The other factors in it all are the future of the Caucus states, and Eurasian Union enlargement.
    Things are further alongw ith some states than others. Hopefully, they will choose Russia rather than any rivals such as Turkey, China or the Middle East.

    The East-West and North-South corridors may also shape Russia's future identity.
    India is some way from being a real megapower. But it is a much better military partner for Russia than China. The problem is to settle connection issues (Pakistan, Iran etc mean that sea/rail connections etc aren't as convenient as those between Russia and China).

    The Enterprise Zone in Russia's F East means that Russia can benefit from China, S Korea AND Japan. It could easily support 30million well paid jobs in 20 yrs time.

    However, Russia doesnt wish (nor should it wish) to have an open borders policy, so that it becomes some Muslim/Chinese hybrid state. Most Russians are largely European culturally, and largely European genetically. Yes Russian politics is Eurasian and not EU style. Russia might be moving towards Asia economically, but I still think its much more European than Asian.

    It will be interesting to see how things develop.

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    Theses on Russian Federation Empty Civic Nationalism:Russia's greatest achievement

    Post  KomissarBojanchev Fri Nov 03, 2017 9:47 pm

    The reason why the western bourgeoisie never managed to balkanize Russia is its centuries long history civic nationalism where the various peoples of Russia had equal rights and mutual rights while not being assimilated, all under the unity of the Russian government. Eurasionism and the 4th political theory aims to further civic nationalism by glorifying the contributions of all nationalities on Russian territory and idealizing the Russian state as representative of the political and economic interests of the northern Eurasion territories.
    Civic nationalism in Russia is the west's biggest obstacle in destroying Russia, and thats why for centuries it has aimed to foment separatism, racism and religious fundamentalism. Russian civic nationalism achieved its absolute perfection in the USSR. The fight against the disease of the free market formed a central part of the soviet multiethnic identity. The national identity of the proletariat wasnt shunned like trostkyists aimed to do and instead the aim for socialism was rightfully engrained in the culture of the various people of the USSR. The religious factor was perfectly removed by destroying the shitty mental poisoning of the various clergies and promoting atheism.

    The west only understands ethnic nationalism and assimiliation. That's why it either aims for small unicultural nationalistic states that serve the interests of the global oligarchy like eastern europe, or assimilating multiculti hellholes like the US.

    While the western empire succeeded in ruining civic nationalism in Yugoslavia but hopefully will never succeed with Russia. Its pathetic to hear ex yugos complain that Yugoslavia was destroyed because of the failure of multicultural statehood when in fact its destruction was caused purely by western mental poisoning.

    TL, DR
    This is a civic nationalism appreciation thread.
    par far

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    Theses on Russian Federation Empty RUSSIA’S LONG ROAD TOWARD RESURGENCE

    Post  par far Sat Mar 17, 2018 7:55 pm

    Challenges that Russia faced were massive, the Jews had destroyed Russia so much, it is amazing how Russia did what did to become powerful today. Russia did it under sanctions, threats, sabotage and ridicule. God bless Mother Russia and May God protect Mother Russia for eternity.

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    Theses on Russian Federation Empty Re: Theses on Russian Federation

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