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    U.S Military encirclement of China


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    U.S Military encirclement of China - Page 20 Empty Re: U.S Military encirclement of China

    Post  GarryB Sat Nov 18, 2023 12:31 pm

    The neocons expected the business 5th column in Russia to oust Putin after the ultimate sanctions predicated on the Ukr proxy war.
    I think they have the same plan for China and in the case of China it is a much more realistic plan.

    Except the core problem for the west is that they think they are the centre of the universe and that they could destroy Russia by cutting Russia off from the west. This would result in them no longer being able to extract gas and oil and coal, and it wont be able to do anything else because obviously everyone in the world relies on western technology and assistance to do everything so when the west blocks Russia from that then Russia will collapse.

    Obviously the rest of the world is much bigger than the west and there is actually a market there that can buy Russian resources which they can extract just fine themselves, but the backlash to the west which forgot it relies on Russian energy to be in the market for them to get the prices they get that helps their economies to tick over nicely the way they do.

    Trying the same thing against China will be fascinating because China is every bit as competent as Russia in doing most things itself now and they have their own market and population big enough to be able to cut the west off completely and it wont damage them too much... they share a border with Russia who sells to them energy and food... they don't really need anything else, but they also have expanded trade ties around the world too so the shift from the western markets to the third world wont be a huge shock... there are lots of ties and the west will freeze all Chinese assets in the west and China can use that to nationalise all western assets in China which will be enormous and with the possession of western factories in China they can make western goods and sell for a quarter the price the western companies sell things for and still make a huge profit because western companies are greedy... make a shoe for $10 and sell it to western countries for $400... pay the Chinese factory workers who make it $10 a day and they make hundreds of shoes a day...

    Sanctions against China will hurt Chinas economy, but nothing like it will hurt western economies suddenly not having China to make all their stuff for them and having lost their factories in China, they will now have to invest billions making factories in other countries like India or Pakistan or Bangladesh... all the while their old factories in China keep making their stuff to sell to the Chinese market and the rest of the world... how will the west cope with that?

    How stupid is America... how many times does it need to back fire before they realise it is not sustainable... except for those with shares in the US arms industry things are great... the obvious problem is that when Kievs forces collapse are EU countries going to send in troops and will they demand US troops go in there too, and any conflict over Taiwan is going to involve US Navy personnel... it isn't going to be the free ride they think... even if Russia just stops exporting oil the effect on western economies would be a bit dire.

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    U.S Military encirclement of China - Page 20 Empty Re: U.S Military encirclement of China

    Post  GarryB Sat Nov 18, 2023 1:07 pm

    TL, that video just shows the arrogance and hubris of the US, it seems China needs to be contained and cannot become a regional power in Asia because the US has to be the only power anywhere... what a bunch of pricks.

    Even the judge didn't understand why that guy was saying they couldn't let China have a sphere of influence... BTW they tried to stop Russia from having one too and look how that turned out... now they want to do the same with China and expect it to work out differently?

    This guy is right about a few things but he does not realise that China isn't asking for US permission to grow and develop... they are going to grow and develop anyway and if the US wants to try to stop them well if they get in the way the will get run over.

    There are lots of very anti Chinese people in Taiwan, but plenty of pro China people too, and many of both are not interested in fighting a war just so the US can weaken an economic rival in China.

    Regarding what Japan brings to this party... well bugger all... they are close to economic collapse themselves... just like America...

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    U.S Military encirclement of China - Page 20 Empty Re: U.S Military encirclement of China

    Post  kvs Sat Nov 18, 2023 3:40 pm

    Americans and westerners drink the hard koolaid.   I was listening recently to some "red pilled" creators on Youtube having a discussion and the collapse of the
    USA was assumed to entail the collapse of the world.   The US is the center of creation in their minds.   It has all the technology and all the capability.  Everyone
    else (outside of some US bootlick states) is just mud hut dwellers mixing dung with mud to build their dwellings.  

    Mao was right.  The US and the west are paper tigers.  They are psychological scarecrow with mystical power and invincibility.   In reality, they are just
    police state toilets in rapid decline.   It is funny listening to these clowns about US technological supremacy.   The "supremacy" was a transient feature
    that has already dissipated in many sectors.   Like the nuclear industry where they lost the qualified workers and the ability to even understand the
    reactor designs from the 1970s.   The story about US submarine construction having issues with poor welding are not fake.  The US economic ideology
    is not sustainable.  Squeezing profits out of everything is catabolic.   We see this with the pathetic lack of ability to manufacture artillery shells.   But
    this was fully predictable when the profit maximization demands that idle production capacity be retired with maximum prejudice to get a few dollars more.

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    U.S Military encirclement of China - Page 20 Empty Re: U.S Military encirclement of China

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