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    Russian Anti-Radiation Missiles


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    Post  GarryB Fri Mar 29, 2019 8:46 am


    Notice the very steep climb of the missile just after launch... when going after a radar and having a 150kg HE frag warhead you need to make sure your warhead explodes within 20 metres or so of the target to ensure a good kill, so a steep climb on launch means coming down almost vertically on the target... radar is generally positioned on flat ground so homing in to within 20m of the target means hitting the ground very close to the radar.

    In comparison coming in from the side like a cruise missile you might miss the radar structure by 5m too high and then continue to fly several kms before hitting anything.

    It is the same reason Hinds climb and then fire rockets at a target in a dive... even if you don't directly hit a target as long as the rocket hits the ground near the target the fragments will still damage the target...

    Regarding the question above... yes... ARMs can defeat IADS... but the whole point about the IADS is that it makes the air defence much stronger.

    An IADS means all your air defence and surveillance assets working together as a team protecting each other and providing overlapping capabilities where SAMs can share the data they get from their active radars with other sites that have their radars just listening etc etc.

    If you launch enough missiles at any defence eventually some will get through... the better the IADS is, the more missiles needed to defeat it... defeat is not guaranteed... you can develop an IADS to the point where no enemy can gather enough missiles together to defeat you... simply by attacking the enemy and destroying his ships and aircraft before they can launch their attack... an active aggressive IADS is much more effective than a passive IADS.

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    Russian Anti-Radiation Missiles - Page 3 Empty Kh 31 missile

    Post  GarryB Mon Jul 31, 2023 11:57 am

    Kh-31 missiles.

    To put the feat of making this out of titanium in perspective, one of the comments a person mentions he worked with similar "ovens" and he is amazed the narrator could climb in to this Russian one because the one he works in in the west is only large enough to fit a coffee cup.

    What is not mentioned is that I remember in the 1980s Germany and France were talking about making a similar missile... it was called ANS or something and was essentially going to be exactly the same missile and the models looked exactly like the kh-31, but the German French missile was going to be heavier (800kg vs 600kg) and slower (Mach 2 vs Mach 3) and have a shorter flight range (50km vs 70km), and with the same propulsion and overall design and shape... but they never managed to get it working.

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