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    [Official] 'Peter The Great' News Thread:


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    Re: [Official] 'Peter The Great' News Thread:

    Post  GarryB on Fri Jan 11, 2019 8:13 am

    Hole wrote:Official MoD release claims Vodopad.



    Look like twins.

    They are all the same weapon... both carry the same torpedo payload... in the top drawing you see the actual torpedo payload both separate and attached to the weapon, and in the bottom drawing is the same weapon with the pointed nose fairing fitted.

    This is a solid rocket boosted ballistic weapon that is supersonic so the bigger one launched from submarines is 8 metres long and has a firing range of 50km and a solid rocket booster that carries it at mach 2.5 on its ballistic flight to the target area where it drops into the water and releases the torpedo... it is distinctive because of its rear grid fin design... it is called 91re1 and is the weapon depicted above in both drawings and the photo.

    The other weapon is also a solid rocket boosted ballistic weapon that is also supersonic but is only 6.5m long and has a much smaller solid rocket booster called 91re2 that is launched from ships and has a 40km range and a mach 2 ballistic speed to deliver the same torpedo.

    Both have pointed noses, but the shorter missile has a much shorter solid fuel rocket booster and more conventional fins on the missile (not the booster).

    Both are part of the Club family, but neither are the Kalibr which is a subsonic land attack cruise missile that the Club family of weapons are based upon.

    This is Kalibr:

    While the other missiles of the Club family are detailed on wiki:

    If you scroll the above page down to Export Variants you can see images of the subsonic anti ship and land attack models and then the two 91RE anti sub ballistic torpedo delivery rockets... if you scroll back up to the Operational History title you will see the supersonic anti ship model with the long range cruise missile with the rocket powered final attack stage (note the pointed nose).

    EDIT: Note both ballistic anti sub Club missiles (91re1 and 91re2) are 533mm and are fired from torpedo tubes. The shorter ship launched missile can also be loaded into the UKSK launcher system. I suspect they are working on a longer ranged model for the new UKSK-M launcher just to extend the range of the weapon.

    Compared even with a super high speed torpedo like Shkval, this weapon is much faster and gives the target almost no warning of the attack until the torpedo hits the water and starts searching for targets.

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