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    Adolf G. Tolkachev


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    Post  andalusia 02/05/22, 08:33 pm

    Have you guys heard of this man name Adolf Georgievich Tolkachev?

    Tolkachev provided much of the most useful intelligence. He was, in the 1970s and ’80s, an electronics engineer at the Soviet Union’s Scientific Research Institute of Radar, better known as the Phazotron Design Bureau — the USSR’s main developer of military radars and avionics.

    Motivated by the persecution of his wife’s parents under Joseph Stalin and disappointed in the communist government, Tolkachev established ties to the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency in Moscow and, beginning in 1979, began transferring huge volumes of highly classified and extremely sensitive data about the most important avionics, radars and weapons installed in Soviet-made combat aircraft.

    The amount of material that “Donald,” as Tolkachev was known to the CIA, was such that U.S. translators couldn’t keep up with it. They remained busy translating and studying the information Tolkachev had provided well into the 1990s.

    As early as December 1979, the U.S. Defense Department completely reconfigured the electronics package for one of its latest fighter aircraft, based on the information from Tolkachev.

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    Post  lancelot 02/05/22, 10:45 pm

    I heard about him. The Soviets had to change the radar design of their interceptors because of this leak.
    What you never hear about are the US electronics experts who fled to the Soviet Union.
    Examples would be Alfred Sarant and Joel Barr who were driving influences in the creation of Zelenograd.

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    Post  GarryB 03/05/22, 12:53 am

    They learned about PESA radars regarding the original radar of the MIG-31 which got upgrades afterwards of course.

    Examples would be Alfred Sarant and Joel Barr who were driving influences in the creation of Zelenograd.

    Disillusionment with how things are going is not limited to communist countries.

    Assange and Snowden and Manning are not traitors... they are patriots pointing out the flaws in our system hoping to get them fixed and make things better but those in power don't want it fixed because it suits them so they persecute the whistle blowers.

    Imagine someone gets caught committing a crime but it is the witnesses that go to jail...

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