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    Expected Behaviour


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    Expected Behaviour Empty Expected Behaviour

    Post  GarryB Sun May 03, 2020 12:06 pm

    I have had some complaints about personal attacks, so I came to this section of the forum and the first thread I found was from Vlad from 2018 about respect and behaviour.

    This is a discussion forum, and for it to work people need to be free to say what they think without fear of abuse or ridicule.

    Personal abuse has started rearing its ugly head again and will not be tolerated.

    From my own posting I have noticed my language is not the best so I will stop swearing so much and I would like to see others with the same problem try to do the same.

    There is no reason to abuse another member so that will stop now.

    If someone abuses your or offends you then if you respond in kind then when a mod comes to deal with problem due to a complaint then you might find both of you are banned. Someone calling you a name is no excuse for abusing them in return.

    If someone annoys you then ignore them... if someone abuses anyone then report them via the PM system to a mod.

    He abused me first is no excuse for abusing a member.

    Message from Vlad79:
    The lack of respect on this forum for its members has gotten out of control. I don't want F bombs, calling people trolls for voicing an opinion whether it is pro-West or not. You can say what you want but attacks against the forum or its members and especially the staff will not be tolerated. If this board ends up just being Pro-Russian it is dead, alternative views will be tolerated and the people treated with respect just as you want to be.

    Donald Trump and Boris Johnson are not members.

    A discussion is just that, it does not require you to convince everyone to agree with you or to think like you. Some discussions can get long and frustrating. Learn when to decide to agree to disagree without getting angry or personal.

    Note the time stamp on this post because any personal attacks after this will probably be actioned upon.

    If you have an issue with the content of this post or anything else to discuss feel free to send a PM to me... this is a dictatorship, but you guys are the forum so I would be pretty stupid to ignore you.

    Remember however that wanting something is not the same as needing something and me banning every one you tell me to ban when you tell me could lead to a very boring empty forum... some people can rub you the wrong way and become annoying... but then the same can be true for them regarding you... should you be banned because the person who doesn't like you is me or George?

    I can honestly say there are no people posting here that I don't like. I don't agree with everyone, and I don't think there is anyone here I agree on everything with, but the great thing about a discussion forum is that you pool your knowledge and resources to discover new information... you don't have to agree with everyone or anyone... but you do have to be civil or people will just turn off and ignore you... or I or George will ban you...  Twisted Evil

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