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    Cold War conflicts


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    Cold War conflicts - Page 3 Empty Re: Cold War conflicts

    Post  GarryB Fri Nov 18, 2016 10:06 am

    Really ? How many Americans float to Cuba to live in the "Worker's Paradise" as so often spouted by Soviet propaganda ?

    Why have there been bans on direct flights from the US to Cuba?

    Communism is blamed for all sorts of things, but the economy of China seems to have been growing for a while now...

    Had they expanded their operations in the source of their problems (North) the US would likely and comfortably come on top and at least get to keep the South more than 1975 until USSR's collapse.

    You sound very confident of that... would they also have won in Korea too if they had not been so soft?

    Even better if the US had just minded its own business and not dragged its allies (NZ, Australia, Canada etc) into a war that was really none of our business it would have been over much quicker with a fraction of the deaths and no cost to the US taxpayer.

    China was unable to achieve much in the 1979 war with the Vietnamese, they would be positively trashed by hypothetical US forces stationed in the North.

    What else could they do... hypothetical US forces are the best... didn't you know that?

    China was thoroughly surprised in Vietnam in 1979 and outmatched in Korea despite their superior numbers and momentum (July 1953).

    hahahaah... yeah, those outmatched Chinese pushed the UN forces all the way back to the 38th parallel... what part of that makes them outmatched?

    Bit like the outmatched Allied forces on D Day invading europe and pushing the superior german forces back to the rhine...
    Tsavo Lion
    Tsavo Lion

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    Cold War conflicts - Page 3 Empty The Second Korean War 1966-69

    Post  Tsavo Lion Mon Dec 07, 2020 10:58 pm

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    Cold War conflicts - Page 3 Empty Re: Cold War conflicts

    Post  JohninMK Sat Oct 29, 2022 11:53 am

    Today is the 60 year anniversary of the day that the World nearly ended but was saved by one man, a Soviet submariner, Vasili Arkhipov.

    Cold War conflicts - Page 3 FgDqRK1X0AAB9zX?format=jpg&name=small

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    Cold War conflicts - Page 3 Empty Re: Cold War conflicts

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